Signs and Wonders Movie full prophecy by Elvis Iverson

Signs and Wonders Movie full prophecy by Elvis Iverson

Elvis Iverson

Signs and Wonders Movie

Elvis Iverson

This is a prophetic word. I called this a movie sense the world will witness this in the future. The coming days in the church will be a signs and wonders.

I see a world coming. A world of the supernatural of the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus. I see a world of signs and wonders coming upon our future. However, is this our future or will it soon come to pass?

I see tears of intercession from Jesus coming down from heaven. Then once when these tears hit the ground they become apostles of power.

In addition, I then looked and I could see the northern lights. However, this was not the northern light this was the third heaven that I was seeing before my very eyes.

Moreover, I see stars with wings of eagles come down from the third heaven upon the hearts of men and women. Then these stars arose up in their hearts. This is the kingdom of God in you.

Beside, I see flying keys with angel wings coming down from the third heaven giving to those with the flying stars in there hearts. These are the keys of the kingdom.

Furthermore, this movie shall begin very soon. It is not far away. Soon this will be real. Soon this will happen.

Copyright © 2005 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

Prophetic Theater

Elvis Iverson

I am seated inside of a theater. I begin to watch the signs and wonders movie. The whole theater was filled with the presence of the Lord. I then see a man seated next to me. He said I don’t believe in healing or miracles, and another person one the other side of me said I don’t believe in casting out demons. However, behind me an angel said to both men I do believe in healing, miracles, and casting out demons. The men were filled with the fear of the Lord, and both said they were sorry of saying such things. This whole theater was filled up with people who don’t believe in the power of God.

However, The Holy Spirit said I don’t care no more that these people don’t believe. I will no longer deal with them. My angels have been sent forth to deal with those who don’t believe. You will ether believe in my power or fear the Lord.

In addition, the movie begins and I first see the people of God praying for revival. Then I see the revival angel come among them and touch them. I then see certain men and women of God preaching with such authority in the Word.

Then I see the members in the churches going everywhere saying repent, repent, and repent. I see people crying everywhere. The churches begin to fill up with people. People were coming to know that Lord in every place.

Moreover, I see a preacher going over to India. He begun to heal the sick, cast out demons, etc. He walked in signs and wonders. He first showed the gospel with power and then preached. Massive people came to know the Lord this was not planed by man instead plan by God.

Many preachers begun to obey the Spirit in India, I then see many signs and wonders all over India. I then see many others come to know the Lord. The churches were filled with fruits of the harvest.

Beside, I again see this preacher he begun to raise the dead. This becomes very easy for him to do. He was not doing this the Holy Spirit was doing this. He was only flowing in this grace.

Then many others preachers begun to raise the dead, they receive this grace from those who first raise the dead. Then I could see many dead being rising all over India.

Beside, I then see the members of churches going around and walking in signs and wonders. There was great joy in many cities in India. Many came around the world to be blessed. Many sick came around the world to be healed.

In addition, I then again see the preacher now He raises whole numbers from the dead. It was like he raises a whole army from the dead. I then see people begin their dead to him and others to be raised.

Furthermore, this anointing of power, signs and wonders, and the anointing to raise the dead begun to enter in other nations and I begun to see this all over the world. This becomes common in the lives of believers.

Copyright © 2005 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

Prophetic Movie

Elvis Iverson

In this vision I am in a video renter store trying to rent some videos. I then see this movie now on video being rented by many who came into this store. There was more then a few who were seeing the movie the second or third time. Even if they seen it at the theater.

The owner of the video store decides it to play the signs and wonders Movie on the viewing T.V. there in the store. After a few minutes into the movie no one could move. The power of God was so great.

I could see a man of God being transported by the Spirit from nation to nation. This man would go to nations that had not much freedom of witness. He would do this more then once and many times. This was the way he got in and out of these nations. The Lord protected him. It seem that the Lord give him a grace, an anointing to transported by the Spirit at will.

Not only I see one man of God. I could see many, many, many flowing in this kind of anointing. They go to another nation or another city by the means of the Holy Spirit. They would heal the sick and do miracles.

I could see even the members in churches do the same. The power of God become easy for all to walk in. this was a new way of life for many. Christians were being taught not only the word about the power; instead they too were being witness to by the power.

I could see the gifts of the Spirit fly down from the Third Heaven these gifts had wings. Once the saints receive them, even if they receive one of them they too grow wings and fly off to that cities and nations.

Furthermore, the power of God become nature, the supernatural become natural to the believers everywhere. Life was fill of power and the supernatural of the Holy Spirit.

Copyright © 2005 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

Prophetic Book

Elvis Iverson

In this vision I was in a local bookstore, I could see that this one best book being sold out was this signs and wonders movie, which is now on paper in a book. I could also see the buying of Bibles. I was so happy to see many people buying Bibles. The reason they begun to buy many Bibles is that they have witness the power of God.

Outside of this bookstore in the parking lot, I could see many praying to know the Lord. I see believers out there witnesses about Jesus and His power. It seems that in everyplace there were believers out there giving witness of Christ and his power.

I could see local churches so big with the many souls that many begun to meet everywhere and in larger meeting places. I seem that even the big churches could no longer hold the souls being saved.

I then heard from a person in the stone telling how the teenagers were walking in signs and wonders too. There were so much youth on fire, and so much after school meetings of fire and power of the Holy Spirit.

I then run into a local businesswoman who said they have prayer meeting in the morning at her office. She tells about the goodness of the Lord and how the workers are so good at their work, for the reason that the Holy Spirit is visiting their office almost all the time.

Beyond this I see a person who is in pubic office. He began to say how the Holy Spirit leads him in the people’s work. He tells how the Holy Spirit shows him how to fix things in the nation.

Furthermore, as you hear these prophetic words that will soon be real to you all. You will ether believe or fear the power of God. This is not far in the future, this time is coming, and this time is not just a time instead a way of life.

Copyright © 2005 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved


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