The Fire and The Cloud

The Fire and The Cloud

Elvis Iverson
December 11, 2010

In a vision I see a holy city built upon holy ground. This is the city of full of light. I see the gates and walls of this city. I see 12 gates of this holy city. I see a river that flows from within this holy city toward the nations of the world. Now I see Christ with His arms open toward me, He is saying come now and enter into your destiny, the door is open, the gates are open to you.

Now I see a pillar of fire and a pillar of cloud, in this city the two pillars shall rest here day and night for 100 years, there shall be an open heaven with angels flowing like rivers from and to. From this city prayers will come up and angels will rain down from sky above, for this is the will of God.

Now I see some areas where pillars of fire went, and some places where pillars of cloud went. In the center Midwest and other areas, places where the people of God don’t open their ears to the Holy Spirit or to the holy prophets God will send pillars of fire. Now I see the west, east, and south the pillars of cloud shall go to these places. Where the people of God have ears to hear the Holy Spirit and His prophets, God will send pillars of Cloud. Only in certain areas there shall be both the pillar of fire and the pillar of cloud, and only in certain places that pillars of fire and pillars of cloud shall rest.

I see all over the earth, pillars of fire go to, and I see pillars of Cloud go to, some places pillars of fire will go to, and some places pillars of cloud shall go to, and only some places pillars of fire and pillars of could shall both go to, and only some places shall the pillar of fire and pillar of cloud shall rest.

There are apostles and prophets of the pillars of fire and there are apostles and prophets of the pillars of cloud. Now I see where the pillars of cloud go, there shall be signs and wonders, gifts of Spirit, visions, prophecy, healing the sick, cast out demons, and rising the dead, and healing the land. Now I see where the pillars of fire go there shall be signs and wonders, bliss gifts of God, visions and prophecy, healing the sick, casting out demons, and rising the dead, and healing the land.

Now I see within the city of full light, a house of an awesome crystal. I could see water flow through and in the walls. And can see a great number of believers. I see many gatherings of people from all over the earth coming to this holy house, I see many great gatherings coming from all over. I see great numbers gathering from all over the earth in this holy place, and I see a great company dwelling within this house of water.

I see the presence of the Lord resting in this place, I see a weight of glory resting in this place, I see fire and water, I see glory and fire, I see rain and clouds day and night for 1000 years. I hear these words this is only the beginning, for the LORD is good.

I see a wave of impartation go from the altar of this house of water around the world. I see a wave of revelation go from here to the whole earth. I see a wave of signs and wonders go to many places. I see a wave of presence of God to many cities around the world. I see a wave of love go around the world.

I see a vision of the great seed, the great seed says I am the great seed of the future, for generation after generations shall arise from this house of water, each shall be faithful, bless, anointed, and just, but I am the great seed, and my days are great. I am full of faith and the Holy Spirit, I am full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit, and I am full of power and the Holy Spirit.

Now I see again the house of water, which is the house of wine, house of fire, house of oil, and the house of wind. This house shall be dunk for 10 years, for ten years we shall drink and be drunk in the Holy Spirit. For ten years Word Revelation will flow upon our hearts, prophetic revelation shall flow upon our hearts, trances, raptures, and supernatural pleasures of Jesus Christ shall burn in our heart and cover us as waters of the Holy Spirit, for ten years shall holy ecstasy and holy ecstatic shall pour upon us and flood us as living water. Then an angel said this is only the beginning, for God is faithful.

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Create a Fire Wall

Create a Fire Wall

Elvis Iverson

If you want to live in the peace of God, and if you want to live in God’s divine protection, in this teaching you will learn how to create a supernatural firewall around you and your love ones. –(Zech. 2:5)

First of all fear not, learn not to fear, ask the Lord to give you deliverance and healing from all fear. Fear is not from God; Fear is a demon that you are to cast out. Second worry not, learn not to worry, don’t live in worry, and begin walking away from worry. More as you learn not to worry the more you will have peace of mind. –(Matt. 6:34)

You have the gift of righteousness; you are the righteousness of God in Christ. There is nothing against you! You are saved by grace, you live the Christian life by grace, and your salvation is of grace. You must believe these two things so you can walk in Divine Protection.

Believe in God’s love, God love you, you are love much by God, you are created in His love, God is love and God love you. Always believe that God loves you.

Learn to enter into rest, enter into rest now, and enter into rest everyday, live in the rest of the Lord. When you came to Christ, you enter into rest, now enter into rest. Fill your mind with the peace of God, learn to dwell in the peace of God, and to keep yourself in the peace of God.

Jesus Christ is your High Priests, when the Father sees you, He see Christ, everything that Christ is you are in Him, Christ is next to the Father, you are next to that Father, Christ has pleased the Father, therefore you have peace from warfare. Christ’s mind is stayed and set on the Father, therefore you have perfect peace.

You must believe in the power of the Blood of Christ. The Blood of Christ always cleanse you, and His Blood always covers you, this means always. No demon, no evil can touch you, when you are under the Blood of Christ, and you are under the Blood of Christ always.

There is angelic protection place around you and your love ones, you must trust and believe that God has place angels around you to protect you.

Most of all believe in God’s Divine Protection. His protection is a promise, and we are to trust and rest in the promise of His protection. –(Psa. 91)

Now let me give you some advice: Keep you heart open to God, walk in love, always forgive others, control your tongue, always rejoice and be thankful, live in thankfulness. Believe, have faith and trust the Lord for His protection, and walk in wisdom.

How to create a wall of fire around you:

Draw the Blood of Christ around you.
Pray for a wall of fire to be place around you.
Pray for a wall of angels to be place around you.
Pray for the Lord to give His angels charge over you.
Pray for a wall of favor to be place around you.
Pray for Divine Protection.
Now put your trust in the Lord.

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The Wings of An Eagle

The Wings of An Eagle

Elvis Iverson
June 2, 2006

In vision I am in the Third Heaven; flashes light, and powerful beams of light flashing around and by me, these are living beams of light. Then an angel said; these are prophetic prophecy spoken from the month of God, Throne Room Prophecy. These prophetic prophecy live to be fulfilled, and some are fulfilled in more then one way.

Now in this vision, I have another vision of a new breed of golden lampstand, there were many being birth by the Holy Spirit. These golden lampstand are hidden from many eyes. These are new breed of church that are arising and are coming forth. They are first birth and established in Heaven, before they are planted in the Earth.

Now I see certain golden lampstand set aside for a special work, these are churches within a city that have come into a holy alliance. Now I see certain Apostles gathered here, they are the leaders of this holy alliance. They know each other in Heaven first before they even know each other on Earth. I now see angels around them with swords of fire protecting these churches and these leaders.

Now I see some prophets, these are the new prophetic seed that will grow forth from an apostolic commission and apostolic anointing. These are prophets that will arise in this city and among these apostles. Mercy and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kiss. This is the divine connection between these apostles and these prophets, and even those apostles and prophets that shall join them. In addition, this is also the spirit of the church of the city that the Lord is building, and these are the same spirit of all the apostles and all the prophets in this city. –(Psa. 85:10)

Now in the Third Heaven I look to see a place of release, grace and blessing. I see a great eagle there! She says I am grace. I could hear a shout of grace, grace from the sound of trumpets.

I looked at the great eagle she has many eyes to see vision from far away. I then see her wings, she had more then two wings, and she had many wings. The great eagle said it is the supernatural, it is the power, it is prophetic fulfillment, it is provision, it is destiny, and it is the means and the ways. The church needs great grace and great power, and I am grace and I will carry them in great grace and great power, for I am great grace and through me there is great power.

Now I see a city resting upon this great eagle. This is the city church, this is the body of Christ, and this the house of the Lord. Now upon the wings of an eagle we went in the sky around the world. The great eagle said I am looking for the nests that those who have prepare for me, from city, to city I look for these nests prepared for me. Where I see them I will rest there, and saints could find me then.

The great eagle says, where there are nests prepared for me, made ready by faith, prayer and revelation I will rest and I will lay my eggs; these are the eggs that birth more supernatural eagles into the church around the world. Now only does these eggs bring forth more supernatural eagles, also they release the supernatural.

Now this great eagle comes to a city where there was more then one nest prepare for the great eagle and her eggs for more eagles and for the release of the supernatural. The great eagle says, this is what I am been looking for, a place where I can release many eggs at once.

Now I must carry the church to her destiny, for I am grace. This is my work and this is my task. I could see this great eagle as she moves upon the winds of heaven.

Now in this city, I could see many angels coming to set up shop here in this city. One of the angels said, these is going to be great happens here in the supernatural. I could see more then one kinds of angel setting up their post of ministry.

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Great Ten Years

Great Ten Years

Elvis Iverson
September 4, 2010

In a vision I see a harbor of revelation and I see a city of apostolic grace. I come down to this city and see an angel, he says I been waiting for you, the Lord of Host has sent me to you, I have been giving a word from the Lord of Hosts for the coming decade of revelation.

In a vision I see a well begin to overflow and from this well came rivers of the Spirit. Every person who gather become drunk in the Holy Spirit, I see a anointing of spiritual drunkenness come upon many who are gathering in this place. It is time to drink of the Spirit; it is time to be drunk in the Holy Spirit.

Then I see eagles begin to fly, and they fly high in the Spirit. And these eagles where the prophets of the high ground. I could see these prophets fly so high in the Spirit that no one could hurt them.

In this high place I see a counsel of apostles begin to meet, they will meet for a decade of grace. And I see the eagles fly around the counsel of prophets, and I see the eagles at rest in the Spirit.

Now I see a vision of prophetic seeds planted all over the world. Theses are the prophetic words that have been planted over years beginning in 1991 unlit 2010, and now will see waves of blessings coming to the church and the nations, this is only the beginning, for there are generations of blessings coming upon generations of blessings.

I see a mountain called glory, fire, and grace. I see a few apostles seated on this mountain, I see a camp built there called camp rest in the Lord, and I see a path going up the mountain, the path is called grace. I see a cloud come upon this mountain and rest there upon the gather people in rest.

I see many come from all over America to hear the apostles teach and impart, I see many come from all over the world to hear the apostles teach and impart.

I see a great river begin to come forth from the camp rest. I see angels fly upon and around this coming great river.

I see the great fear of the Lord come upon the nations of the world. I see a great peace come upon the Church, I see great favor come upon the camp rest, and I see great wealth come upon camp rest. Then I begin to see great signs and wonders; I see great power come as rain of the Spirit. I see great increase come to the Church.

I see prophets come forth with holy fire coming out of there months. They would do signs and wonders. And these words will heal and set many free. I see a rain of freedom and liberty come upon the meetings of holy prophetic fire.

I see apostles come forth with signs and wonders, with great signs and wonders, and river of wisdom flow from them healing many who came to hear them, and giving restoration to many who came to open there hearts to the apostles of Christ.

I see a school of the Spirit arise, and apostles, prophets, and teachers came from around the world, to hear meat teaching and impart of grace. Then these leaders will return to their nations and begin to build. It is time to build. I see apostles building all over America, and all over the world.

Now I see angels come down upon camp rest, which became a house of fathers. And the angels were giving scrolls to bring to the churches and the church around the world.

Now I see the gathering of many from city to city, from certain places around the world for meetings of apostles and prophets. I see a harvest of labors and I see a harvest of believers, and I see a harvest of massive souls.

Now I see seven burning fires go throughout the earth, and flow around the world, went back and forth from around the world, it was like seven rivers that flowed around the world, that begun in one place and ended in the same place. God will establish the seven rivers of Fire that never go out, always increase.

Now this angel said these things are part of what God is doing and will do, these things are the beginning of many good things. Now I see this angel fly back to the Throne Room in the Third Heaven. One thing marks this decade will be extreme massive great harvest of souls.

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Down At The River

Down At The River

Elvis Iverson

Come now my people, come now my prophets, come now my apostles. Whom every will let them come. Jesus Christ is standing by the river. Waiting to see his servants to come again to the river, he is waiting to see his disciples again down by the river.

In vision I see a long and wide river. The Holy Spirit takes me down by the river. I see our Lord and he is full of glory. He is our King and the head of the Church. He says drink of the river. Look upon the river. Wash you face in the river. Wash your hands in the river. Come take of water in the river and bring it back that others may taste.

I see the vision of the river it is long and goes from west to east. It is wide and hard to cross. There are other rivers and steams that connect to the river. There are even underground steams that flow from the river to my people. There are rivers the connect to this river that go to an ocean full of glory. There many oceans connect to this river. In addition, there are lakes that are connecting to this river.

Moreover, who every builds around the river shall prosper, there is always prosperity around the river. Build your homes next to river. Build yours churches and ministries next to the river. However, those build far from the river could walk in error. As far as you get from the river you will walk in more error. Their is truth and love in the river. There is vision and purpose in the river. There is grace and mercy in the river. There is power and demonstration of the Spirit in the river. There is only life in and around the river.

I am calling you to build you churches and ministries in the marketplace. The marketplace is always near the river. I am calling my people to connect to the marketplace. I am calling the Church and the marketplace to connect. I shall build my house in the marketplace. You are not of this world but you in this world. We are called to live a holy life in this world. We are not called to live not outside of this world.

The time has come, for my people to build my house. My house shall be build next to the river. My house shall be built in the marketplace next to the river.

Look into the river. You will see haven. The river is heaven on Earth. As I build my church in heaven and shall build it on earth. There is no separation between the church in heaven and the church on earth for it is the same.

Furthermore, The Lord says welcome to the river. Enjoy your life next to river. Raise your families next to the river. Plant your roots here and you shall proper in whatever you shall do. This place is where you are at is the place where the east and west meets in the river. This is a place of unity and apostolic. This is a place of gathering and outpouring. You’re in the right place. Peace is unto you.

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Rivers of Revelations

Rivers of Revelations

Elvis Iverson
May 20, 2006

The Holy Spirit says; “The Church will come to visions and revelations of the Lord, an more above measured, and more abundance of revelations and visions will come to the Church. Jesus declares grace, grace to the church that shall receive visions and revelations. These visions and revelations will bring outpouring of supernatural manifestations, signs and wonders upon the church. The Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Revelation, and Spirit of Grace and the Spirit of Supplication will be poured upon the church without measure. This is the day of fullness of God, fullness of Christ, and the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and peace that surpasses all our understand, and love that passes knowledge will be poured upon the church.

Great light will come; those who love their religions deeds will hate the light, and love darkness. Those who love truth will come to the light and be set free from the deeds of religion. Those who hate the light and love darkness will run from the light into deeper darkness. However, the light will grow and cover the church and shine into the darkness, those who fellowship in the light will walk in freedom and liberty.

The Rivers of Revelations begins at a crossing, a linking, a foundation, and a joining. The foundation of these Rivers of Revelations is the Throne of God. The crossing, linking and joining is in the Throne Room.

In this vision The Throne Room and the Throne of God is the center, is the beginning of these Rivers of Revelations that go in all directions, and will cover the whole church. The Rivers of Revelations flow throughout the church around the world.

In another vision The Throne Room is the center and the beginning, and the foundation of all these Rivers of Revelations, from each side of the Throne Room between the Rivers of Revelations that are going into all directions are huge churches, It does not seem these are churches, for they are full of such power, and glory.

Within them there are elders, a team of elders in each church. They are upon their faces in prayer and worship; the senor elders are on their faces too. It seems no human is in control of these churches. These leaders, these elders look like Jesus.

In another vision there is a foundation being laid by apostles and prophets, they are so busy, it very rested, and in rest. Full of joy and faith. Their hearts are filled with hope, that there hearts become hope. They work day and night, long hours, they look as if they are very dirty from the foundation work that they are doing. However, this dirt is good ground dirt. They are laying the foundation on good ground. From this foundation came revelation to the church, and from revelation came signs and wonders.

In another vision, the Lord Himself along with skillful apostles and prophets, and other ministers of grace were building a great house. This great house will be a center, a linking, a crossing, a joining, a foundation, and a beginning.

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Unfolding Revival Presence

Unfolding Revival Presence

Elvis Iverson
May 24, 2008

The Presence of the Lord is manifesting today around the world through revival, this is the day of ongoing revival, we are entering into a time of a beginning of revivals, restoration of revival and we will never again live without revival.

Times of refreshing and times of restoration come from the Presence of the Lord, the presence of the Lord is greater then times of refreshing or times of restoration, or times of revival, but they are a manifesting of the presence of the Lord. Repentance opens the door to times of refreshing, we must change our minds so that the Lord can change our hearts.

The Lord wants revival to come to every city, but first He wants the whole church to live and experience revival. The Lord is speaking to His servants the Apostles and the Prophets; He says teach my people revival, supernatural, the power of God, and the presence of the Lord.

The Holy Spirit says, REVIVALS, REVIVALS, REVIVALS, has He said these words, faith and grace and a holy impartation came from the Throne Room into the heart of the receivers.

I see this angel before me, he says I am an angel of revival, I am an angel of the minister of revival, I come to bring an holy anointing and a grace to be imparted, you will never again be the same, revival will always be with you, this is the will of the Lord for you.

The Holy Spirit says revival is coming, revival has begun, revivals will unfold, revival is in near you, revival is in your mouth, and revival is in your heart!

I see a vision of an outpouring of revival angels all over the earth. I see revival angels being poured out upon cities, and I see angels of revival being released into the church around the world.

Now I see a vision of the Throne Room. I see burning pillars of fire before me! The Holy Spirit says the revivals that come after reformation will be greater, will be stronger, and will be lasting, and there will be a restoration of revivals, and the church will never, never, and never again be without revival. There is revival before reformation, and there is revival coming with reformation, and there will be revival that follows reformation, reformation will lay the foundations for lasting revivals. Then the pillars of fire when throughout the church and throughout the world. These are pillars of fire revival! Then I see pillars of clouds before me, these are pillars of cloud revival, and these pillars of cloud went throughout the church and the world.

Now I see a vision of pillars of the Spirit before me, one is the pillar of reformation, and this pillar went throughout the church, this pillar become powerful divine changes throughout the church. The next pillar was revival, and revival went throughout the church and the earth, from this pillar came many pillars, and from those pillars came even more pillars of revival. Now I see a pillar of social transformation and this pillar went throughout the earth in many cities and in many nations, and this pillar became many, and those pillars became many, and now I see a pillar of harvest, this pillar of harvest become many, even more, and again those became many more, and went throughout the church and the earth.

I see a vision of a house burning with revival fire and revival glory, the Holy Spirit says this is the house of revival that I am building, the door is now open to you, come and enter, become apart of this house of revival that I am building for the glory of Christ, the love of the Father, the edification of the church and the increase of the Kingdom of God. This house of fire will grow and increase and grow as the parable of the mustard seed.

Then I see an angel, this angel is great, he comes down and the Holy Spirit gives him a bag of mustard seeds and says, spread them throughout the church in the hearts of believers all over the world.

I now see a company of angels come before the Holy Spirit, He says go now and guard the mustard seeds, for they shall become very fruitful, for I have anointed every mustard seed in this bag for the glory of Christ.

I now see a vision of a coming cloud toward me; this cloud I hear is the unfolding revival presence.

Father we pray for revival fire to come upon the hearts of all believers in the church around the earth. We pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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