The Rest of Christ

The Rest of Christ

Elvis Iverson


It is not you resting, but He enter into Rest when He ascended and was seated on His Throne, when He ascended you ascended and when He enter into rest, the rest of Christ you enter into rest and when He was seated on His Throne you were seated with Him.


In AD 33 Christ enter into Rest, the rest of Christ, you been in rest in Him since AD 33, and when you come to the divine response when come into the rest of Christ.


In Genesis when God rested on the seventh day that day never came to end, every other day before that day came to end, but not the seventh day, this is eternal rest, this means that the finish works of Christ was always God’s plan for you. –(Gen. 2:1-3)


A.D. 33 Christ lay His life down for us, He is the Lamb of God that takes away our sins, where are your sins now, your sins are no more, Christ took them to the Cross. When He die on the Cross you die, when He was buried you were buried with Him, when He rose you rose with Him, when He ascended you ascended, when He was seated down on His Throne you seated down in Christ. This all happen in AD 33. This was the main event of history, this is plan A, this was the Alpha and the Omega plan. The garden of Eden was not plan A, and Mosaic covenant was not plan B, and the New Covenant was not plan C  and the end times was not plan D and the New Millennium was not plan E. Jesus Christ Finish works is the main event, is the  Alpha and the Omega plan, is Plan A!!!!!


Before the foundations of the earth the finish works of Christ has HIS plan for you, He chose you before the foundations of the earth to be holy and without blame in love.


You enter into rest meaning His rest before you know Him, He brought you into His rest and you enter into rest at the divine response, and you enter into the rest when believe in finish works of Christ, and you enter into rest when believe you are already soaked in the rest of His presence.


When He ascended and enter into rest and was seated with the Father on Christ Throne you were also seated with Christ, the rest of Christ.


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