Arise of the Global Church

Arise of the Global Church


Elvis Iverson

March 12, 2019


In a vision I am in the Third Heaven and I am at the vineyard cabana; and I see the council of the witnesses who watch over the fulfillments of prophetic words!!! I see the Witness and see other council members all together I see 12 members. Through corporate vision they watch and share the council of the Lord…

I see a vision of a city upon a mountain, the city is in division and confusion, the city is divided by the will of men… Then the apostles come to gates of this city, and there are battles at the gates of the city, the apostles are not the warriors in these battles, they only preach and teach apostolic revelation, it is the angels who are at war with the wills of men.

Then the Witness says this is the reformation of the church… the apostles flow in many signs and wonders and there are many angels ministering with them. I see the spiritual leaders aiding demons and fallen angels against the apostles at the gates… Then I hear much worship and prayer arise from the city and the clouds of glory, revival, wine, oil, fire come upon the city, there are many clouds and many layers of clouds, there are clouds even in the streets… holy anointing fog fills the city, and holy smoke of glory fill the city.

I begin to see the walls of division begin to fall away and the confusion begun to decease throughout the city, and many, upon many, and upon many could hear the preaching and teaching of the apostles, and they went and open all the gates to the apostles, and lands that was set a part for the apostles were giving to them. The apostolic houses and apostolic centers and apostolic ministries begun to arise in the city, and you could see many rainbows of the Spirit.


The spiritual leaders that did not repent and submit to the order of the apostles had to leave the city and could not return until they were no longer in agreement with demons or fallen angels.

Then I see prayer centers, revival centers, apostolic centers, and city church centers arise throughout the earth. I see the mighty oak trees and almond trees and olive trees grow throughout the earth…


Copyright © 2019 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved




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