Receive God is Love

Receive God is Love

Elvis Iverson

He chose you and made plans for you, and did all these things in love, yes that is the key in love, God is love and you are the focus of His love.

Who is God, God has no end and no beginning, God was and always will be, God is one and He is a Trinity, and they are one. God is a family, the Trinity. They are the one, unity and union, and when you come to Christ you come into this oneness and union of the Trinity family.

God is love, love is the chief character of God, whatever He does it is in checks and balances with love.

God wants a relationship for He is a relation God, and the purpose for sending Our Lord Jesus Christ was to bring us into the Trinity Family.

We love Him for He love us first; We are commanded to love God with all our heart, with all our mind, with all our body, but today take a break and allow God to love you, a love break is what you need, seat back and relax and enjoy His love for you, today receive His love for you.

Say this God is Love and He loves Me, God is Love and I am love by Him, God is love and I receive His love today!!!

Enter into His rest, rest upon the finish works of Christ, surrender to the provision of God, that God is a Great God and He will take care of you, and allow His peace to fill your heart and mind, relax in His presence, soak in His presence, and receive His love.

In the Epistle of Ephesians you hear and see the words in love, this is the key that He did all things in love for you, for He loves you.

Nothing is able to separate you from the love of God in Christ, these means nothing can separate you from His love for you, and His manifestation of His love for you and His outpouring of His love for you. –(Rom. 8:39)

He has love you and is loving you with everlasting love, His love is not in a season but is everlasting, His love toward you does not change, with loving kindness He leads you, guides you, teaches you, drawn you.

In Genesis God is love, in Moses covernant God is love, in the Gospels God is love, in Acts God is Love, in Church History God is love, in the New covenant God is Love, in your life now God is love, and in the end times God is Love, in the New Millennium God is love, and in eternal God is love!! Why God is love past, present, and always and future? A.D. 33 Christ lay His life down for us, He is the Lamb of God that takes away our sins, where are your sins now, your sins are no more, Christ took them to the Cross. When He die on the Cross you die, when He was buried you were buried with Him, when He rose you rose with Him, when He ascended you ascended, when He was seated down on His Throne you seated down in Christ. This all happen in AD 33. This was the main event of history, this is plan A, this was the Alpha and the Omega plan. The garden of Eden was not plan A, and Mosaic covenant was not plan B, and the New Covenant was not plan C and the end times was not plan D and the New Millennium was not plan E. Jesus Christ Finish works is the main event, is the Alpha and the Omega plan, is Plan A!!!!!

Now relax and receive His love!

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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