Wine and Oil Trumpet

Wine and Oil Trumpet

Elvis Iverson
March 5, 2019

In a vision I am in the Third Heaven and I am at the vineyard cabana; I see the Witness seating very relax holding a silver trumpet from one side before he bows into it wine flows out and you have to take a drink before you can bow the trumpet and then at the other end after you hear the sound of the trumpet there is oil that pours out…

He says do you want to hear the utterances of the Witness? I said with such faith let the sound of your silver trumpet be heard now and throughout the known church and the known earth!!! Then he laugh with joy like a river flowing from his soul…

He says; this is a fullness of time, this is a generation of fullness; this is a decade of fullness and completion…

The Church has you know today and in the pass is not the church of the soon tomorrow!!! The Acts Church shall be rebirth and shall be great in every way!!!

The waves of reformation and the many revivals and the rivers of harvest will forever change the church. It is in this time the wise apostolic builders to arise and build the apostolic wineskins and at the same time the apostolic wines will begin to flood the earth.

It is time for Grace Apostolic Christianity to arise and fill the whole body of Christ, it is time for a new brand of Christianity to arise, and this Christianity will be greater then all pass Christian religions…

Then all Christian religions will come to an end and be no more, for there time is over and there will be no more time for them. All pass churches and groups in Christianity will no longer be around.

The Church shall arise in influence, signs and wonders, supernatural, deep things, wealth, compassion, evangelistic, and dominion!!!

The Church shall be great!!! The Apostles and Prophets shall be great in signs and wonders, wealth, favor, influence and in their preaching and teaching…

There shall be great reformation, extreme revivals and continue mass harvests in this time!!! The Church shall arise! The Church shall be great! Grace Apostolic Christianity shall arise! Grace Apostolic Christianity shall be great! The Apostles and the prophets shall arise! The Apostles and Prophets shall be great!

Continue harvests of souls… Great harvests of souls… Mass harvests of souls… extreme harvests of souls… harvest of many nations! Great Harvests of children and youth and 20 to 30 something.

I then see a vision of a flood of wine arise and such glory and light shine from this floor of wine; then the Witness says this is apostolic revelation flowing throughout the church and the earth…

Copyright © 2019 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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