The Door of the Apostolic

The Door of the Apostolic

Elvis Iverson

There are those around the earth, the Lord is speaking to your heart at this time, do you see this vision, a vision of a hidden door, that vision is the door of the apostolic, it is time for you to prayerfully and gracefully enter into this door of apostolic grace. Soon this door will be revealed to the masses and many great numbers will come running, and this door will widen and become a great door of opportunity and grace. –(Zech. 4:7)

What is the apostolic? It is not government, yes it begins with government that is only apart of the beginning, and yes it is wineskins, yes that is only apart of the beginning, it is not the leadership of apostles, yes that is apart of the beginning, then what is the apostolic, it is grace, new wine, power, signs wonders, opening doors and gates to the nations, it is the outreach sending anointing to win the masses and change the hearts of many. In a word the apostolic is evangelism reborn in signs and wonders in the hearts of believers around the earth. It is every believer is a missionary in their city, in their own nation, and the world is their playground. –(Matt. 28:18-20)

You can have an apostolic anointing for your life and ministry! Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Chief Apostle and Head of the Church, and from Him the apostolic anointing flows upon the apostles and all believers around the world. This is anointing of favor, for opportunities, the apostolic anointing opens doors and gates to cities, nations, communities, people groups, and opens hearts around you, and gives you favor with the lost, and gives you protection and provision to do apostolic ministry of the believer. The apostolic anointing is a key anointing to open hearts, and bring breakthrough in ministry, to break new grounds for Christ and His Kingdom. The apostolic anointing is the sending anointing, not only that apostles are sent, also believers and sent forth too. –(Heb. 3:1)

There is the apostolic ministry of the apostles, and then there is the apostolic ministry of the believers, you must see that every believer is called and is sent to give witness of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit; you must see that every believer has an apostolic ministry. –(Acts 11:19-30)

What is massing in the church is the sending anointing; it’s the apostolic anointing to move forth, to take ground, and to be fruitful and successful in witness and ministry for the glory of Christ and the increase of the Kingdom. –(Acts 13:1-4)

What does the Church need to be apostolic?

We need to give the leadership of the church over to the apostles.
The foundation of the Church must be apostles, and prophets.
We need new wineskins with new wines.
We need new apostolic congregations to be raised up.
We need the church in the home to be restore, the beginning of true biblical fellowship.
We need to create a place for the liberty of the Gifts of the Spirit.
The Saints need to be equipped and release into ministry.
We need to establish the church in the workplace.
We need to build the new apostolic city church and the city church.
We need to rise up new apostolic networks.
We need to pray for the apostolic anointing to be release upon all believers in Christ.
We need signs and wonders to flow like rivers of the Spirit.

Why to we need to release the apostolic anointing, in order to opening new doors, and new gates for the increase of the Kingdom of God. –(Acts 16:18-19)

The Kingdom of God will increase beginning with apostles, the apostolic anointing, the ministry of the kings, and the hearts of the believers, social transformations, and the outpourings of the Holy Spirit. –(Acts 2:17-18, 3:19-21)

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S.I.M. Tent of Meetings 2018

S.I.M. Tent of Meetings 2018
Message us for location: Donation requested: Prayerful devotion: Soaking Presence:

1. Destiny of Omaha: Come to a night of hearing the prophetic words about Omaha Nebraska, and enjoying prophetic ministry, and a time of soaking and prayer. Hearing Apostolic Revelation and more. We will be having a pot blessing so bring something to share and drink. Message us for location. Jun 16 – Oct 20 7PM
2. S.I.M. Fellowship: Are you looking for a pastor who can hear the voice of God, and are you looking for a pastor who is a modern day apostle/prophet. Look no further! We will begin to have fellowship meetings for those who want to hear plus fellowship.. we are only looking for seriously relationships who want to feed on the grace Gospel, Apostolic Revelation, and hear prophecy, visions and have angelic visitations and Third Heaven Throne Room encounters.. Message us for location also we will have a pot blessing so bring a dish or two and drinks… July 7 7pm
3. Timothy Generation: Are you called into the five fold ministry? Are you called to be an apostle? Are you called to be a prophet? Are you in ministry? Do you want to be mentor by a modern day apostle! Serious relationships only! Message us for location. May 26 3pm
4. Harp and Bowl Worship and Prayer Night: We will be having a night of worship and prayer, also a pot blessing, so bring something to share and drinks. Enjoy. Message us for Location. May 5, 2018 – Apr 7, 2019 7pm
5. Summer of Evangelism: The Lord spoke to me this is the summer of Evangelism: every weekend we will be on the streets of Omaha Nebraska and council buffs Iowa, Des Moines Iowa, Kansas City Missouri. Jun 1 – Jun 15 beginning!
6. Deep Things: Come now into the deep things of the Spirit, come to a time of deep teaching, bring your note books. May 19 7pm
7. Path of Enoch: The Path of Enoch: Come and learn of the unfolding of the Path of Enoch. Dec. 29 7pm


The Age of the Apostle

The Age of the Apostle

Elvis Iverson

The last will be first and the first last; the apostles were in the beginning and apostles will be in the end, they lead first in the beginning, and they will lead first in the beginning of new days. Jesus Christ first called apostles, apostles were the first leaders of the Church, and apostles today will be the leaders of the church, the leadership of the church rest up apostles. –(Matt. 20:16)

Apostles are the first leaders of the church, they are called to lead the church first, and they are first to lead. Apostles and prophets are the foundation of the church in every generation, the church is lead by apostles and prophets, and the elders of the church are apostles, prophets and teachers. –(1 Cor. 12:28)

The church needs apostolic vision; they need to have the revelation of apostles and there role in the church. Without apostles the church will never move forth, without apostles and prophets we will never see true reformation or lasting change. –(Prov. 29:18)

Prophets are call to guide the church with prophetic vision, and the apostle are called to lead the church with apostolic vision, apostles are to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church, and then speak forth, we need to hear what apostles and prophets are saying, for Christ is speaking to us through them for the whole church, and the world. –(Rev. 2:29)

In the beginning of the church was the first apostolic age; you can read it throughout the New Testament, this is the second apostolic age. We will see the signs of an apostle, signs, wonders and mighty deeds, and great waves of the Spirit, and even more. –(Hosea. 6:3, Joel 2:23-27, Hag. 2:6-9)

The age of the first fruits was in the beginning of the church; the age of hope was in the apostasy times, the age of new birth was the time of the second reformation of the church. Now we have come to the new apostolic age, the age of the apostle, and after this will come the age of the glorious church, and then the age of new beginnings, and the age of peace. –(Heb. 6:1-2)

The Lord showed me waves of the apostolic, the first wave is already coming, and the second wave will be the wave of apostles with signs and wonders. –(Acts 2:43, 4:33)

The Lord showed me five apostolic generations: The Abraham generation, the Isaac generation, the Jacob generation, the Joseph generation, and the Ephraim generation. –(EX. 20:5-6)

In addition, this is the new apostolic reformation, which is called the Third Reformation of the Church, The first reformation was in the beginning of the church, the second reformation was in the beginning of the age of new birth, and the fourth reformation will be from the apostolic church to the end time church, the mature city church, and the fifth reformation is from the Kingdom church to the eternal. –(Heb. 9:10)

The Lord showed me the Third reformation, already begun as a lamb, soon would become a lion, then a horse, and then an eagle and then an army. I believe we are beginning to enter into the second stage of reformation; reformation comes as a lion. –(Prov. 28:1)

This is the age of the apostle, what are some of the God giving tasks giving to the apostles of this age, the age of the apostle?

1. Massive reformation to the church, the whole church. 2. Lay the foundations for lasting revivals. 3. Establish the New Apostolic Church. 4. Plant new apostolic congregations. 5. Lay the foundation of apostles and prophets. 6. Raise up the New Apostolic City Church. 7. Raise up the City Church. 8. Establish the church in the workplace, rise up the kings of the Kingdom. 9. Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. 10. Father and mentor apostles. 11. Release the revelation of the Kingdom of God. 12. Ministering of signs, wonders and mighty deeds. 13. Restore the glory of the Lord and revivals. 14. Restoration of all things. 15. Social Transformation. 16. Mature the church, to become a glorious church, and to bring the church to the unity of the faith. 17. To bring an oneness between the church and Israel. 18. Restoration of fathers. 19. Restore the threefold eldership apostles, prophets and teachers. 20. To build the House the Lord. 21. Increase the Kingdom of God. 22. Harvest of souls, increase the Church. 23. Release the wealth of the Wicked. 24. That the Church will lack nothing.

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The Prayer of Revival

The Prayer of Revival

Elvis Iverson

In this article I will recommend you some prayer suggests to pray for revival, I ask that you will pray at least once a week for one year for revival. As you have read and study already the teachings of revival, that the Lord led me is to teach and impart to the Body of Christ and you, now we come to the prayer of revival.

1. Pray for the revelation of revival.
2. Pray for the application of revival.
3. Pray for the foundations of revival to be laid.
4. Pray the prophecies about revival.
5. Pray for revivals, and an outpouring of many revivals.
6. Pray for the new wineskins of revival.
7. Pray for the pillar of fire by night and the pillar of cloud by day.
8. Pray for revivals in the church around the world.
9. Pray for revivals for every city and every nation.
10. Pray for the restoration of revival and the Capstone Revival. –(Zech. 4)
11. Pray for the great deep fountains of revivals. –(Rev. 21,22)
12. Pray for revival at the Wall. –(Rev. 21,22)
13. Pray for the revivals at the Gates. –(Rev. 21,22)
14. Pray for the revivals in the city of God. –(Rev. 21, 22)
15. Pray for the Oil, Fire, Wind, Water, and Wine Revivals.
16. Pray for rivers of revivals to flow to every city and every nation around the world. –(Rev. 21, 22)
17. Pray for visitation revivals, many revivals, lasting revivals, massive revivals, habitational revival, resting revivals, and Dark Cloud Revival.
18. Pray for personal revival, revival life and corporate revival.
19. Pray Acts 2:17-18, 3:19-21, and Zechariah 12:10, 10:1.
20. Pray for reformation, revival, social transformation and harvest.

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Prophecy of Revival

Prophecy of Revival

Elvis Iverson

The Holy Spirit has spoken to me about revivals for some years; as you have heard and read the prophecies the Lord give me about revival. I want to overview some of these prophecies about revival. I pray as you hear these words may revival hope come to your hearts in Jesus’ name Amen.

During a church service, I was giving a vision of revival coming to America. I did not pray for this vision, I was only in prayer during this time and the Holy Spirit give me a vision of revival for America.

I seen a vision of seven fires begun to burn throughout America, the Holy Spirit show me where these revivals will begin and that each of these revivals will come together into one whole revival fire that will cover all of America and go to the nations around the Earth, I see America was a dry wilderness, and the fires came to six areas in America, they did not all begun at once instead they begun one after another, and the seventh revival fire was all these six revival fires together as one whole revival fire.

After some years of praying for revival, and sharing this prophetic word about revival, the Holy Spirit give me more prophetic vision of revival, He give me the prophecy of the five restorations of the Glory of the Lord. Which are oil, fire, wind, water, and wine, each of these restorations of the Glory of the Lord add to one another, and each of these went throughout the whole world, and each of these five restorations connected to each other. The Oil of Glory was restored in India; this was manifested through mass rising the dead, and signs and wonders. The Fire of Glory was restored in America; this was manifested through mass repentance and cleansing. The Wind of Glory was restored in Australia; this was manifested through nation taking movement. The Water of Glory was restored in France through a great spiritual awakening. The Wine of Glory was restored in South America; this was manifested through massive deliverance.

The Holy Spirit has giving prophecies about revival coming to every nation, I believe every nation will have revival; I believe revival will come to every city, every nation, and every place.

Out of Ephesians 2:19-22 the Holy Spirit give me a prophecy for a city and the city church of that city, a prophecy called the seven works of a city. Which leads to revival. It also is the same insight the Holy Spirit now gives me for the application of revival.

Back some years ago the Holy Spirit spoke to be as I was praying and prophesying down in Central Florida, I believe this revival had now begun to come to pass, although there is much conflict, I do believe the will of the Lord will overcome these conflicts. This is the Capstone Revival, which is the restoration of revival, the revival that shall prepare the way for other revivals to come.

Then this year The Holy spirit give me a prophecy about the twelve deep fountains revivals which; led to the revelation of revival. These revivals are based out of revelation 21:19-20.

Opening the Fountains of Revivals June 14, 2008

I see a vision of the church around the earth, I see twelve foundations of revival, these twelve fountains of revivals around the church around the earth, these foundation fountains of revivals that will again be open up, and restored. They will lay the foundation to the gates revivals, and then the revivals in the city of God, which is the church around the world, and from the Throne will flow rivers of healing and rivers of revival to cities and nation around the world. This starter revival is a restoration of revival, and is a revival that is to prepare the way for others revivals to come and follow, and to open the fountains deeps of revival in the church around the world.

I see a vision of a gold reed, this is revelation, we need a revelation of revival, you need a revelation to enter into revival, and you need the revelation of the city of God, the church around the world. At the gates there is pearl, each gate has one pearl, this means revelation, you need revelation to enter into these gates, or a gate, to enter in the gates of revival, or a gate of revival.

At these gates are apostles, revivals will come through apostles and prophets, and apostles are at the gates of revival, and there are angels at the gates of revival, revival will come through angelic activity. At these twelve fountains of revivals are apostles; apostles are apart of these revivals.

The foundations and fountains of revivals are of precious stones, these fountains will be open up and these revivals to come forth, and lay the foundation for the gates and city of God revivals. The time is coming when all the fountains of the great deep will be open up, and the windows of heaven will be open.

Twelve fountains of revivals:

· Jasper Revival
· Sapphire Revival
· Chalcedony Revival
· Emerald Revival
· Sardonyx Revival
· Sardius Revival
· Chrysolite Revival
· Beryl Revival
· Topaz Revival
· Chrysoprase Revival
· Jacinth Revival
· Amethyst Revival

The Starter Revival has already begin, this will prepare the way for other revivals, revivals will follow, this is a restoration of revival, and will open the foundations of the twelve fountains of revivals, then there is the revival at the wall, and there is revival at the gates, through the gates, and in the gates, then come to revivals of the city of God, and from there the rivers of rivers flow from the Throne of God to the cities and nations of the world.

Yes this is a revelation in addition; this is a prophecy about the twelve fountains of revivals, and the coming revivals. The door to the Throne Room is open, open your heart, so that you may access and enter into the open door, and the leading of the Lord to come up here, and to receive revelation of revival, that you may enter into the coming revivals.

What the Holy Spirit has spoken is beginning to come to pass, and will come to pass, hear this prophecy, and receive its words and these words will come to pass in your life apart from that, yes these words will come to pass in the church then the earth.

Furthermore, the Prophecy of revivals at coming out of Revelation 21, 22, some how the Holy Spirit is speaking to the church in this hour from Revelation 21, 22 about revival, the City of God, and the City Church.

Conclusion, from prophecy of revival we go to the revelation of revival, and from revelation of revival we go to the application of revival.

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