Coming Apostolic Spheres

Coming Apostolic Spheres
Elvis Iverson

This is a new day of apostles and prophets, we are in the new apostolic age and apostles and prophets are the foundations of the church, apostles and prophets are foundation, revelational, impartaional, reformation, revival, harvest, social transformation, revolutionary ministry to the Body of Christ. Apostles are first in the order of church government and of divine order, and prophets are second in the order of church government and of divine order. Without prophets God will not move and without apostles the church and the kingdom cannot move forth. Apostles are gatekeepers, and prophets are watchmen of the Church and the Kingdom of God.

An apostle has more authority and can have great authority, can have more power and can have great power but there authority is limited to apostolic spheres. What are apostolic spheres there are visionary, set places, divine order, apostolic seat, territory and influences. Every Christian has two thrones which are one in Heaven and one in earth, you need to protect both. How do you protect both of your thrones? You protect your heavenly Throne by being established in grace and entering into the rest and practicing the presence of God, not that can lose your heavenly throne, but God wants you to enjoy and reign. Your earthy throne you give it up, allow others to seat there, allow other to seal it, and you can pass it on, you can add to it, and you protect it by affirmation, declaring your ministry and office, which is a confession, and by resting in the calling Christ give you, and vision, and follow the leading of the Spirit in your calling. – (2 Cor. 10:13)

The Lord give me a prophetic vision of the coming apostolic spheres!

The Coming Apostolic Spheres:

1.Pioneers, pathfinders, foundation, reformation. The foundational spheres of apostolic spheres need to be in unity, oneness, and order.

2.Congregational. The feet spheres of apostolic spheres.

3.Ecclesiastical, vertical. The legs spheres of apostolic spheres.

4.Territorial. The waist spheres of apostolic spheres.

5.City church apostles, convening, horizontal. The crests spheres of apostolic spheres.

6.Marketplace Apostles. The shoulders spheres of apostolic spheres.

7.Hyphenated, signs and wonders. The arms spheres of apostolic spheres.

8.Revival, harvest. The hands spheres of apostolic spheres.

9.Revelation of the kingdom of God, revelation apostles, restoration of kingdom, rising of the kings. The neck spheres of apostolic spheres.

10.Social reformation, social transformation. The head spheres of apostolic spheres.

11. Mature, age. The mind spheres of apostolic spheres.

12.End time, kingdom. The heart spheres of apostolic spheres.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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