Witness of The Watchman

Witness of The Watchman

Elvis Iverson
March 4, 2019

In a vision I am in the Third Heaven and I see mountains and these are one reward that is giving to all apostles!!! Then I see in the northern area of Heaven I see a great mountain that increase in size everyday… Now I see mountains in the west area of Heaven and I see two mountains with a wine vineyard between them in the center of the wine vineyard is a hill with a cabana.

I see my old friend Rodney Folkers: he says signs and wonders will be everywhere, the gifts of the Spirit will be everywhere, the wild, the fire and the wine will be seen everywhere, this is a revival generation, an apostolic generation, we will rediscover the true meaning of the church and the new nature of the church in this generation.

I see within this cabana a group of spiritual leaders who have impacted the past few generations. These share what they believe will happen in this apostolic generation.

Paul Cain says this is the day of the stadium revival and we see this come to pass within a few years from now. This is a new day of the stadium preachers with signs and wonders following!!!

Bob Jones says Russia and Latvia will have an extreme revival of the gifts of the Spirit that will flow like wild fires around the world. There is coming the Billion Harvest of souls within a few years from now…

Oral Roberts says great numbers will gather in many places across America and many nations, many will gather to hear the words of the apostles and prophets, a new day of signs and wonders, and this will happen for many years to come.

Kenneth Hagen says this is a supernatural generation, a signs and wonders generation and we will see many believers across the body of Christ walk in signs and wonders on an everyday bases.

Lester Sumrall says in this generation we will see great numbers, mass great numbers come into the church like never before this day. This is the day of Great Harvest!!!

Billy Graham says the evangelism of this generation is the greatest then all past generations. You will see evangelism parties all around the earth and everyplace you look.

Paul Crouch says this is a new day of media and Christian broadcast. Soon you will turn on the TV and see revival on many channels…

Mary Relfe says many will gather in many arenas across America to prayer and this will go on for some years and this will soon begin to come to pass.

Neal Frisby says the power ministries of today will be so great and so impacting that they will bring much fruits and increase into the Kingdom of God.

Dave Howe says The Lord shall restore the home Church and there will be great numbers of home churches throughout the world.

Then my old friend Rodney Folkers says this is the day that none prophetic words will fall to the ground, and great fear of God will come upon many nations around the earth, and many world leaders will fear God and Fear the Apostles and Prophets and the Church.

Copyright © 2019 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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