Simplicity of Grace

Simplicity of Grace

Elvis Iverson

I believe in Radical Grace when I was a young believer in Christ; God give me this truth for by Grace through faith you are saved, we are not saved by works, by good deeds, by being a good person, by going to church, by having the right doctrine, by being from the right family, by being the right race, by a certain church group, by keeping the ten commandments, by giving tithes, and by giving money to the poor, we are saved by grace alone and even faith is a gift of God, The Holy Spirit is the divine response and He gives you inspiration to believe in Christ. – (Eph. 2:8-9)

Radical grace is the simplicity of Christ, many today in the Church has moved away from the simplicity of Christ, and the Holy Spirit is now restoring the simplicity of Christ, He has saved the best for last, for the best wine is saved for last, and that wine is the wine of radical grace. Out of all the symbols Christ chosen a cup of wine to be the symbol of the church. –(2 Cor. 11:3)

For by grace you have been saved through faith how simple can you get, and this is the truth and this truth is the foundation of your salvation in Christ. Any person, any pastor, any prophet that say otherwise is a false prophet, is not from Christ, do not hear them.

Jesus Christ is the Door, He is the open Door, He is the way, truth and Life through God the Father, it is thieves and robbers that want to mislead you away and say you must do works or good deed to get God’s blessings and favor.

It is Scripture Alone we need to study the Word get good doctrine, know the Truth and the truth shall set you free, from our Lord Jesus Christ came grace and truth, grace is first, for your truth is not covered with grace it is not truth, it is not from God.

It is Christ Alone for He saved you, He paid the price, He redeem you and He forgive you of all your sins.

It is Grace Alone that saved you, your own works, your own good deeds does not save you it is Christ Alone it is Grace Alone. What is Grace it is fully relaying on the Finish Works of Christ.

It is Faith Alone that when hear the preaching of the Word, the Holy Spirit touches your heart to have faith in Christ Alone Grace Alone, for faith is a gift from God.

To God Alone be the glory it was not man, it was not a church, it was not my church, it was not your church that saved you, it is Christ Alone Grace Alone.

You are saved by grace through faith, you did not saved you, a prayer does not save you, a prayer can be a beginning point for you to believe in Him, but it was Christ Alone that save you, and your faith is a gift from God.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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