Bliss Gifts of God

Bliss Gifts of God

Elvis Iverson

Contemplation prayer is soaking prayer, cleansing prayer, prophetic meditation prayer, waiting prayer, and ecstasy prayer. Contemplation prayer is the beginning of the deep prophetic and activation of the bliss gifts of God.

Holy Intoxication comes from fellowship with Christ, in the Third Heaven Third Room is much intoxication, the Father is intoxication, our Lord Jesus is intoxication, and the Holy Spirit is intoxication, and you are seated with Christ, and you are also intoxication, the presence of God bring an holy intoxication into your life, it is the prophetic ecstatic.

The Bliss Gifts of God are apart of the gifts of the Spirit, and they are apart of your sonship with the Father, they come with manifestation of the sons of God, most of these gifts are more for protection. –(Rom. 8:19)

The increase of the grace of God in your life access and bring activation of the bliss gifts of God.

The bliss gifts of God connected to being sons of God in Christ, they beginning of you walking as a son of God on earth.

The intimacy bliss gifts of God:

Heart visions: seeing with eyes of your heart.

Open Visions: seeing with your real eyes.

Ecstatic: prophetic actions and Holy Spirit coming upon your mind and body.

Ecstasy: are trances from the Holy Spirit, you fall into a trances.

Raptures: is more outward and more force, of supernatural happens.

Translation bliss gifts of the God:

Out of the body experiences: this done by the Holy Spirit, when your spirit man by the Holy Spirit comes to another place, but yet your body is still alive.

Translated in the Spirit, or translocation: this is when you are in one place, but some how you’re in another place, this happens in visionary state of the Spirit

Transportation in the Spirit: this is when your whole being, your real self is transport from one place to the next place by the Holy Spirit.

Levitation or floating: This is when your body comes off the ground like about so many feet in the air, also can levitation things and objects.

Bilocation or trilocation or multlocation: bilocation is being in two places at once for real.

Walking through Walls: this is the ability to walk through a walk by the Holy Spirit.

Flight of the Spirit: this is the ability by the Holy Spirit to fly.

Invisibility: this is the ability to be invisibility by the Holy Spirit.

Physical bliss gifts of God:

Glowing the exastrapto: the act of glowing or exuding a bright luminescence.

Ability to endure heat or cold: a supernatural ability to endure extreme heat and cold.

Inedia prolonged fasting: a supernatural ability to past for long periods of time.

Prolong life: this is the supernatural ability to life long beyond what normal man does.

The Stigmata: is showing the signs of the cross upon your body to witness of Jesus.

The odor of sanctity: is a supernatural fragrance.

Flowing oil: this anointing oil flowing from your body or hands.

Incorruptibility: the human body after dead does not rout.

Gold dust miracles or gem stones miracles: these form out of nothing in the air to point to the glory.

There are some more like incendium amoris, sleeplessness, the sleeping preachers, body elongation, instant virtue, creation of teeth, weight loss miracles, the bloody bliss, wounds of love, transverberation of the heart, and they may be more.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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