Progress of Reformation

Progress of Reformation

Elvis Iverson


The Lord show me there are five reformation, the first two have already come, they are New Covenant Reformation which begin with John the Baptist and our Lord Jesus Christ and then continue with the Apostles of Lamb of God and came to fullness through Apostle Paul, the apostle of the New Covenant. The second Reformation was the Protestant Reformation. The Third Reformation is the New Apostolic Reformation, which is the great reformation of the church. But the Lord show me there will be two more reformations coming in the future which are the Reformation of the mature city church, which will be us going from the new apostolic church to the mature city church that is the fourth reformation of the church, the fifth reformation of the church will be the eternal church reformation, the reformation from the end time church to the eternal church that begin at the return of Christ, this is the fifth reformation of the Church.  Right now we are in the third reformation of the church. – (Heb. 9:10)


What are the stages of the Third Reformation? First reformation will come like a lamb everyone likes a lamb, then reformation will become a lion, reformation will roar like a lion, then reformation be like a horse and come like wild fire around the world, then reformation will come  like an eagle means supernatural in signs and wonders, Then reformation will come like a drove meaning there will be great unity in the church, then reformation will come like an ox meaning the work of reformation missionary work of the whole church in every nation, and then reformation will come like a man meaning the maturity of reformation.


The Third Reformation is the reformation of the whole church, it is the great reformation of the church, it is the new apostolic reformation, for apostles and prophets lay the foundations of reformation.


To the degree of reformation we have is the degree of revival we will have, apostles and prophets lay the foundations of reformation and reformation is laying the foundations of revival, many revivals, and lasting revivals.


The Third Reformation will last as long as it takes, it may take 40 years or it may take 100 years, it is up to the hearts of believers and the fivefold ministry if they will only obey the command of Christ, The will of Christ for the church is reformation, He wants the church to go through this divine reformation of the apostles and prophets.


The Church today will not be the church of tomorrow, the face of Christianity will change in one generation, I have heard this from more then one leader of our time.


The wineskins of the Third Reformation of the church is the new apostolic wineskins, Christ will raise up and mature the new apostolic wineskins in every nation on earth, and fill them with New Apostolic wines.


The New Apostolic Wineskins are:

1.New Apostolic Home Church: Priesthood begins in the home church, and the church meets in the church, and the one another ministry in the home.


2.New Apostolic Congregation:  Network of home churches with center in a certain area.


3.New Apostolic Vertical Networks: Network of churches and fivefold ministry, and new apostolic Congregations.


4.New Apostolic Horizontal Networks: Unions of apostles and unions of Ecclesiastical apostles.


5.New Apostolic City Church: Gathering of apostles and prophets in a city and center for city church ministry.


6.New Apostolic Centers: centers for prayer and outreach, and ministry.


7.New Apostolic Councils: fellowships of apostles, fellowships of prophets, roundtable fellowships.


New Apostolic Wines:


1.Signs and wonders, gifs of the Spirit, and Bliss gifts of God.


2.Prophecy, visions, dreams, and the deep prophetic.


3.Soaking presence and soaking revival.




5.Holy Intoxication and holy intoxicated lifestyle.


6.Practice of prayer and soaking prayer.


7. Songs and Worship.


8.Apostle’s doctrine, apostolic and prophetic teaching.


A prayer of Reformation for you:


Father we pray for personal reformation to come to all believers in Christ, we pray for the Thesis of the Third Reformation to be establish in the church, We pray for corporative reformation to come to the church in every nation, we pray for the new apostolic wineskins to be establish in every nation and we pray fill them and let them overflow with new apostolic wines. We pray for personal revival to come to all believers in Christ and we pray for corporative revivals to come to the church in every nation and we pray for all believers and the church in every nation to be established in radical grace. We pray in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.



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