Five Kinds of Missionaries

Five Kinds of Missionaries

Elvis Iverson

Back awhile ago the Lord reveal to me about reforming foreign missions in 2005 today I will share about the five kinds of missionaries, for with this apostolic apostolic will come movements of church planting of the new wineskins and new wines, there will be an outpouring of homes churches, these movements will flow in a generation that be greater then any generation before them, and greater then any other church planting movement and missionary movement before them. From this apostolic apostolic outpouring will come movements that are like rivers of the Spirit. –(Amos 9:11-15)

Apostolic apostolic outpouring movements:

1.Apostolic Church Planting Movement.

2.Apostolic Home Church Movement.

3.Apostolic Missionary Movement.

4.Apostolic Centers Movement.

5.Apostolic Evangelism Movement.

6.Apostolic Horizontal Movement.

7.Apostolic Consortium Movement.

What apostolic apostolic? It is more apostolic then pastoral.

What is this apostolic apostolic outpouring? Outpouring of the signs of the apostles and signs and wonders and the renew of Acts of the Apostles and the coming apostles.

Five Kinds of Missionaries:

A.Foreign missions: is mission work outside your nation.

B.Home Missions: is mission work inside your nation.

What is mission work or mission: apostolic in nature of planting and breaking ground on new land or new levels with building and reaching out to add to the church and breaking new grounds in the natural or spiritual.

1.Short-term missionary: these believers and ministers doing short-term missions trips.

2.Long-Term Missionary: these old type of missionary and are life time missionary.

3.Apostolic-Prophetic Missionary: these apostles and prophets who are called to the nations to be apostolic buildings and apostolic restores and apostolic harvests.

4.Resident Missionary: these are ones who are on the front lines and cutting ministry that the missionaries from others nations will work with them in their nation.

5.Workplace Missionary: are those called to do ministry along side of their careers by going to the nations to work and do missions.

The signs of missionaries:

1.Compassion works and deeds.

2.Restoration and healing of the nations.

3.Nation building.


5.Church Planting.

6.Apostolic Building and Edification of the Church.

7.Supernatural and signs and wonders.

Reformation of Foreign Missions

The day of the resident missionary is over, the day of missionary colonialism is over, and the day of the denomination missionary control is over. We come to a new day of missions, where the Lord is raising a new breed of missionaries in the world.

Yes the resident missionary had there day however, there was little fruit, and even today the resident missionary has little or no fruit. The application of missions must change in order to reach the lost and fulfill the great commission.

Today and in the past if you wanted to become a missionary you had to go to Bible College? However, the missionary degree at most or at all Bible Colleges does not prepare you for the missionary field, most of all you are just studying the Bible, and you only take at least two classes on missions.

We have forgotten the apostolic element of missionary works. That it is the apostolic anointing that is to break new ground and enter into the new territories and establish the good news. How can we have an apostolic element if we don’t believe in the apostolic? How can we have the apostolic element if we don’t believe in apostles are for today? How can we have the apostolic element without apostolic leadership?

We have forgotten the element of the power of the Holy Spirit in missionary work? The nations, cities and people groups need to see that Jesus is real; this is by the witness of the power of God through signs and wonders. How can we have the power of God element if we don’t believe in the power of God for today?

The apostolic element and the power of God element is so much in needed that without them we can’t fulfill the great commission.

In the past missionary waves throughout the world we preach the Good news and a Christian living, but without the Kingdom culture to change the communities around the believers and to establish a new culture that will change all cultures around them and change societies as a whole. Yes there was a little change of ideals, which was good, but now we need to establish kingdom culture.

Do no not forget the missionary work in your own nation, plant new churches and rise up new leaders, and equip the believers for the work of the ministry.

Today the Lord is sending missionaries to America from Africa and other such places; they are planting new churches and they are touching many. America too is a missionary field and the industrious nations need the apostles and missionaries of Africa, etc.

Now we need new missionary strategies birth from the heart of the Father through intercession; we need wisdom and revelation from the Holy Spirit of new game plans for foreign and global missions.

Ideals for the new game plans and strategies in missions:

•Support the church that is already there, aid them, build them up, partner and work with them.

•Find those who are called to be connected and in relationship with you, and then partner with them, build them up and support and work with them. Find persons of vision and character that also have your vision.

•See their vision and their goals, grow in relationship learning from one another.

•Support and finance native and indigenous missionaries and ministers.

•Establish a training center in America, etc. and bring those that have been lead to you to be rise up in ministry, then send them back and support and build their ministry and support and see their vision and goals.

•Send teams to build and equip the believers, and ministers that are already there to do the work of the ministry.

•Send short-term missionary teams over there to build and aid the work that is already there.

•Do evangelistic meetings to win souls.

•Apostles and Prophets are called to be the leading missionaries.

•The Evangelist is called to win souls and preach Christ.

•Every believer is a missionary.

•Sending marketplace ministers into foreign markets.

•Minister through compassion works.

•Minister to the city church.

•Minister to the national church.

•Bring ministers and Christians together to promote unity.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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