Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Elvis Iverson

We are in the third reformation of the church, I call it the ekklesia reformation and reformation is laying foundations for kuriakon revival.

In the ekklesia reformation God will establish the new apostolic wineskins and fill them overfilling with new apostles wines.

These seven pillars are committees that flow with the growth of an apostolic plant, some come and some stay according to the size and need of an apostolic plant. – (Prov. 9:1-12)

One thing you should know apostles are apostolic builders, they have anointing to build, when an apostle is in their sphere and in a set time everything becomes clay in their hands.

In apostolic building there is apostolic planting and apostolic imparting both are need it so that there is wisdom, revelation, grace, anointing, wealth, favor, and blessings.

Seven Pillars of Wisdom:

1. The visionary group is a foundation of a plant, they aid and carry together with the apostle the apostolic plant, and this visionary group can be formed again for new changes to the apostolic building, but otherwise it is replace by the members of the apostolic wineskin.
2. The Financial committee handles the financial system of an apostle work with the lead apostle.
3. Overseer Apostle may once been the founder apostle but now has entrust the work to a lead apostle, or an overseer apostle may be an overseer of the lead apostle in a network of apostolic works. The overseer apostle aids the apostolic work and the lead apostle in growth of the apostolic work and its mission.
4. Lead Apostle is the senior leader, set leader, set visionary and senior elder of the apostolic work.
5. The Lead Group is the leading group and government and administration of the apostolic work and helps lead the apostolic work with the lead apostle.
6. The Pastoral Team handles the pastoral care, and day to day ministry and home church network.
7. Ministry Teams there may be more then one ministry team that ministers and services the apostolic work in and among.

When an apostle plants an apostolic work there needs to be order and administration and a government in place that maintain the apostolic work and grows with the apostolic work and flows with the apostolic work.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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