The Coming Apostles part 2

The Coming Apostles part 2

Elvis Iverson

Time is near and time has come for the Prophet, the Evangelist, the Pastor, and the Teacher to function properly in their offices. For as the Apostles take their place among us we will begin to function properly. Then we will obey the call to equip the saints in their gifts for work of ministry. For there shall be great harvest of souls through the whole world, many souls will come to know the Lord in that great hour. For great commission will be fulfilled in the near future.

Then hear the Holy Spirit say to ears of hearts of Five-Fold Ministry. Equip and training, impart to members of Body of Christ. Impowed them to do my will. Make room for them. Lay hand upon them, and call forth their gifts and callings. Open the door for their ministries.

I saw in the Spirit, that every member in Christ takes their place and minister in their gifts. I saw groups of believer ministries go forth to the Nations. I saw healing ministry, deliverance ministry, prayer ministry, evangelism ministry, disciplining ministry, prophetic ministry, and Church planting ministry, worship ministry. Among the members, and they were not of Five-Fold Ministry.

I saw great armies of the Saints move forth into lands to take in back. I saw mass movements of Saints cross are lands. I saw Saints movement’s cross-areas of darkness. I saw among them strongholds pull down. I saw World’s system break up.

The I also saw great wave of persecution come upon the Saints. But with every wave of persecution, the Church grows more, and there were more armies of Saints. I saw move Saints movements. Then I saw the Apostles come forth with their armies. And saw the Apostles had keys to open gates and close gates. The Apostles will against the wave of persecution, and bring a stop to persecution in certain Nations. Each time when wave came forth, the Apostles will come forth to end it. I saw among them Apostles lay their lives down for Saints. This act of love brought great power to the Church and closes the gates of the wave of persecution.

I heard among the Saints and the Apostles, a pure and holy worship arise from their hearts and when before the throne of God. I saw armies of angels come to aid of the Saints and the Apostles. I saw allot of and more times of worship and prayer among the Saints and Apostles. And sometimes this time will go for hour’s even days at a time. God brought divine connections and kinship. I saw relationships among then was deep in love.

The Lord would say peace, peace shall be yours. For I am healing the Local Church and bring you into fulfillness in Me. The peace of God shall fill the Local Church; from great to small my peace shall come. Through the World there will be no peace, but in My Church there shall be peace.

I saw the City of God, fill will peace. I saw every Apostle filled with peace. I saw every Five-Fold Minister filled with peace. Peace in heart, and peace in mind. I saw peace of God fill each saint before my eyes.

Then I saw the Peace of rule in their hearts. I saw the manifold peace of God come across the City. I saw the manifold peace of God unfold before the Saints.

I saw within the worship service of the Local Churches be filled every time the they gather to worship and hear the Word. I saw the prophets among them wailing in unity. I saw the gifts of Spirit among them in unity. I saw the end of confusion in the Local Churches. \

Every one begins to hear the Holy Spirit much better and easier. I saw them learning to be led by the Spirit. I saw Schools of the Holy Spirit fill up.
I saw great numbers of Saints praying. A greater obedience to the call of prayer. Most of the Church was into prayer. I saw the Intercessors become more powerful then ever before in history of the Church. One reason for this was that major of the Church was praying. These in turn free up the Intercessors to pray on with the Will of God. I saw among the worship ministry and great anointing to worship. I saw 100’s of songs come forth in a short time. And sweet smell filled the Local Churches. I saw provision for all ministries in the Church. For they free up to obey God in their callings.

Then I saw among the World, that peace was removing from Nation to Nation, from City to City. I saw great darkness fill the Nations and Cities around the World. Fear fill people were everywhere. Every one look for a safe zone. Then I saw the Great City, the Church steadfast in these coming times. I saw a wall of fire around the whole City, This wall in between the Church and the World. Foe we had peace for we know the God of peace. God rise up Peacemakers and sent them to the Nations to bring peace in the Cities and the Nations. I where every a Saints people gather around them to have peace, for they were the safe zones. And Peacemakers brought peace to a City or a Nations by then entering into that City or Nation. And that City or Nation must open their hearts and mind to the Peacemakers. They must open the gates of City and of the Nation in order to have peace.

I saw within the great City, the Church. Rivers of life flowing among the Churches. Then I saw the House of the Lord in center of the City. I enter into the doors. I saw great numbers of Saints from all over the World. This House looks like Antioch. I then saw Prophets after Prophet speak to whole Church. I then saw International Ministers speak to whole Church. Then Apostles after Apostles spoke. I saw great unity among the Apostles. Then after a while we begun to pray and worship and prophesy for hours. Then the Lord spoke there shall be union between prayer, worship and prophecy.

Then I saw great moves of God sweep Nations, sweep Cities, and sweep the Earth. I saw reformation movements, I saw revival movements, and I saw great moves that harvest great number of people. I saw cities come to know the Lord in a short time. I saw whole Nations fall under the power of God.

Then I saw from the House of the Lord a river of glory, and of healing come forth from gathering of the Saints and flowed to the Nations. Then the Lord said I would heal the Nations through revival. I will send anointing and empowered people with anointing of the healing of Nations. For shall arise in your mist with healing in my wings and release you into this coming anointing to heal the Nations.

I then shall teams of Apostles and Apostolic Team goes to the Nations with healing in their wings. A great mass of people will come to know the Lord in short time through this coming anointing. I saw Nations being healed through revival over a short time. Then the Lord said I have the keys to Nations and Cities to My Apostle.

I saw among the many movements of Apostles networks coming up from Nation to Nation, City to City. I saw all kinds of networks. But then I saw the great movements the healing of Nations comes forth. And a whole could be saved in a day! And whole City can be saved in a Day!

These are times we live in, and these are times we are entering in, and these are times that are coming in our near future. And these are time in the future.

I see Clouds of Glory all over the World. I see Clouds of Glory over all Churches. What kind of Church you may ask? The Church of the City, The Church of the Nation, and Horizontal Networks. I then see mist of glory from Nation God visited. Then groups of Prophets when from Nation to Nation, Church to Church. Prophesy the coming future of the Church. This happen for some time. Then a peace came to hearts of God’s people

Then I see within the Great City, the Church. In a place of holy ground. Great company of Apostles, who were Fathers to what has already came and been. The place of holy ground was called place meeting. I see in their mist a great tree; big and huge was this tree. I look upon the tree. Then the Lord said this three is prophetic representation of the Church throughout all of history.

I then heard the Apostles talk about the future of the Church, and coming times. The day of glory of the Church. Then Lord said I shall bring a time when Church will walk in Glory. For there will be a Church full of glory. This is the last day Church. For in our time the foundational stones are being lad for the last day Church.

Then I see a day coming, when understanding End Time Teaching in new light, the light of Christ. And Teacher is the Holy Spirit. But today we do not see the whole picture when read His Word, for their still block upon are minds for we are not ready for see the full picture the is in God’s holy Word the Bible. In our time we will hear Prophets speak and Apostles teach on End Time Church, but we will not understanding all what they will say. But one day God will remove the block from our Minds so will can see the full of the Word of God on the End Times and we will also see all what is in the Word, the Bible. God only gives impart to prophets, even if all prophets had a part they will not have full part. And even in God’s Word we see impart and if every one had a part, we will still not full picture. But the day will come when all will open to us. But God wants us first to mature to a certain level of maturity. It is not that one can be mature and be open to these things, but the whole Body must be mature for kind of blessing that will come, and the Church will mature to that level of growth, so we can be trusted. For God’s will is open up all to full vision is coming times. But there will be allot of vision and wisdom that we will not come to know. You can be in heaven for all time and not know everything, for God knows everything. But also there is allot stuff He will not open to us. And we will not ask of it, for we do not know of it. Peace come to, truth, peace and love and through the Holy Spirit will learn, for the Holy Spirit is our teacher.

Then I heard the Apostles say to one another. The day will come when the Church will be full of Glory, and will be allow walk in this Glory in the End Times. For the Gospel of the Kingdom will be preach to all Nations in the time. There will be great harvest of the Nations of World. The End Time Harvest. There will union between the Church and Israel. There will be great revival in all of Israel and the first Nations of Gospel. And these days we will see End Times Apostles.

Then Lord said I will move in Israel and in first Nations of the Gospel before then, But when times of End come I move in great ways in Israel and the first Nations of the Gospel. For the day will come when Israel and the Church will stand together with me.

Then the Lord said I must first fulfill the restoration of the Church, for days of glory will not be until the Church is restored to fullness. Then the day will come.

S.I.M. Copyright 2017


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