Seven Signs of Our Time

Seven Signs of Our Time
Elvis Iverson

We live in the day of the ekklesia reformation of the church, and the coming of many revivals, we are living in the day of apostles and prophets, and we will see great increases of the Kingdom of God and we will see great increases of the church, the revelation of the Kingdom of God has been unfolded in our generation.

What are the seven signs of our time?

1. The Home Church shall replace the local church!!!
2. Christians in every walk of life will flow as kings and priests in Christ.
3. There will be outpourings of signs and wonders.
4. The Harvests of souls will be on massive levels in many nations.
5. Many revivals, great revivals, extreme revivals, lasting revivals and resting revivals are coming.
6. Apostles and Prophets will become center leaders and the main leadership of the church.
7. Unity in the church will increase and continue to increase on a greater level.

A. We are in the third reformation the new apostolic wineskins shall be establish in the church in many nations, what we think is church and the image of church will change in coming days, and the home church will arise as the main place of fellowship.
B. The restoration of the priesthood begins in the home church, we will see full restoration of the priesthood in the church, and kings of the kingdom will arise and being divine changes and marketplace revivals to the society.
C. The church shall be full of the gifts of the Spirit and bless gifts of God, most and all believers will flow in signs and wonders, signs and wonders will be common, apostles will flow in great signs and great wonders, and prophets will be a sign and a wonder in our day.
D. With the reformation and establishing of the new wineskins and the home church becoming the main fellowship of believers there will be massive upon massive souls coming to the Lord in many nations, most nations and maybe all nations, great harvests of souls will flow like many rivers of souls coming to the church and it will seem there is no end to this great harvests of souls.
E. With this great reformation there will come many revivals, revival will come a way of life to many, revival will be common for many, revival will be everywhere.
F. Apostles and prophets will arise by divine acts of God becoming the center and main leadership of the church, the church being lead by apostles and guided by prophets.
G. With this reformation and new wineskins and the vision of community and city church there will come increases of great unity in the church.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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