Prisoners of Hope The Full Prophecy

Prisoners of Hope The Full Prophecy

Elvis Iverson

Prisoners of Hope

Elvis Iverson
Zech. 9:12

I see and look upon many nations around the world. I see clouds of glory appearing over cities preparing for invasion. I see these clouds of glory they look like space ships hovering over these cities. I see mighty companies of angels all around these clouds of glory.

Then I see the Holy Spirit over me, and I am upon the Earth waiting to see what will happen, not what if. The Holy Spirit is hovering over the earth. I see such glory cover the world like a covering. This glory is like one big shield over the whole earth.

I see Jesus stand upon the waters and the nations of the World. I hear him roar like a lion, and out of his voice came seven thunders. I hear these seven voices upon the world and the church. The voice of the Lord is over every government and every nation on Earth. All life is under this voice. I see a mighty market place army great in number across many nations and cities. I see within this great army the Joseph Company then I see the marketplace apostles come forth from this mist and smoke from the glory that is upon and in this great army. In addition, I see marketplace prophets and intercessors standing next to the marketplace apostle. Then I see many kings in the Church arise in the entire world. I hear these words, “The Kings of Christ has come.” I see nations gathering under the King of Kings and I see God’s holy judgment come forth upon all the wicked nations. Making room for the Joseph Ministry. Then I see within the Church the voice of the Lord is powerful, signs, wonders, cities and nations taking come forth from the Church. “Power! Great Power I never seen anything like this before!” I see the voice of the Lord full of majesty open up the gates of revival in the church, and open the gates of heaven in the nations. Outpouring, outpouring over and over upon the church and the nations, and I see the voice of the Lord that break the ancient power of darkness the ruled over times and strongholds of darkness that were mighty in their power breaking and I see the freeing of many nations, many people groups. In addition, I see the voice of the Lord in the government of the Church. I see the voice of the Lord bringing order and unity to his body. I then see the voice of the Lord shake all religious and religion of this world and the church. Every time I hear the voice of the Lord it gets louder and louder. Moreover, I then hear the voice of the Lord bring forth and bring to pass many prophetic words and birth many works of the Spirit. That which took years will now take only a moment in time, prayers coming to pass in a moment of time. I feel such power coming upon his holy saints in the work of the Lord. It is time to abound in the work of the Lord!

Apart from that, I again see the Holy Spirit hovering over the World. I then since mercy, mercy, mercy, and mercy fill my heart and whole life. I then see rains of mercy coming upon the world. I hear these words from the Holy Spirit; “I will fill up your rivers, and I water your life and fill your churches, and I will fill my holy labors. I then see many water companies coming to save all the water for those nations where the rain has not yet come, and for other days to come.

I then see certain nations, and even cities with no rain from the Holy Spirit. I hear the saints in those nations cry out to the Lord, day and night, even I can’t help but cry. Then I hear the Lord say rest now I hear your prayers! Then God’s Holy Judgment comes upon those Nations, cities with no rain. The Lord says tell them don’t fear these mighty acts but see the open doors before you. Many will be save, and cities will open to the Lord. Nations will be giving over to the saints in those days.
I then see cities around the world set aside by his mercy and grace. I hear these words; no evil or harm will come upon these cities. These Cities became the H.Q. for the Joseph Company. Then I said to the Lord what is the names of these cities, he said they are cities called Goshen, and cities of refuge. Then I hear the Lord say, hear wisdom, “These cities will only become Goshen cities by the Joseph Company”.

Moreover, I was again looking upon the Nations with no rain from the Holy Spirit. I then saw mighty angels come forth carry bowls of judgments. One angel said to me, we are only allow to stop if we hear the words “I repent, or we repent” and if we hear the saints prayer for mercy for these cities. The Holy Spirit says, soon the Church will understand the judgments of the Lord, with this understanding our minds will be open more and we will be free more in the ways of the Lord.

Apart from that, I see another vision in this vision I see a land where a mighty nation is being build. I see within this nation mighty cities being build. What is this Nation? This Nation is the Apostolic Church! In addition, I see a land of wilderness, and I see many camps. I see the pillar of fire by day and a pillar of cloud of day. What is this? I hear these words, Church history! Moreover I then saw another land and in this land I saw many towers and buildings and prisons. This governemt, this nation, and this land are called Christendom.

I was now in the wilderness, among many camps. I see many groups fellowshipping with other groups. I see love and compassion. I see many altars being built to the Lord. Many praying. I see a lot of good leaders preaching and teaching. I see marked places on the ground. Beside, I see a group called the rescue, they had the anointing to release, for deliverance, protect, and recovering what has been lost. I since in there hearts heroism, I was so please to meet them. They said to me, come along with us. Where going back into the prisons, I since such love in there hearts that I could not say no. These are the new prison ministries in the body.

We went into land of religion, and many angels join us in this mission. We began to move very fast, for many arrows were flying at us. However, the saints back at the camp where they came from were faithful in prayer for us. I then see these angels protect us as we moved through this barren land. We came across many big churches, many big buildings. I could hear wind inside of them. I said to one of the rescues what is that wind? He said it is winds of doctrine of men and the trickery of men, in their cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting. I then see some prophets filled with holy fire preaching the signs of the end of Christendom. Then I see Apostles coming forth bringing forth reformation with such holy zeal. I see so many attacks but they keep on preaching. I see mass companies of people following them. I see mighty angels protecting those companies. As the companies grow the building fall down to ground. I see many rocks upon the land. I see many of those in companies look through those stones, finding the precious stones. I then see banks, many banks, and fill of money and then I see bands of saints and leaders attacking these banks. These banks look like strongholds of darkness. I see Apostles come with mighty weapons breaking the gates and opening the bank then saints came to gather the money into carts. I then hear one of these Apostles among those bands. These spirits of poverty come from this land to seal that saints money, now we can use it for the glory of God! Moreover, I see as we are moving along to the prisons, I see a golden shield covering a certain part of the land. I hear these words. This is unity and reconciliation among the churches. Within this shield I see such love! Nothing can attack or break this golden shield!

Now we were at the prisons. Most of this land is cover with prisons. These rescues have keys to open these doors. We went into one of these prisons, we can see many behind bars. I see many prophets, many pastors, and many ministers. We were lead to set some free of each. Then I saw many pastors, many leaders behind the bars being attack with confusion, and torment of the fear of man. Then I saw the spirit of Jezebel, it said I rule over these leaders. Then the Lord said I have giving my pastors and leaders power over you. Every time Jezebel says it rules, the Lord says His Pastors and Leaders have power over you. We then set some of those free. Then we went to the heart of this prison, and we seen those behind bars that were full of light and glory. They said we are already free; our call is to steadfast here for others. Then the Lord said these are the prisoners of hope, and I will restore double to them. We fellowship with them for a little while, There was such joy in knowing them. Then after a while we went on our ways. As we were about to leave this prison we seen a prophet, that is undercover, no one can’t see him walking around. He said I am called to seek, find, show and tell of these things, which the Lord says to me. He then said hear my wisdom, if a Christian remains, in prison too long they become servants of this land. They will be the ones who will attack the saints. We then fellowship with this wonderful prophet and we went on our way, then one of the rescuers said we must now gather those we have set free and take them back to our camps to heal them. They will become very useful for the Lord Now! As we were heading back to the camp, I could see massive battlefields and battles being warred.

Now I am in the land of the Apostolic Church. The Lord stands before me. He says these words. Reformation is coming to all the Church, Christianity, and Christendom. My holy fire of reformation will be a consuming fire and will consume the church, Christianity, and Christendom. Every thing that is not of my word, nature, will, or order will be done away with. All these things are useful for one thing to help keep the fire of reformation going. They are food for the fire; they will keep the burning going in order to give time to apostolic church. I will replace Christendom with the coming Kingdom Church. Christendom stands in way of the Kingdom Church. The Apostolic Church will birth the Kingdom Church. The Kingdom Church will rule over the whole Earth.

Hear wisdom now my people! Bring reformation, be apart of reformation, but at the same time seek unity and reconciliation with every one born of Spirit, and seek peace with those who name the name of Christ. Be humble and meek that you may inherit the earth.

I then saw a hiding place full of light and glory. I saw trees of life full of fruit and leaves. I then saw leaders whom I have not known before. They were resting, getting fit for what is coming. The Lord said these are revivalists that I am training and soon will be release. I then saw a mighty river flow from this holy place to the entire world. The Lord said this is the river of signs, wonders, miracles, healings, deliverance, and might deeds for my apostles, ministers and the church to drink of and walk in power. Then the Lord said these trees of life are for the healing of the Nations. The revivalists will eat of these trees and bring healing to the nations through revival.

Furthermore, The Lord says to his Apostles and revivalists get in shape for revival is coming to a nation near you!

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In The Fire

Elvis Iverson

There are three lands, one is the land of the Apostolic Church, and the other is the land of Church History, the wilderness, and the land of Christendom. In the first vision, “Prisoners of Hope” we talk about how the land of Christendom is full of prisons and about those called to be rescuers in new prison minister of the Church.

I see a vision, in this vision I see this land where the Apostolic Church is being build. I see angels all over the place. Everywhere you turn you see an angel. I hear sounds of worship filling this land. I feel the presence of the Lord everywhere in this land. As I move toward the center of this land, the presence gets even more strong, that I have to rest for a moment even a while. Then a wonderful apostle came up to me, and said the presence of the Lord is with his people. In addition, he said there is grace upon and grace in us all. I then since the Spirit of grace moving through the hearts of many beside, the apostle said again look in the sky and see the wonderful grace of God. I looked and behold the manifold grace of God unfolding upon all his people in this land.

Then a wonderful prophet came up to me, and said we are all flames of fire look and see, and I looked around beholding many flames of fire, every where you look the people of God were walking flames of fire. Beside, the prophet said look at the boundaries of this holy land, and I behold a wall of living fire that protected this holy land. In addition, the prophet said this land keeps on increasing its territory.

Then this businessperson came up to me and said let me show you more of this land. I then saw cities being build through this land. Every city grows in number. I see apostles and prophets laying the foundations of these cities. I saw the gates of these cities, where I saw other apostles and prophets speaking words of impartation. I then see within these cities training center, and I see many of the Five-Fold Governmentally teaching and training. I see within the centers of these training center apostles and prophets teaching and training. Beside, I then saw big numbers of people in lager areas bring equipped by the Five-Fold Governmentally gifts. I see massive number of believers not only learning and being equipped but knowing their gifts in the Body.

Apart from that, another businessperson came to say let me show you that banks of our land. I saw these banks, very glorious and very big. I saw many saints bringing their seed and money in these banks. I see saints looking one way going in and coming out looking another way. There where many Floors in these banks. At the top floor there was a gate on each side. I then saw golden chariots flying to and from these banks. I would see these golden chariots fly to the nations and fly back to these banks. Beside, the businessperson said look at and see these other businesspersons coming and going from these banks, and I behold those who were faithful in their business and investments will be promoted to rule over cities and in cities.

Then I saw a pastor came up to me. He said praise the Lord, what a wonderful day it is! Then he said hear what I have to say, come to my city where I pastor a local church, and I behold many marketplace Christians walking in anointing and the gifts of the Spirit. Using their influence in the marketplace to change their city. Beside, the pastor said come and visit with me at the Local Church where I am the pastor. I behold many saints, many believers, and many gifted persons. I kept on seeing new faces coming in and being disciple. The sheep was begetting sheep. After that, I looked at that pastor, he begun to become younger since the first time I saw him. He said this is what happens when the believer does his ministry.

Apart from that, an evangelist stops by the local church to ask me to come along to his meeting tonight. He looked as a common man; he said I just got off work at 5pm now I am going to hold a meeting tonight. I went along, and I saw massive people in his meetings. I saw other Christians and ministers leading many to the Lord. He got up to preach his sermon. He preached none stop from four to five hours, and still had wind in him. Many people give their lives to the Lord. I saw healings all over the place. Wow, wow, Wow and wow! You would be saying the same if you were seeing this meeting. After the meeting we talk, and fellowship, it was a wonderful time. He said that he never been to Bible College, got saved five years ago begun to preach right away, enter into ministry two years ago. He said he study the Bible day and night, and the Lord give him a heart of anointed mercy and compassion, and begun to preach the Word, many begun to get saved right away. He then said he is a member of a local Church, where an Apostle connected to him and help him become apart of his network. In addition, these kinds of meetings happen over this land. There are a lot of evangelists like him; we are the modern day Ministry of Philip the Evangelist.

Apart from that, a wonderful teacher came by and she said, I would like to tell you something’s about my ministry, I said ok, let go! She and her husband showed there wonderful home, and wonderful garden they had. He said I am a pastor we have church in our home right now. As we grow we can get other places to hold our fellowship in. We then eat together. Then the wonderful teacher said, take a look at my teaching ministry. I then saw her office in their home. I saw a computer it was a very nice computer. She said I use the Internet as a tool to teach many in third world nations, that don’t have freedoms like we do here. I saw how many was on her list it was five thousand. She also had more then one listed. Somewhere there was sharing, and others where there was teamwork at hand. I then saw many other Internet ministries, some prophetic and apostolic their numbers were even grater then her own first listed. Moreover, I saw many more prophetic, and apostolic lists however, the prayer lists were the greatest in number.

Apart from that, an angel came to us. They said to us come along I want you to meet this young anointed teenager. We then came to his house and meet his father and mother who were his personal intercessors. The young teen said he has meeting once a week with his ministry team, we pray a lot. Then we go out and minister to many youth. I ask him how many youth you lead to Christ. He is one to two thousand. In addition, he said we now hold meeting at our youth center once a week. A few good leading businesspersons help me buy the building. I do belong to a local church that also has a wonderful youth ministry. In addition, I have a youth network of young anointed teen ages around the world. I am trying to teach them and impart to them to do the same. I use the Internet as a tool to connect my network together. When I give my life to Christ I was nine years old. When I was 11 Jesus visit me and called me to begin my ministry early. I begin to witness to my friends when I was 12 years old. Many begun to get saved very radically, and I disciple them along with those who aid it me in this ministry in addition, I train those called into this ministry to become apart of my team. I then ask him, how old are you? I am only 15 years old. When I become 18 years old, I will entrust this ministry to another, but will oversee this ministry through the board of trustees, as President and the executive will be the new youth leader, I will only deal with the board however, the new executive will be in change of all the ministry expect for the board. Beside, I will also be doing new ministry after I first fulfill this one.

Apart from that, a marketplace Apostle came to us, and said I would like to show you the many resource centers I have build around the world. So we all went with him and saw the mercy works he was doing. He was feeding and helping many day after day. Then we meet some of his friends who were also marketplace apostles, or leaders in the marketplace. They were doing likewise the same. Some were nation builders; some help only the cities they lived in. Some help and aid those who were planting churches. Their loves ones were very blessed to belong to such people of compassion. Beside, there will be a good number who will win the noble peace prize and even will be giving honor degrees. Then an angel stood before us, and said to me, now you must see the center of this land. I then said goodbye and thanked everyone I met.

The angel took me to the center, where I met an intercessor, she said hello nice to meet you. Let me show you the center of this land. I then saw great numbers of intercessors and believers, even ministers praying. In addition, I saw psalmists and minstrels worshiping God night and day moreover, I saw prophets giving prophetic words almost most of the time. Then the Lord stood before us and said, “I will bring together the intercession, the worship and the prophetic into one place. There will be massive prayer movements that have no end. Movements and visitations will become habitations of God in the Spirit. Although their will still be visitations and movements but now you will have habitations.” Then I saw the center of this land, where there was massive people praying unto God. Around a consuming pillar of Fire with a mighty cloud of glory hovering over the pillar of fire, then the intercessor said there would be prayer centers almost everywhere, also in every major city on the Earth.

Furthermore, this center place was fill of glory. Not only I can feel the glory, but see the glory. No one could minister to one another, only we could minister to the Lord, and one of the things that came out of this center place was the goodness of the Lord and his blessings to all the saints. I could see many ministering to the Lord for hours. I could see those fasting and praying to the Lord for many days.

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Golden Shield of Unity

Elvis Iverson

In our last time together we saw more of the land of the Apostolic Church, we shall the walls of fire around the land of the apostolic church. We met the believers and minister in the Apostolic Church, and we saw the center of the Apostolic Church.

An angel of the Lord stood before me, and he said let me show you the coming unity in the Church. I went with him, in same years in the future. I came upon a city where many Christian groups were coming into unity. I see them build a city church center, where there was prayer, prophetic, and worship almost all the time. Each of the churches move and they’re united some of their ministries together to work on a city level in compassion works and feeding the poor in addition, they had their evangelism connected and work together in being a witness to their city. The pastors no longer acted like they own the sheep, for they were no longer selfish ambition among them. They used the City church center for their common goals. Moreover, the churches got together to send missionary teams out from their churches; they worked together to support their united mission teams. I saw at the city church center that territorial apostles would minister almost most of the time. In addition, I saw the prophets in this city come together to share with one another every month. Then the angel of the Lord said, now come with me into five year in the future of this city church, and I behold that over 90% of the people in the city were born again. In addition, all seats of power had Christians seated in them. The crime rate down from 60% to 1% within a fire year period, and the drop out rate among the youth was 0% in city schools.

Now the angel of the Lord said now come with me, let me show you the Christians in this other nation. So I went up in air with him over the seas of water to this nation. I saw such persecution breakout in this nation against Christians however, the Holy Spirit moves upon leaders in a few Christian groups. These leaders began to meet and pray together. Their churches begun to work together. Other Christian groups joins in. They met together to pray for their nation and one another. In addition, they will help meet the needs of one another. Moreover, they open the door for ministers from other nations to come and minister to them in their united meetings. These Christians of many Christian groups keep on praying together and within three years revival broke out in their groups and cover the nation and touch the nations around them, that within nine years after that date their was no longer any persecution against Christians in that nation. About 80% become True Christians in that Nation.

Apart from that, again the angel of the Lord came to me, let me show you how God’s holy redemptive judgment will mobilize Christian groups to work together to help them lost in their cities. The angel of the Lord took me to another nation. I saw such evil among these people; they hate Christ, and were full of religion, but know no power, most Christians were ether lukewarm, religious or in sin, and loving it. There were only a few Christian groups that were on fire. However, only some of them could get along with each other. Well the day came the holy redemptive judgment come upon some major cities to point that this nation could not keep control. They called for the Joseph Company. Then I saw such love pour into these nations. To the point Christians begun to work together in this day of distress that unity came, and more, and more groups of Christians work together. I then saw a turning to God in their Churches and many of the lost turn to the Lord during those times.

Furthermore, the Angel of the Lord said now let me show you unity in its power. I then went to a city I saw Christian groups working together. I saw over them a golden shield that protected them from evil. The angel of the Lord said this is unity. I could feel the love among them, and the Holy Spirit moving among them. It was very wonderful to see this happening among Christian groups.

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Battlefields of Reformation

Elvis Iverson

Praise the Lord! The last time we were together. We went into the future and saw the coming unity and power of unity. We saw how Christians will come into Unity. We saw the raise of the City Church. Now we are going to see the battlefields of Reformation.

The Lord stood before me, the heaven filled with his consuming fire. The sky turned into a terrible crystal. The fearful days are soon upon us. When the Body of Christ will fear God will one hand and other hand love God with all their soul and might. The Lord say to you, do you really wants reformation? Are you ready to bear the Wright of the reformation? Are you ready to endure the fire of the Living God? If the Church is going to fulfill their true destiny it must be put through the fire!

Then I saw the hand of Lord come across the land, and stood before me angels of dispensation, which each had a scroll in addition, each scroll, had a seal upon it. Then I saw the Lord stand before the great door of the Church!

Moreover, each scroll reveals God’s judgment upon the Church and it reveals each judgment in the Church history. The time has come to judge everything from the beginning to now, that I will be glorifying in the Church and the Earth and that I will do the works of competition.

In addition, the angels open the seals, with each seal being opened; the Apostolic Church grows and increases in size. As they were read, judgment and reformation came upon certain Christian groups. After they open and read each scroll the whole church, Christendom, and Christianity was in judgment and reformation times.

Then I saw apostles arise and apostolic governments, and apostolic coalition, Cities Churches, and the Local Church was change. It seems armies after armies, companies, after companies, bands, after bands rose up from Christendom. I then saw battlefields, after battlefields all over the world. I can see the smoke coming out of the battlefields and fill the sky.

I saw church after church fall in day’s times. Christian groups after Christian groups falling apart within a years. I then saw denominations after denominations fall apart like a deck of cards. I saw denominational churches break off and join themselves to apostolic governments. Many, many, many, many Churches breaking off joining apostolic governments. I saw the flow of money within denominations changes from hands of religious into the vest mission fields of earth.

I saw those Churches that are of the Body of Christ put through the tests, the fire of reformation. To make them pure, to make them holy, to bring his true order to the church. In addition, the Lord say, I will burn up every thing that is not of my nature, word, order, and will and that which is of my nature, word, order and will, be put through the fire of reformation.

The Lord says do you want reformation? Do you really want reformation? Are you ready to bear the Wright of reformation? Do you want to know my fear? Do you want to understand my fear? Do you want the revelation of my fear? In addition, I then see before me a door of fire, consuming fire! “The Lord says.” Open the door and enter in! Open the door and enter in! Open the door and enter in! I will only say this only a few times.

It took all my might and strength to even try to walk forward to this awesome door. Everything in my heart was open. Everything in my mind was open, my whole life pass before me. Everything I done wrong, every sin I committed pass before me. Moreover, the Lord said I am cleaning you, I have mercy on you, I give you grace, remember my blood. Your Father in heaven sees not your sins. I have paid for the remission of them all. Look not back any more, look not at your weakness, look not at your flesh, and only give me glory. The Lord took hold of my hand and said come we will go together through this awesome door.

I enter into this door. I could not longer stand up. I was flat upon my face. I cry out to God for the church, for the nations, for cities, for the lost, for my love ones. I since many was like me upon the ground. No one could walk, no one could stand. Only you could cry and prayer to the Lord. As we prayed and cried the fear of the Lord was birth in our hearts and our minds become pure before God. Moreover, at that time we could get on our knees but not yet we could not stand. We then saw such glory before us, and all around us. We begun to worship, pure, holy worship came forth from our hearts. It was as a river pouring forth from us. This river filled and watered the earth. This river enters into the nations, and cities. Moreover, we now had the strength to stand up on are two legs. As we stand before the nations, cities and world, we become flames of fire.

Apart from that, The Lord stood before me. Now I must show you the nations of the world. I then saw some nations not all of them at once. I saw before me angels covered with fire all around them. Carrying bowls of judgments to the nations. I saw cities humble in a day. I saw government fall in months. I saw nations come to the their knees in short times.

I saw the religious stand against those who obey God; I saw waves of persecutions come upon Christians in certain nations. However, there was certain degree of persecution almost in many nations. Then I saw the judgment of the Lord bowler before them. I saw thousands of hatreds of Christians die before the saints. As those who stand against his holy people hash times came upon those who do so. I then saw religious systems some so-called Christians and others fall at the hands of fearful God.

I saw within the church that after you passing of the 1900 the judgment upon the church got worse. Why is this you may ask? Greater light means greater judgment. However, the judgment on the church is reformation, it is merciful. The judgment upon the nations and the world was redemptive.

Beside, I saw the Joseph company come forth and aid those nations in there hard times ahead. Redemptive judgments come not to destiny a nation but to save it through these divine acts. The fundamentally purpose is redemption and restoration of the nations.

In addition, I seen in the Church those being prepared by Christ to be the revivalists, through tests, trials, hardships, much study of the Word, much hours in prayer, and hours of fitness to all make ready, for through reveal Christ will heal the nations.

The fire of the Holy Spirit will come upon a nation and then swept to other nations. The wind of the Holy Spirit will come to a nation and then swept to other nations. The water of the Holy Spirit will come to a nation then swept to other nations. The oil of the Holy Spirit will come to a nation and then swept to other nations. The Wine of the Holy Spirit will come to a nation and then swept to other nations. I will fill the earth with the fire, water, wind, oil and wine of the Holy Spirit.

Apart from that, I ask the Lord what about America? He looked into my eyes and said I will work a work in America to be example in the ways of nations to follow. What I will do in America is only a picture of what I will do in the whole world. I must set America right before me. I must set the Church of America right before me. I will turn America back to God. There will be massive repentance in my Church in America; there will be massive repentance within and throughout America. Just wait and see the work that I will do. I will get America right and prepare her and the Church in America help other Churches in other nations and to help those Nations.

Then I saw the heaven open up before me. I saw the Father upon his throne covered in light and glory. I then saw our Lord seating next to him, praying for us all. Come to throne of mercy, the Fathers throne. Come to the throne of grace, the Son of God’s throne. Come to your heart, the Holy Spirit’s throne, and the throne of love. By my love they will know that you are my people, that you love one another.

Be humble my leaders, my people in dealing with the religious or you will fall into the trap of pride. Pride is the heart of religious people. If you become prideful in dealing with them then what are you, just the same. Be meek, be teachable, be humble and seek unity and reconciliation with them, let them decide to be religious or not. Forgive them and love them. In addition, come into the reformation, this is the times of reformation of all things.

Furthermore, as the Lord was giving me this prophetic word, there stands a firming warrior angel protection me as the Lord give me this word for us. To God be all the glory and honor amen.

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Birth of the Kingdom Church

Elvis Iverson

We have seen the Prisons of Christendom. We have seen the Land of the Apostolic Church. We have seen the Golden Shield of Unity, and we have seen the battlefields of the Reformation. Now we our going to see the birth of the Kingdom Church.

Now the sky filled with holy fire and smoke from the Glory Cloud. I see the sky filled with angels coming out of everywhere. I see around me angels standing. I feel the Holy Spirit swept upon the nations of the world. Then the Lord himself stood before me.

Do you really want reformation? Can you bear the Wright of the reformation? Are you ready and prepare for what the reformation will do? If my Church does not go through this holy reformation, she couldn’t fulfill her destiny. I am the Potter and my Church is the clay.

Apart from that, I saw a vision of the land of Israel. I saw Apostles, and prophet’s planting works of the Spirit throughout the nation of Israel. In addition, I saw the movements of Christians in the Middle East, and I saw the movements of Christians around Mediterranean Sea. I saw great numbers of people coming to know the Lord. I saw strongholds of righteousness being established through those lands. I saw revival and outpouring of the Spirit in those lands. Moreover, I saw two hands connect and came into covenant one was the hand of the Church and the other was the hand of Israel. Beside, I saw a heart full of love and passion within the Body of Christ for Israel.

Apart from that, I saw the groups that remain after the reformation. There was not just one group, but also many groups with an oneness and love between them. I begun to hear such holy and pure worship come out of those networks. The worship was so powerful, like nothing I never heard before. Hearing the sound of worship healed those who were sick. Those who were attack by demons were set free from the sound of worship. Heads of States and Nobles will come to hear the sound of worship. While they listen they receive visions, wisdom and guidance in how to lead their nations.

I then saw these holy angels come from heaven carrying seeds of the kingdom Church. I see them plant them into the grounds of the Apostolic Church throughout the World and in many Nations. I then hear a sound come from their camps. A prophetic sound of the Kingdom. I hear the Prophets give prophetic words about the Kingdom. I then see Apostles proclaiming the Kingdom of God to the Nations. I hear then the teachers teaching the word about the Kingdom. I hear the intercessors and the Body of Christ praying for the Kingdom.

Apart from that, I see angels come upon the nations. I see such revival among the nations. I see the revivalist and the Body of Christ in those nations. I see massive souls coming to the Lord daily in many nations, around the world. In every nation on the earth. It seems every day, the Lord adds to the Church in great massive numbers in every nation.

Moreover, I see the Apostolic Church pageant with the Kingdom Church. In addition, I saw the Apostolic Church consuming every church and every Christian group in the Body. I see the Apostolic Church consume the whole Church. I see then many celebrations through the Body of Christ. I then hear again such a sound of holy and pure worship, and I since such great peace upon the Church.

However, the day came the Apostolic Church give birth to the Kingdom Church. In addition, I saw the whole body of Christ mobilize into a might great army. I then saw the beginning of the epic battles of the ends times. Moreover, I then hear these words over and over; prepare for coming of the Lord, prepare for the coming of the Kingdom. Prepare for the coming of the kingdom age.

Furthermore, the smoke from the glory of God filled the earth. The Lord appeared from within the glory smoke. He said from this generation and this time I will lay the foundation for the end time church.

Copyright © 2003 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved


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