New Wineskins Reboot

New Wineskins Reboot

Elvis Iverson

In the 1980’s we seen the restoration of the prophets and in the 1990’s we seen the restoration of the apostles and beginning of the new apostolic reformation, and in 2000 we begun the second age of the apostolic. And we have begun in the ekklesia reformation the great reformation of the church, the third reformation of the church, and this reformation will lay the foundations of kuriakon revival. There are many revivals coming, great revivals, extreme revivals, lasting revivals and resting revival coming. One of the main elements of the third reformation is establish of the new apostolic wineskins and he outpouring of new apostolic wines. – (LK. 5:36-39)

The Elements of the Third Reformation:

1.The Thesis of the Third Reformation.

2.Apostles and Prophets.

3.Priesthood of the believers.

4. New Apostolic Wineskins and New Apostolic Wines.

5.Growing in the Unity of the Body of Christ.


7.Signs and wonders.

8.New Missionary movements.

9.New Church Planting movements.

10.The Wealth of the Wicket.

The New Apostolic Wineskins:

1.Home Church: the home church will become the main church.

2.New Apostolic Congregation: a network of home churches with a center.

3.Vertical networks and covenant associations: networks of new apostolic congregations.

4.Horizontal networks: networks of apostles and vertical apostles.

5.City church centers: a networks of the church of the city, and apostles in a city, prophets in a city, with center for city wide ministry and city wide outreach and 24/7 prayer, worship, and prophetic watch.

6.God’s divisions of church: city church, regional church, state churches national church, zone churches, and global church.

7.Parachurch ministries.

8.Marketplace church: the church in the marketplace.

9.Apostolic and prophetic councils.

10.New Apostolic Centers: we are going from the local church to apostolic centers.

11.Internet church: God is using the internet as tool to bring many believers together, and a way reach out to many people in many nations.

12.Religious orders: once again religious order will be use to build unions among certain groups of apostles and prophets.

New Apostolic Wines:

1.Holy Intoxication.

2.Signs and wonders: gifs of the Spirit, bliss gifts of God, Deliverance, healing the sick, rising the dead, prophecy and visions.

3.Deep Prophetic.


5.Soaking Presence.

What is the difference between the new apostolic reformation and the ekklesia reformation? After much insight from the revelation of the Written Word about the reformation of the church I was led call this reformation Ekklesia reformation for the reason the new apostolic reformation does not fully embrace the reformation that Christ wants and wills for His church. The New Apostolic Reformation is many movements with the same grounds that want to see the church a living body and not a dead religion. But the Ekklesia reformation is the third reformation and the new apostolic reformation is the first stages of the ekklesia reformation, and the ekklesia reformation is a part of the new apostolic reformation, the new apostolic reformation is more a banner of reformation, but the ekklesia reformation is more the heart and mind of reformation. They are the same thing in some points and in other points that are not, I use the words ekklesia reformation to point out the reformation that God has giving me revelation about for His church.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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