S.I.M. Tent of Meetings 2018

S.I.M. Tent of Meetings 2018
Message us for location: Donation requested: Prayerful devotion: Soaking Presence:

1. Destiny of Omaha: Come to a night of hearing the prophetic words about Omaha Nebraska, and enjoying prophetic ministry, and a time of soaking and prayer. Hearing Apostolic Revelation and more. We will be having a pot blessing so bring something to share and drink. Message us for location. Jun 16 – Oct 20 7PM
2. S.I.M. Fellowship: Are you looking for a pastor who can hear the voice of God, and are you looking for a pastor who is a modern day apostle/prophet. Look no further! We will begin to have fellowship meetings for those who want to hear plus fellowship.. we are only looking for seriously relationships who want to feed on the grace Gospel, Apostolic Revelation, and hear prophecy, visions and have angelic visitations and Third Heaven Throne Room encounters.. Message us for location also we will have a pot blessing so bring a dish or two and drinks… July 7 7pm
3. Timothy Generation: Are you called into the five fold ministry? Are you called to be an apostle? Are you called to be a prophet? Are you in ministry? Do you want to be mentor by a modern day apostle! Serious relationships only! Message us for location. May 26 3pm
4. Harp and Bowl Worship and Prayer Night: We will be having a night of worship and prayer, also a pot blessing, so bring something to share and drinks. Enjoy. Message us for Location. May 5, 2018 – Apr 7, 2019 7pm
5. Summer of Evangelism: The Lord spoke to me this is the summer of Evangelism: every weekend we will be on the streets of Omaha Nebraska and council buffs Iowa, Des Moines Iowa, Kansas City Missouri. Jun 1 – Jun 15 beginning!
6. Deep Things: Come now into the deep things of the Spirit, come to a time of deep teaching, bring your note books. May 19 7pm
7. Path of Enoch: The Path of Enoch: Come and learn of the unfolding of the Path of Enoch. Dec. 29 7pm

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S.I.M. Conference Call 2017

S.I.M. Conference Call 2017www.elvisiverson.com

S.I.M. Conference Call beginning April 8th come and hear Apostolic Revelation, Word Revelation and receive impartation and grace and anointing, come into the realm of activate and revival, and there will be angelic visitation. Elvis Iverson/Rodney Folkers will be back again minister in Word and Spirit, Radical Grace and signs and wonders. 

April 8th 10am Center Time Zone Saturday:

April 22nd 10am Center Time Zone Saturday:

May 13th 10am Center Time Zone Saturday:

May 27th 10am Center Time Zone Saturday:

June 10th 10am Center Time Zone Saturday:


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