Fivefold Relation

Fivefold Relation

Elvis Iverson

With the restoration of the Fivefold will come greater and more outpourings, more manifestations and moves of God, in our time we are living in is going to be out of this world for the reason of the restoration of the government of the church. –(Eph. 4:11)

Facts of the Fivefold Ministry:

1.They are a part of the Priesthood of the believer.

2.They are the government of the Church.

3.They are the care takings of the Body of Christ.

4.They are called to feed the Sheep.

5.They are called to equip the saints.

6.They are spiritual overseers of the church.

7. They are called to minister in teams.

8.They are called to be together.

9.Most are not full time ministry.

10.They will mostly come to an end and be fulfilled in their mission and ministry.

The head of the church which is Christ is unfolded in the fivefold ministry the government of the church, the center of the Kingdom of God is the city of God, which is the church, upon the shoulders of Christ rest the government of the Kingdom of God which is the believers of Christ as kings and priests in Christ, and the Kingdom of God is unfolded in the society through the ministry of kings in Christ, the body of Christ is the ministry of the priesthood which are the believers in Christ. –(Isa. 9:6-7)

Pastors relating to the Fivefold and Body:

Pastors need pastors they minister as a team in twos or threes.

Pastors need evangelists for evangelists win the lost and follow up, discipleship and add them to the home church.

Pastors need teachers to establish biblical foundations and biblical education and to giving themselves to the teaching of the Word.

Pastors need prophets to guild the church, give the church hope, and guide them in supernatural and presence of God, and revival.

Pastors need apostles for apostles bring order and government and vision and reformation.

Pastors need the believers for the priesthood is about them, they need one another ministry.

Pastors need the church for they need people.

Evangelists relating to the Fivefold and Body:

Evangelists need Evangelists for they minister in teams of two and three.

Evangelists need pastors for they need to have continue care for the sheep and they need pastors to give pastoral care to the sheep.

Evangelists need teachers for they need the teaching of the Word to follow the simple word they give.

Evangelists need prophets for they need fresh anointing.

Evangelists need apostles for they need great harvesters and church planting and church foundations.

Evangelists need the believers for the believers need to witness for sheep beget sheep.

Evangelists need the church for they need love of fellowship.

Teachers relating to the Fivefold and Body:

Teachers need to work with other teachers to bring more Word, it all about the Word with teachers and teachers need to work as a team in two and three.

Teachers need Pastors for they need the ongoing care for the Body.

Teachers need evangelists for they need to think of simple Word.

Teachers need prophets to have prophetic revelation.

Teachers need apostles to bring reformation and doctrine.

Teachers need believers for they need the practice of the Word.

Teachers need the Body for open minded of the Word.

Prophets relating to the Fivefold and Body:

Prophets need prophets for they are called minister in two and three and each have a part in order have more council of the Lord.

Prophets need pastors for love, caring, and fellowship.

Prophets need Evangelists for they are both outreach ministry.

Prophets need teachers for they need the Written Word and to stay grounded in the Written Word, to maintain a balance.

Prophets need apostles for they are First in order of Church Government and they bring order to the prophets, and keep unity among them.

Prophets need the believers for they need body ministry in the prophetic.

Prophets need the church for they need fellowship and rest, and peace.

Apostles relating to the Fivefold and Body:

Apostles work in teams of two or three to bring support and strength to their mission and ministry.

Apostles need pastors for pastors give pastoral care to the sheep.

Apostles need Evangelists for the work of harvests and church planting.

Apostles need teachers to follow their reformation and teaching to establish them in the church and lives of the believers.

Apostles need prophets for prophetic revelation, hearing ears together, revelational, and foundational ministry.

Apostles need believers for they are the proof of their calling.

Apostles need the church for them a family and support group.

Crossover of the Fivefold:

Note cross over meaning going from teacher to other gift example.

Pastors crossover:

Pastors can easily cross over to teachers, prophets, and apostles if called, but harder to crossover to an evangelist since they need order.

Evangelists can easily crossover to a prophets, but hard to crossover to the others since they don’t like order or patterns or people.

Teachers can crossover to pastors and apostles, but hard to crossover to prophets and Evangelists. Prophets are too spiritual and Evangelists are too simple.

Prophets can crossover to Evangelists since they both are outreach ministry and they can crossover to apostles for both are revelational ministry, but hard to cross over to teachers and pastors, for they too logical and too caring.

Apostles can crossover to any of the other fivefold but some are more pastoral apostles, some are Evangelistic apostles, some are prophetic apostles, and some are teaching apostles and some are apostolic apostles.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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