Bridegroom & The Bride Conflict The Full Prophecy

Bridegroom & The Bride Conflict The Full Prophecy

Bridegroom & The Bride Conflict Part One

Elvis Iverson

Throughout the history of the World God has giving types and stories that through them God is speaking to the world and the church. In addition, there are wars and battles throughout history that through them God is speaking to the world and the church.

In the beginning of the Church were the first apostolic age and the first reformation of the church. The first days of the church are not the mature church only the babe church. However, God begun to speak through his holy apostles of that day and time about the coming great apostasy of the church which come years after their death. God said this through Apostle Peter, Paul and John in addition; they also spoke of the restoration and glorious church to come after those days of testing.

Nevertheless, the spirit of Baal and Ashtoreths, which is satan and queen of Heaven; they weaken the church of true apostolic authority and replaced with false authority. The next move they steal the key of knowledge away from the church. They replaced with deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons. From this their false servants seated themselves in the away of the gates of salvation to hinder many from true salvation in Christ. After this was done they shut the gates of revival and the Holy Spirit through religion and tradition of man. From this point the church fall into hands of enemy. The gates of heaven were replacing with the gates of hell. There was no apostle’s only bishop and then there is senior pastor, and the church was displaced from her rightful place and authority in the earth.

However, the Bridegroom on his holy throne in heaven called to his friends, the friends of the bridegroom. My friends my father has said I can’t return until my bride is ready. I can’t heal the nations or bring peace to earth without the holy union of my bride. I call you now to war against those who came into my house and took my bride away from me. I call you and the Holy Spirit will lead you forth in the many battles throughout time.

The Holy Spirit throughout time has raise up man and women of God will passion for Christ and for the Church to be one with their bridegroom. Spiritual battle after battle came within the church. Men of God came forth and were killed for their act of love toward their friend the bridegroom.

There have been friends of the bridegroom that went in error. Their passion for the bridegroom and his bride change. They wanted the bride for them self. They wanted power and false glory. They made groups of flesh in their own understanding thinking and believing they were doing the will of God. There were friends that added to the church and there were friends that took away the church from its purpose.

These friends of the bridegroom were holy knight of the Lord called forth to carry their mission forth. They are giving to a holy order and oath to carryout with every last breath they had.

Beside, the second reformation of the church, through this time the Church was set free from satan and the queen of heaven. Now the task at hand was to bring the bride of Christ back to the city of God. However, again there were always some knights and some false servants who will try to stop or get in the way of this holy task they used power, division, and wisdom of man to hinder this divine task. They try to take apart the body of the bride of Christ.

Moreover, the new apostolic reformation came and new apostolic age came. The purpose was finishing the holy and divine task at hand. To overcome the queen of heaven and to bring the church into fullness and make her ready for the wedding day.

On the contrary, we come to a time of final battles of the bride to come into holy union with the bridegroom. You are ether on side of the bridegroom or on the side of the queen of heaven and satan.

The Lord and Head Church calls forth his friends, the friends of the bridegroom. He says now the time has come, the time of reformation of all things in the church. After this is competed the Holy Spirit will fill her with glory and bring true unity.

The voice of the church will mature and come into unity with the voice of the Holy Spirit. Once this happens the church and the Holy Spirit will call forth the harvests of nations.

The Voice of the Spirit and the Bride shall say:

And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come” And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely. –Rev. 22:17.

The voice of joy and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, the voice of those who will say:

“Praise the LORD of hosts, for the LORD is good, for His mercy endures forever” –Jer. 33:11.

The Bridegroom says to my church and my bride you who have overcome the war of history I will give you the rod of iron and who shall have power over all nations.

The Spirit, Bride and friends of bridegroom will war for the nations of the world and prepare for the coming of their Lord and the wedding day. When the Bridegroom and bride will be one and through this oneness peace will come to all the earth, and nations of the world will be healed.

Copyright © 2004 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

Bridegroom & The Bride Conflict Part Two

Elvis Iverson

Throughout history of the church, the Lord has called among his friend to war on behalf of their Lord for the bride of Christ. The friends of the bridegroom love the Lord with holy passion. Only through this holy passion will keep them pure in order to fulfill the bridegroom desires.

However, there has been some of the friend of the bridegroom that wants this bride for them, and they want power and control. Therefore there were battles in between the friends of the bridegroom.

Now I see a vision of the Lord and his friends. He says the time is coming to finish what I’ve asked of you. If you fulfill these tasks I will bless you in ways that you dream of. Stead now at my table. Drink of the new wine. Those who drink of this wine will be come one with me. You will have the mind of Christ. Those who don’t drink of this new wine will not be allow to enter into the next stages of my plans.

I then see the friend of bridegroom begun to move in a new way. The Holy Spirit begun to pour out more of him self. The friends of the bridegroom begun to see more and see more clearly. Then they said if we will work together we could fulfill these tasks at hand better.

I then see the Lord called to other places where he has a certain number of friends of the bridegroom be train for the coming events. These are friends of bridegroom that was not known by the other friends. They were overlooked and never understand.

These friends of the bridegroom were train by the bridegroom himself in secret. They were tested many times. They had seat on the sidelines for some years. They had watched the other friends carryout their roles.

However, these friends of the bridegroom will come forth out of nowhere. They will become leaders in the church through supernatural ways. These friends will be greater then the other friends for they have a broken and contrite heart. The last will become first in the things of the church.

On the contrary, the friends of the bridegroom before them will not all accept them. They will say where did you go to school? Who is you father? Where did you learn that?

The Bridegroom will say I command you all to be one before me. I command you all to work together. I command you to wash each other’s feet. I command you both of you to seat down and break bread together.

Those who obey will become one with each other. Then the Holy Spirit came upon them in signs and wonders. The Word and the Spirit agreed. The power of God was in them, on them and around them.

Then the Lord said now come and see the city of God with me. The Holy Spirit then brought me there.

Copyright © 2004 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

Bridegroom & The Bride Conflict Part Three

Elvis Iverson

In the city of God the Bridegroom says the time has come for me to build my house and that I will be glorified among my people. I then hear the voice of the Father say to the Holy Spirit finish your work with the bride, make her ready for My Son.

I see the Lord drip into this running oil through the city. I will poor out this oil upon my church. Oil that never ends. An oil that is always moving. An oil that is always new. An oil that is always powerful. Oil that will never runs out. Oil that will never stop burning day or night.

I say to my servants take this oil to my bride. This oil is a gift for her. This oil is for her end time ministry. This oil will never run dry. This oil will flow freely throughout my body. This oil will not be hinder. This oil will break all walls.

To my church I give you a key, the key of David. I will restore in you the heart of David. I will release the Spirit of worship. To my bride I give the authority to open doors and close doors. I give you the authority to open doors that no man can open, and to close doors that no man may close.

It is time for the city church to come forth in ever city in every nation. It is time to birth the city church. I will build the city church to be the home of my glory on earth. The time will come that churches must come into the city church. The city church is the heart of my kingdom. I am coming for a city church bride in every city in every nation on earth.

Copyright © 2004 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

Bridegroom & The Bride Conflict Part Four

Elvis Iverson

In the city of God the Bridegroom says I will fill my church with glory. I will fill the earth with glory. I see a river of fire flowing through this city. The Lord says this river flows through my body. Then I see five golden spheres fly around the city of God. In addition, I see other spheres fly around the city all don’t have the same color.

I then see the friends of the bridegroom before the Lord. The Bridegroom say I will give wings on you feet, wings on you hands. I will put wings on your backs. You will all move forth move fast. You will move with the Holy Spirit. No more shall my servant move ahead or back without the Holy Spirit leading. No more shall my servants live on the fruits of their own labors. They shall now live on the fruits of labors that come by the Holy Spirit.

In addition, I now see the five golden spheres fly to that the nations of the World. I began to see a change in the body that grow and grow. The image of the church became one of glory. The bride was no longer hidden and begun to have honor and fame throughout the world.

Moreover, the Lord took hold of the earth into His right hand. This he Baptist and wash the earth into the river of fire. I then hear the Bridegroom say to his friends if you want my heart come now into the fire with me.

Furthermore, the city of God is the church, the bride of Christ. I see the earth begun to change. I then see the city of God on the Earth. From this city authority came forth to the church to have power over the nations. I see the rivers in the city of God begun to flow toward the nations of the world. Every place these rivers touch it become like this holy city from God.

Copyright © 2004 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved


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