S.I.M. Tent of Meetings 2018

S.I.M. Tent of Meetings 2018
Message us for location: Donation requested: Prayerful devotion: Soaking Presence:

1. Destiny of Omaha: Come to a night of hearing the prophetic words about Omaha Nebraska, and enjoying prophetic ministry, and a time of soaking and prayer. Hearing Apostolic Revelation and more. We will be having a pot blessing so bring something to share and drink. Message us for location. Jun 16 – Oct 20 7PM
2. S.I.M. Fellowship: Are you looking for a pastor who can hear the voice of God, and are you looking for a pastor who is a modern day apostle/prophet. Look no further! We will begin to have fellowship meetings for those who want to hear plus fellowship.. we are only looking for seriously relationships who want to feed on the grace Gospel, Apostolic Revelation, and hear prophecy, visions and have angelic visitations and Third Heaven Throne Room encounters.. Message us for location also we will have a pot blessing so bring a dish or two and drinks… July 7 7pm
3. Timothy Generation: Are you called into the five fold ministry? Are you called to be an apostle? Are you called to be a prophet? Are you in ministry? Do you want to be mentor by a modern day apostle! Serious relationships only! Message us for location. May 26 3pm
4. Harp and Bowl Worship and Prayer Night: We will be having a night of worship and prayer, also a pot blessing, so bring something to share and drinks. Enjoy. Message us for Location. May 5, 2018 – Apr 7, 2019 7pm
5. Summer of Evangelism: The Lord spoke to me this is the summer of Evangelism: every weekend we will be on the streets of Omaha Nebraska and council buffs Iowa, Des Moines Iowa, Kansas City Missouri. Jun 1 – Jun 15 beginning!
6. Deep Things: Come now into the deep things of the Spirit, come to a time of deep teaching, bring your note books. May 19 7pm
7. Path of Enoch: The Path of Enoch: Come and learn of the unfolding of the Path of Enoch. Dec. 29 7pm

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Ecstatic Worship

Ecstatic Worship

Elvis Iverson


Come up here, do you not hear the call to the Throne Room, to the Third Heaven. It is time overflow with Throne Room Experiences, Throne Encounters, and the supernatural pleasures of Jesus Christ. You can for real by real faith enter into the Throne Room by the Blood and worship, pray, fellowship in the Throne Room for real! The Spirit and the Bride says come to the water of life. Hear the call and flow in the call, for the call is a river of supernatural fellowship and love. Give Him your yokes and burdens and flow in revelation worship and ecstatic worship, and deep worship. Enter into rest, enter into the Throne Room, and enter into deep worship. The door has already been open, and the Lord is knocking upon the door of your heart, the door is open, now open the door of your heart and flow in the love worship. –(Rev. 4:1)

Enter into the Throne Room by the Blood, enter into rest, enter into the Throne Room by faith, enter into the open door, open your heart to deep worship, and deep fellowship in the Throne Room.

Come now and see by faith, then see by vision the Throne Room, soak in the presence of the Lord for hours, overflow with the holy intoxication and flow in prophecy, visions, trances, and raptures and deep worship in real visions of God.

Come up here, obey the call of grace and love, our Lord Jesus Christ has already open the door for you, but now you must open the door of your heart. –(Rev. 4:1, 3:7-8)

Prophets and worship goes hand on hand, prophets are worshipers, and a true prophet is a passionate worshiper. Worship ministry and the prophet’s flows like honey together. All prophets have worship anointing and all worship ministers have a prophetic anointing for worship, and all believers have a worship anointing and a prophetic anointing. What a congregation needs is prophetic worship leaders, worship leaders with prophetic anointing, or worship leaders who have a prophetic calling in worship. So we can flow in prophetic worship, prayer worship, and devotional worship. Prophetic worship flows with revelation. A healthy congregation flows in a overflow of prophetic worship. Prayer, worship and prophetic goes together and is powerful when we bring them together by the leading of the Lord. But all believers are to flow in prophetic worship leading to more and beyond worship in ecstasy.

With the outpourings of the Holy Spirit comes an outpouring of prophecy, visions, and dreams upon all believers. Let us flow in prophecy, visions and ecstasy in worship! All believers are to flow in the Spirit of prophecy, and Spirit of Prophecy flows with worship, let us flow in prophecy and worship together. –(Acts 2:17-18, Rev. 19:10)

Let us come into visions, revelations, and ecstasy in worship, during worship and while we are in ecstasy let us worship. –(2 Cor. 12:2)

Come up here, come to the Throne Room by the Blood of Christ, enter into rest, see by faith, and then see by vision, come into visions and ecstasy, and ecstatic worship.

Let us see by faith, then see by vision, mediation, prophetic mediation, visualization, prophetic visualization, imagination, Sanctified imaginations, prophetic imaginations, to supernatural visions, supernatural encounters, to worship in a trance, to worship leading to trances. To flow in a river of worship and trances. –(Acts 10)

Soaking in the presence of the Lord, waiting in the presence of the Lord, flowing in visions and worship, and overflow in a river of holy intoxication, entering into deep worship and ecstatic worship, and entering into ecstasy in worship, entering into worship in ecstasy and both at the same time.

Abiding in and flow in, and burning in feelings of faith, hope, love, joy and peace, in ecstatic worship.

Now enter into the Throne Room by the Blood of Christ, and see by faith, then see by vision, and to worship the Lord in faith, in vision, in ecstasy! –(Heb. 10:19, 11:1)

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The Way to Prophetic Worship

The Way to Prophetic Worship

Elvis Iverson

Every believer has a prophetic anointing; the intercessors have a prophetic anointing, the worship ministry has a prophetic anointing, the house prophet has a prophetic anointing, then there is the Prophet. –(1 Cor. 14:26-33)

All believers are to worship the Lord, all believers are to praise the Lord, we are to learn how to praise the Lord and however, worshipping is loving the Lord in Spirit and Truth. –(Jn. 4:23-24)

In the worship ministry there are two worship ministers, the Psalmists whom have anointing and grace to write and sing songs, Minstrels have anointing and grace to play musical instruments and sing. –(1 Chron. 25)

We should pray for a prophetic outpouring on the music ministry of the church, learn to flow in the prophetic music. First and foremost, we need a biblical foundation laid out before the worship ministers and worship ministry, and the church needs to understand what praise is and what worship is, and the biblical foundation of music. –(Jn. 15:1-8)

Teach the people how to praise the Lord, there are seven ways to praise the Lord, and we then must seek the Lord to release from the Breath of the Holy Spirit the high praises of God. From praise we go to worship, which is love God. We must pray that we will flow into deep worship. –(Psa. 100, Psa. 149:6)

Establish your worship ministry into teams, there could be more then one team, but one worship ministry, each team needs to have a worship coordinator, and then a senior worship coordinator over the whole worship ministry. Worship coordinators and the Senior worship coordinator must have a prophetic anointing, be a person of worship, be a person of prayer, can teach biblical worship, and can lead in worship. The senior worship coordinator has to ether be a teacher or a prophet in worship. A teacher called into worship ministry, and has a prophetic anointing in worship. A prophet called into worship ministry, and has prophetic anointing in worship. The senior worship coordinator must ether be a Psalmist or a Minstrel, and they must be seasoned. –(1 Chron. 25)

The Way to Prophetic Worship:

1. Worship ministry is not entertainment, when you practice, don’t practice instead worship, worship more then practice.
2. Pray together, be prayerful, pray through.
3. Prophesy and see visions together.
4. Learn to flow together in worship with the Holy Spirit.
5. Learn to minister to the Lord in worship and music.
6. Put sermons into songs.
7. Put prophesy into songs.
8. Pray for new songs, songs of the Lord, and songs of deliverance.
9. Learn to flow in worship intercession.
10. Learn to do spiritual warfare with praise and worship.
11. Begin corporate worship service with common worship songs to unite and bring one mind in the Lord.
12. Allow the prophets and prophetic people to prophesy and speak visions during corporate worship service time.

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