Ordinances of the Church

Ordinances of the Church

Elvis Iverson


When we think of the ordinances of the church we think of communion of the Lord’s Supper, then water baptism, and then marriage, then some groups believe foot washing which I believe in too, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and then ordaining of ministers and we should add the discipleship of new believers.

What are the ordinances of the church, they are the main practices of the church, but if you look in the Written Word you can see more ordinances of the church.

Laying on of hands should be one of those ordinances of the church, then how about healing the sick, if someone one is sick we should believe in Divine Health and Divine Healing and walk in faith and all pray for healing for that person. – (Jam. 5:13-18)

What else should be an ordinance of the church?

Prophecy everyone should flow in prophecy and this would be a good ordinance of the church.

Now let us try to lists all the ordinances of the church:

1.Communion of Lord’s Supper.

2.Confession of Faith.

3.Water baptism.


5.Child diction.



8.Practice the Presence of God.

9.Feet Washing.

10.baptism of the Holy Spirit

11.Ordaining of ministers.

12.Discipleship of new believers.


14.Preaching or Teaching of the Written Word.

15.Sending out of Missionaries.

16.Laying on of hands.

17.healing the sick.

18.Casting out Demons.


20.Praying in the Spirit.

21.Home Church.

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