Rest and the Life of God

Rest and the Life of God

Elvis Iverson

Come to His Grace, Christ Alone Grace Alone and fully believe and trust in the finish works of Christ, and even your faith is a gift of God. Relax that you saved by Christ Alone Grace Alone!!! Be set free from the mix gospel of grace and works, it is not grace unless its grace alone. Pure grace is without works and deeds of religion, pure grace is only grace and nothing else.

You enter into rest when you fully believe when you fully trust, when you say there is no I in grace only Him. Enter into rest when you fully depended on Grace Alone, and you fully relay on the finish works of Christ.

Once you do, you know you are seated with Christ, you are in the presence of God, relax by fully trusting in the finish works and that you awake to the truth you are seated with Christ and you are in the presence of God, then begin becoming soaked in His presence.

Now the rest of His presence flows from your heart for you are the Temple of God and the rest of His presence goes before you and brings rest and establish peace, and the rest of His presence touches every areas of your life bring rest and establish peace.

Christ has giving you the abundance of grace and has giving the more abundantly life, and this abundance of grace is always abundance forever. –(Rom. 5:17, Jn. 10:10)

Christ want you to enjoy your life in Him, enjoy your walk with Him, enjoy your faith in Him, enjoy the life of God, and enjoy life.

It is religion that will try to steal the life away from you, kill the life of faith in you, destroy your hope for life, but Christ comes to you and from Christ comes grace and truth, grace is the source of life and truth is foundation of life, that truth is grace.

Christ wants want you to have a future and a hope, and you partake in His destiny, so your destiny is in Christ, it is a destiny of peace, hope, life, love, and glory.

Now come to Him and He will give you rest, and when He said come to Him and He will give you rest was the call to believe in the Finish Works of Christ, but once He said it was finish it was finish, now He comes to you and gives you rest.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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