A Fuller Picture of Revival

A Fuller Picture of Revival

Elvis Iverson

Apostles and prophets are foundational, revelatory, impartation, reformation, revival, social transformation, and harvest ministry to the Church around the earth. –(Eph. 2:20)

Apostles and prophets are laying the foundations for reformation and reformation is laying the foundations for revival, many revivals, lasting revivals, resting revival, and the revival life. –(Heb. 9:10)

The Capstone Revival has already begun, it is the restoration of revival, and it is to prepare the way for the other revivals that are coming. –(Zech. 4)

After the Capstone revival, there will come the revival at the Wall this will be a revival of extreme prayer and seeking God. –(Rev. 21, 22)

From there we go to the twelve fountains deep revivals, the first of these is the Jasper revival, second is the sapphire revival, third is chalcedony revival, fourth is the emerald revival, fifth is the sardonyx revival, sixth is the sardius revival, seventh is the chrysolite revival, eighth is the beryl revival, ninth is the topaz revival, tenth is the chrysoprase revival, eleventh is the jacinth revival, and the twelfth is the amethyst revival. –(Rev. 21,

Father we pray for revival at the wall a massive outpouring of prayer upon the whole church, to come to the whole church, and upon the church around the world, and the city church in every city, the regional church in every region, the national church in every nation, and the global church globally, and all believers in Christ in the church around the world.

Then we come to the revivals at the gates of the City of God, these will be twelve revivals at the twelve gates of the city of God. –(Rev. 21, 22)

At last we come to the revivals of the city of God, these are five revivals that are the five restorations of the Glory of the Lord: Oil, Fire, Wine, Water and Wine of the Holy Spirit. –(Rev. 21, 22)

After the revivals of the City of God, we come to rivers of revivals that flow from the City of God to all cities, all nations and all people and all places. These will be rivers of healing, rivers of restoration, rivers of refreshing, rivers of repentance, rivers of revival. –(Rev. 22:2, Ezek. 47:1-12, Acts 3:19-21, Rev. 21, 22)

Remember there is not one revival, instead there are many revivals coming, massive revivals, and visitation revivals, lasting revivals, and resting revivals are coming.

This is a new day of revival, this is not like the past days of revival, the revivals that coming are not like the revivals of the past, we have enter into the new day of revival, when the church will never again be without revival, and this day is coming soon.

First the church shall become full of revivals; the church shall become a glorious church, then these revivals will overflow from the church upon cities and nations around the world. First the Church shall become full of Revival and Glory, and then the Earth shall become full of revival and glory. –(Eph. 5:27, Num. 14:21)

Apart from that, Israel is the land of many revivals, Israel will have many revivals, and they will have great revivals, and the revival of revivals they will have. –(Rom. 10:1)

There will be revival in the end times, there be a end time revival, the end times is glory, victory, peace, unity, harvest, restoration, and revival.

Beyond this there is even revival after the return of Christ, the name of this revival is eternal revival, meaning a revival that will never end and that is eternal.

Copyright © 2008 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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