Answers about revival by Elvis Iverson


S.I.M. Tent of Meetings 2018

S.I.M. Tent of Meetings 2018
Message us for location: Donation requested: Prayerful devotion: Soaking Presence:

1. Destiny of Omaha: Come to a night of hearing the prophetic words about Omaha Nebraska, and enjoying prophetic ministry, and a time of soaking and prayer. Hearing Apostolic Revelation and more. We will be having a pot blessing so bring something to share and drink. Message us for location. Jun 16 – Oct 20 7PM
2. S.I.M. Fellowship: Are you looking for a pastor who can hear the voice of God, and are you looking for a pastor who is a modern day apostle/prophet. Look no further! We will begin to have fellowship meetings for those who want to hear plus fellowship.. we are only looking for seriously relationships who want to feed on the grace Gospel, Apostolic Revelation, and hear prophecy, visions and have angelic visitations and Third Heaven Throne Room encounters.. Message us for location also we will have a pot blessing so bring a dish or two and drinks… July 7 7pm
3. Timothy Generation: Are you called into the five fold ministry? Are you called to be an apostle? Are you called to be a prophet? Are you in ministry? Do you want to be mentor by a modern day apostle! Serious relationships only! Message us for location. May 26 3pm
4. Harp and Bowl Worship and Prayer Night: We will be having a night of worship and prayer, also a pot blessing, so bring something to share and drinks. Enjoy. Message us for Location. May 5, 2018 – Apr 7, 2019 7pm
5. Summer of Evangelism: The Lord spoke to me this is the summer of Evangelism: every weekend we will be on the streets of Omaha Nebraska and council buffs Iowa, Des Moines Iowa, Kansas City Missouri. Jun 1 – Jun 15 beginning!
6. Deep Things: Come now into the deep things of the Spirit, come to a time of deep teaching, bring your note books. May 19 7pm
7. Path of Enoch: The Path of Enoch: Come and learn of the unfolding of the Path of Enoch. Dec. 29 7pm


Revivals in America

Revivals in America

Elvis Iverson
May 10, 2008

In a vision I see the United States of America. The Holy Spirit says to me, this is the land of revivals, mercy and blessings and freedom. Now I will show you the things to come. In a vision I see the whole of America before the eyes of my heart. I hear a voice, a mighty voice in the sky saying over America I have mercy on you.

I then see pillars of revival established in certain cities around America. The Holy Spirit says these are centers of revival in America. Now I see more pillars of Fire moving throughout America, the Holy Spirit say these are visitation revivals, some are extreme, some are massive, and some are lasting, Now I see more pillars of fire moving in certain areas in America, the Holy Spirit says thee are seasonal revivals.

Moreover, I see pillars of clouds over cities, some will hover, some will move from city to city, some will hover over certain meetings and congregations and some will hover over certain servants of the Lord. The Holy Spirit says these are revivals that only the church shall be blessed with.

However, I see a revival outpouring or awaking over the whole nation of America. I see more then one; I see waves of revival coming one after another across America. The Holy Spirit says these are nation wide revivals that shall come across and upon America.

On the contrary, I see other pillars, other clouds, and angels flowing like rivers or outpourings, or breakthroughs, the Holy Spirit says these are other kinds of moves of God, which are social transformation and harvest.

In addition, I see a city in America where the Pillar of Fire and Pillar of Cloud both meet and rest, this is visitation, this is massive, this is extreme, this is lasting, this is seasonal, and this is resting. I see pillars of fire and pillars of clouds around the Pillar of Fire and Pillar of cloud that meet and dwell in this city. The Holy Spirit says, this is the city of revivals in America.

Nevertheless, I see a pillar of fire that rest on the New Apostolic City Church Center, of the New Apostolic City Church in the City Church, in certain cities in America. The Holy Spirit says this is resting revival that come only upon the city church.

Apart from that, I see revivals in other cities in other places around the world in other nations.

Furthermore, I see certain cities and certain areas in America, where angels come to set the revival of fire to burn throughout America. The Holy Spirit says this is restoration of fire of the glory of the Lord and of the Holy Spirit.

Conclusion, I now see a Pillar of fire burn throughout the church of America, and then I see a Pillar of Cloud that follows right behind the Pillar of Fire. The Holy Spirit says reformation will come; massive reformation burn throughout the church of America, and then revival will follow reformation.

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Can Prayer Change a Nation?

Can Prayer Change a Nation?

Elvis Iverson

Can prayer change a nation? Prayer is the beginning of change is a nation. To change a nation is a work of patience, and it take much time, and much years of prayer. In order to change a nation over night, this takes many years of sown seeds and watering, it is God who gives the increase. One thing you must believe that God wants to change your nation! –(Rev. 22:2)

Changing nations is a work of patience, and lifetime prayer work, you need to have revelation of prayer, and new revelation of prayer to continue in prayer, we need to hear the prophetic words over our nation, and take them to heart and in prayer. –(Prov. 29:18)

Within our local churches we need a heart for prayer, to pray for nations to change, as we pray we must change our life, then our prayers will have more force of change apply upon them. –(Jam. 4:1-10)

We need to have prayer centers in every city, where believers from many groups can come together in unity, love, vision to pray for their city and their nation. –(Matt. 21:12-17)

We need massive prayer movements led by apostles and prophets. –(Zech. 12:10)

Prayer is just one of parts that change a nation, changing a nation is a work of social transformation; it comes by faith action and supernatural action. This is why we must by grace and vision in unity take the seven mountains of our world in our nations and cities. Changing nations is a process of steps of faith action and supernatural outpourings. The church in the workplace must be established and the church must be reformed, and the ministry of the apostles must rise up the kings of the Kingdom. –(Rev. 11:15)

We need the pearl of great price, which is the revelation of the Kingdom of God, with this revelation in our hearts; the Kingdom of God will begin to unfold from the hearts of the believers to change our world for Christ. –(LK. 17:21)

However, we need a new vision of the end times, we need to change our old mindsets about the end times and begin to pray in faith and hope about the glory of the end times, this will help us to believe that our nation can be saved and give glory to Christ. –(Rev. 21:24-26)

We must do the work of prayer, and the ground work, etc. and take the seven mountains, have the pearl of great price, and change our mindsets about the end times to see changes come to a nation! –(Heb. 11:1)

I personal I have prayed much for the nation of India, and the Lord have shown me His heart for India, the Lord will call us to commit to pray for certain nations for change, this year for 90 days I was led to pray five hours five days a week for America, and other nations, and what the Lord wants me to pray, I believe that there is much prayer in our time then any other times before our time.

I believe the Lord will change America, and many other nations; revival and social transformation will come to America. Social transformation in one word is the manifestation of the Kingdom of God.

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