The Constitution of the Home Church

The Constitution of the Home Church


Elvis Iverson



What is the Home Church? The home church is a place where the church meets, this is the place for church meetings, believers ministries, the place where the ministry of the priesthood begins, it is the place will priesthood begins, it is the place of the one another ministry, it is the place for biblical fellowship, and the place for pastoral ministry.


What is a New Apostolic Congregation? The New Apostolic Congregation is a network of home churches within a region or a city that has a center, the home church is for pastoral and the center is for ministry.


The leadership of the Home Church: mature believers led as a council, pastors minister pastoral care, evangelists win souls and disciple new born believers, home church apostles plant and overseer home churches, congregational apostles led from a center but oversee the network of home churches.


Mature believers: seasonal believers and mature believers who have been seasonal in the home church movement will led as council in a home church.


Pastors: pastors minister in teams of two or more, they minister pastoral care and keep peace in a home church and among the home churches, they minister alongside the other believers and fivefold ministers, the do not led the home church, but minister among the home churches, they minister to new born believers and believers that need love and pastoral care.


Evangelists: minister among the home churches planting home churches and planting new born believers in home churches, leading and witnesses to unbelievers and leading the home churches in soul winning, and providing discipleship to new born believers, and working with pastors, and evangelists will minister in teams of two or more.


Hosts: these believers that ether allows their homes to be use for home church meetings or assist others who are allowing the use of their home for home church meetings, but they do not led, only host.


Home Church apostles: are apostles called to plan home churches and minister in home churches and to establish believers in the home church and rise up seasonal and mature believers that are seasonal and are mature in the home church. They plant and raise ministry, appoint Home Church Council, and the oversee the home church.


Congregational apostles: congregational apostles led the center of a new apostolic congregation, and they oversee the network of home churches.


Training of Pastors and Evangelists, Hosts, and members of the Home Church Council:


Training pastors: those are seasonal believers and have some maturity and have the gift of the pastor they are train and mentor by other already seasonal home church pastors.


Training Evangelists: Those new born believers can train in evangelism and minister with Evangelists; those seasonal believers are train and mentor by other Evangelists.


Hosts: Hosts can be new born believers that have been through discipleship, and want to help and serve the believers of a home church. Hosts train by seasonal hosts and led by seasonal and mature hosts.


Members of Home Church Council: these seasonal believers and mature believers, these are believers season in home church life and these are believers that are mature in home church life, they are sound and upright, and of good doctrine and good wholesome lifestyles and can be in unity and work well with others and work with pastors and apostles and they are appointed.


The Leadership of a new apostolic congregation center is led by a group of elders with a senior elder, the elders are seasonal and mature apostles, prophets, and teachers, and the senior elder is a seasonal apostle and a mature apostle.


The new apostolic congregation center is a place for ministry, outreach, prayer, missions, apostolic teaching and preaching, and the ministry of apostles, prophets, and teachers.


Training apostles, prophets, and teachers: train those who have been through discipleship and seasonal in home church life, and be equip in the work of the ministry. All believers are to be equipped in the work of the ministry. We are to train then mentor, and then release and father young apostles, prophets, and teachers.


The appointment of elders: will be the seasonal apostles, prophets, and teachers, will be appointing by remaining elders with approval of apostolic oversight.


All apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors are to be ordained ministers.


Planting home church: home church apostles and evangelists and pastors and the current seasonal home churches will work together to plant new home churches, within their city and beyond.


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