False Apostolic spirit

False Apostolic spirit

Elvis Iverson


We are to test those who say they are apostles, first and foremost we need teaching on what is an apostle, and those who we call apostles should have recongnize from the body, affirmation from mature and seasonal apostles and conformation from mature and seasonal prophets before we accept them as apostles. – (Rev. 2:2, 2 Cor. 1:13-15)

However there are immature apostles, misdirected apostles and there are false apostle.

1.Apostles who say they are apostles and are not.

2.A little false in an apostle.

3.Strife and quarrelsome and contentions.

4.Religious, too much full of religion or a religious spirit.

5.No governing skills.

6.Not just or fair with others.

7.Not a spirit of gentleness.

8.Not open to others.

9.Don’t like true apostles.

10.Greed and covertness.

11.A demon or demonic presence.

12.Hoisted spirit.

13.Jezebel or Ahab.

14.Controlling spirit.

15.Political spirit.

16.Two face

17.Lack of revelation.

18. Lack of gifting.

19.Lack of anointing.

20.Lack of supernatural power.

Now the false prophetic spirit; and the sad thing that many can’t tell it apart from others why is this? We need teaching on the prophetic and we need mature and seasonal prophets ministering among our churches. There are immature prophets, misdirected prophets and some are false prophets. – (Matt. 24:11)

1.There are different kinds of false prophets and we need understand this and how to deal with each of them.

2.Is that person called to be a prophet?

3. What kind of prophet are they.

4.Too much in the end times is not good and is a bad sign.

5.Too much into judgment prophecy is not good and is a bad sign.

6.Is there an evil spirit or demonic presence.

7.There are those who think they can’t make a mistake in prophecy.

8.Immature in the prophetic is not false.

9.There could be a little false in a person.

10.Confusion is a bad sign.

11.A spirit of religion.

12.Controlling spirit.

Note: there is prophetic warnings and prophetic judgments.

If you been under a false prophet or false apostle this is what you do.

1.Break fellowship and fine a biblical fellowship.

2.Forgive them and pray for them.

3.Pray prayers of renouncing.

4.Break the soul tie.

5.Get teaching on apostles and prophets.

6.Connected to mature or seasonal apostles and prophets.

7.Cast of demons.

8.Break and renounce any curses.

9.Deliverance and inner healing.

10.Get good biblical teaching and ministry.

11.Receive God is love.

12.Establish in Radical Grace.

13.Fellowship in a church of liberty with order but don’t fear order.

14.Share your story with others and be balance.

15.Learn from the past but leave the past behind you.

16.Enter into rest and peace.

17.You have hope and a future.

18.Be example to others and to apostles and prophets.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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