The Apostolic Generation

The Apostolic Generation


Elvis Iverson

March 12, 2019


            In a vision I am in the Third Heaven and I am at the vineyard cabana; and I see the council of the witnesses who watch over the fulfillments of prophetic words!!! I see the Witness and see other council members all together I see 12 members. Through corporate vision they watch and share the council of the Lord…

In a vision I see a few apostles begun to arise in a fox hole under much warfare, and I see many hills and then I see a mountain with spiritual leaders governing the mountain, but these spiritual leaders were weak and allow demons and fallen angels access to this mountain and these demons and fallen angels has access in the lives of these spiritual leaders and the sheep upon this mountain.

I hear the spiritual leaders had no unity when it comes to apostolic vision or the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. They said no room for prophets, no room for evangelism, no room for evangelists, no room for reformation, no room for revival, no room for souls, no room for harvest, no room for wealth, no room for apostles, no room for the Holy Spirit, and no room for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Then I see much rain of the Spirit come, and many floods of the Holy Spirit come upon many nations, many cities, and many worlds. I see Zotiel and other angels come with swords of fire and begun to purge with angelic fire and cleaning presence upon the mountain…

I see Michael and Saraqael come with swords of fire and angelic fire and cleaning presence upon the valleys and hills around the mountain, for all things are around the mountain and are in view from the mountain.

I see Michael and Saraqael clear the paths to the mountain and the paths upward to the tops of the mountain for the apostles…


Then the Apostles begin to arise from the foxhole and as they walk forth on the paths then the armies of the Ekklesia begun to arise and gather and come into order around the apostles… Many signs and wonders and apostolic revelation flow like rivers from the apostles.

I see Raphael ministering with healing angels to many around the apostles… I see Uriel the Archangel releasing awakening anointing and awakening grace upon the church… I see Remiel ministering resurrection anointing and many raise from the dead almost every day…

Now I see a vision of the apostles seated upon the mountain, and then I see Roguel opening streams of the Deep prophetic, Deep Blue of the Spirit, Path of Enoch, Supernatural pleasures of Christ. Then I see Uriel the holy angel, Shalom angel, Zotiel sent forth to guide and assist in the streams…

Now I see Phanuel and harvest angels go forth to gather the harvests of souls, harvests of nations, harvests of children around the mountain…


Copyright © 2019 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved




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