Nine Soaking Manifestations

Nine Soaking Manifestations

Elvis Iverson

You are in the presence of God, you are seated with Christ, you have been in the presence of God since A.D. 33 When Christ ascended you ascended, when Christ enter into rest you enter into rest, when Christ enter into the most holy place you enter in, when Christ enter into the Throne Room of God you enter in, and when Christ was seated next to the Father you were seated next to the Father. You are soaked in the presence of God, you are overwhelm by the peace of God, you are in the manifestation of glory, you are in revival, you are in the pillar of fire and pillar of cloud. –(Eph. 2:6)

You are the Temple of God, the Throne Room of God is in you, The Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is in you, and revival is in you, your heart is soaked in God’s presence. Also the presence of God goes with you based on the Blood of Jesus, His redeem presence will never leave you.

You can come to Him by the Blood of Jesus, in your prayer time enter into the Throne Room by the Blood of Jesus and soak in the presence of God.

You can do mobile prayer and mobile soaking at work, at school, at home, at the park, at your church, and you can set days aside and have soaking sessions. But a simple thought of Him and you are practicing the presence of God.

Since A.D. 33 you have been in the presence of God, you have been in rest of His presence, you have been soaked in the presence of God, you have been in a open heaven, an a open door, in a season of blessings, in the outpourings of the Holy Spirit, and in revival. Practice the presence of God is a key to revival.

When soaking in God’s presence there will come waves of His presence and nine manifestations of the presence of God will come in you and upon you one after one and continue to come and become deeper each wave and each increase wave.

Nine Manifestations of the Presence of God:

1.The Oil of God Manifestations: this comes to prepare you for coming waves and relax you, and bring favor in your life and breakthroughs and unity.

2.The Presence of God Manifestations: these feelings of God, and the love of God, and peace of God, revival and brings establishments in your life.

3.The Fire of God Manifestations: bring deliverance, inner healing, freedom, justice, protection, revival, repentance, order, and pureness.

4.The Wind of God Manifestations: bring harvest, blessings, wealth, and financials.

5.The Power of God Manifestations: bring signs and wonders, nine gifs of the Spirit, and bliss gifs of God.

6.The Glory of God Manifestations: bring revivals and revival and promotion.

7.The Light of God Manifestations: bring visions, dreams, revelations, Word Revelation, prophecy, prophetic Revelation, and salvation, harvest.

8.The Water of God Manifestations: bring healing, restoration, life, deep prophetic and fruitfulness and revelation, prophecy.

9.The Wine of God Manifestations: bring holy intoxication, and joy, revelation, revival, and love of God and unity.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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