I Believe in Radical Grace

I Believe in Radical Grace

Elvis Iverson


                I believe in Radical Grace when I was a young believer in Christ; God give me this truth for by Grace through faith you are saved, we are not saved by works, by good deeds, by being a good person, by going to church, by having the right doctrine, by being from the right family, by being the right race, by a certain church group, by keeping the ten commandments, by giving tithes, and by giving money to the poor, we are saved by grace alone and even faith is a gift of God, The Holy Spirit is the divine response and He gives you inspiration to believe in Christ.  – (Eph. 2:8-9)

            What is the difference between the grace most are teaching and radical grace? The grace they are teaching is mix with legalism however, radical grace is 100% percent based on Christ alone!!!

            It is time for the church to be establish in the Gospel of Radical Grace, the gospel of the New Covenant!!! We need to embrace Paul’s teachings, he was the apostle of the New Covenant. The New Covenant is a eternal covenant, the dispensation of the grace of God is a dispensation that does not end. –(Rom. 16:25)

            You must fully be establish and fully embrace the Gospel of Radical Grace, our minds need to be renew by the Gospel of radical grace!!! God wants us free from legalism, the mixing of grace and laws is not grace is a form of legalism, we are living in the time of reformation of all things, the great reformation of the Church, the third reformation, and in each reformation the gospel has always and will always be the gospel of radical grace, but in our time God will fully establish the church in the gospel of radical grace, this is a apostolic mandate of the new apostolic movement of the second apostolic age of the church, the apostles and the prophetic will come into holy union with the Gospel of radical grace and then we will have a great outpouring of signs and wonders.

            As you fully embrace the Gospel of radical grace you will healed, set free and have freedom from condemnation, condemnation is not from God, is not from Christ, and is not from the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is not the ministry of condemnation by of comfort, condemnation is from religion, is from man, and it is from darkness, in the Light of Christ there is no condemnation. –(Rom. 8:1)

            As you fully embrace the Gospel of radical grace you will no longer backside, for there is no backsliding in Christ, the reason you backside is that you have not been establish in the Gospel of radical grace and have proper discipleship.

            As you fully embrace radical grace you will be free from a sinful conscience and your mind will be renewed to grace and truth, for from Jesus Christ our Lord comes grace and truth and you will standfast in the truth that you are now the righteousness of God in Christ.

            As you fully embrace radical grace you will be free from a sinful nature that the truth is that the sinful nature die in AD 33 on the Cross of Christ and He was buried and the sinful nature of mankind was buried with Him, the sinful nature is no longer alive but dead in Christ, and when Christ rose you rose in the newness of life and you are a new creation in Christ, you are holy by the Blood of Jesus only.

            And at last as you fully embrace radical grace you will access by faith all the blessings of God, every blessing known to mankind and God you shall have, God has bless you and what is bless can only be bless.

            The Holy Spirit is renewing our mind and establishing us in the Gospel of Radical grace, your life has been change since AD 33 and now everything around you will change once you believe that your pass is already changed.     

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Dealing with your Mountains

Dealing with your Mountains

Elvis Iverson


            It is time to deal with your mountains. To believe and move them away from your life. It is time for breakthrough. I believe the breakthrough anointing is here today. I know you have faith to see your mountains move.

  1. Speak to your mountains. –(Mk. 11:23-24, Matt. 17:20)
  2. Shout grace, grace to your mountains. –(Zech. 4:6-7)
  3. Pray for God to send His Kingdom to consume all those mountains. –(Dan. 2:34-35,44-45)
  4. Possess your mountains. –(Rev. 11:15)
  5. Walk over your mountains. –(Hab. 3:19)
  6. Prophesy to your mountains. –(Micah 6:2, Ezek. 36:1)
  7. Pray for the presence of the Lord to come and to move your mountains. –(Hab. 3:10, Judges 5:5)
  8. Pray for the Lord to contend with your mountains. –(Micah 6:1)
  9. Pray for the hand of the Lord to come and move your mountains. –(Job 28:9, Jer. 51:25)
  10. Pray for the Lord to make you thresh your mountains. –(Isa. 41:15)

One day I looked through the Word to fine words about moving your mountains, and these are what I found for you, I know it was the leading of the Lord, as you apply and believe you too will see mountains moved.

Pray them with faith, and pray them with praise, and pray them as if your mountains were already moved out of your way. Pray them with praying in the Spirit. Ask the Lord to speak to your mountains, ask Him to give you a prophecy that you can speak over your mountains. Be faithful in faith and pray with boldness and you will see your mountains moved.

        Now let us begin together in prayer:

Father we come together in faith to speak to those mountains, we have the faith and we come with boldness to speak to these mountains. We thank you for you have set us free and already moved them away and they are no more. We praise you for your presence is here to melt them away. We speak in the name of Jesus mountains be moved, be uprooted, roll away from us. We speak to these mountains be gone, be no more, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prophecy for you:

The Lord is here, now point your fingers by faith and say mountains be gone, I see an angel come and roll your mountains away. Freedom is coming to you right now, yes you are free.

I feel the breaking anointing is here:

If you are sick, etc.

Go anoint those areas by faith right now, as you do I believe the touch of God is here to heal and you are being healed today.

If you have debts:

Lay your hands upon your bills:

As you do you will feel a heat, then see by faith that you are free from debts. As you do, the Lord is sending an angel to set you free from debts.

Begin to praise the Lord for breakthrough!

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