Doors of Deception

Doors of Deception

Elvis Iverson

It is time to close the doors of deception in your life, there are certain degrees of deception, we need grace, truth, deliverance, apostolic ministry and prophetic ministry to close these doors in our lives. It is time for deliverance, inner healing, freedom, restoration, divine healing, justice, restitution, and breakthrough.

We need close the doors of deception, and set ourselves free from the degrees of deception, the more you set your life to deception you will open the doors to delusion and if you are not set free from the paths of delusion you may open doors of strong delusion. –(2 Thess. 2:1-12, Jam. 5:19-20)

Eight doors of deception:

1.Door of your dogma: if you are only open and if you only fellowship with those you dwell in your dogma.

2.Door of separate group: If you and group separate yourselves from the body of Christ and other church leaders.

3.Door of end time dogma: if you close your mind to other views of end time, and feed and flow only in your end time view.

4.Door of denying the power of God: If you are not open to the power of God, gifs of the Spirit, and the supernatural in Christ.

5.Door of deductions: if you major in your deductions doctrines and make them main doctrine points.

6.Door of fear of deception: if you have unbalanced unbiblical fear of being caught in deception.

7.Door of legalism: legalism and mix grace, faith based on legalism.

8.Door of Bitterness: roots of bitterness and unforgiving, and unloving.

Every believer need foundation in radical grace, every believer needs proper discipleship, and every believer need a biblical foundation, every believer needs to know the Written Word for themselves.

In order to discern we need to know the Word of God, Know the Holy Spirit, and know the Nature of Christ, does it line up with the Word of God, Does it line up with the Spirit of God, and does it line up with the nature of Christ.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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