The Coming Apostles part one

The Coming Apostles part one

Elvis Iverson

I saw a vision of larger city, a big city. It was so big and out number New York City and other big cities in this earth. This city was vision of the Church. When I looked at the city it was already in rubbish and ruins.
The walls and gate broken and tear downed. The bridges were for a long time broken and did not connect. In center of city was a Church. The Lord said this is My house and I shall be receiving glory there. But as I looked upon the place were the building should rest, I saw no building. But a company of prophets and intercessors, they were in strong prophetic intercession for some years then crossover to apostolic intercession.

Then Lord open my eyes more see the whole city. I saw Pastors leading their flocks around; they had not an easy time in finding food. So they were in lack most of time. The Pastors were good at heart, and cry unto the Lord many times a day. But Pastors were blind in certain areas of ministry. Then saw Pastors who were blind leading the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch. And I looked and saw many in ditches. And these ditches had names, such as religion, tradition. Then the Lord said without apostolic ministry, without establish apostolic ministry, without apostolic generation. For Apostles have come and gone and not establish seed of Apostles. If this generation of Apostles does not establish seed there will not be generational apostolic blessing pass down to the next generation of Church.

Then I saw homes after homes, some had light, some had great light, and some had no light. Then I saw Prophets come a speak life to them, and they live. After that the owner came out to prophets and said I have no need of thee, and there is no room in my home for you. Then the Prophet cry unto the Lord saying forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do. But some prophets did not forgive them; this brought cures upon there home.
Then the Lord said if you angry My prophets you angry Me. Then the Holy Spirit in their homes when to another home to see if they will obey. I saw many prophets’ hurt and living on streets and finding no rest. Then the Lord said if my prophets have no home, there will no be prospers in your homes.

Then I saw those who overseen the city, this city was so big then room for many overseers, then saw them, they were administrators, mayors of the city. They love their jobs. Then Lord said they are not called and have not placed them there. They are not apostles and they keep back the apostles for there places of ministry. For Apostles will come, but they will say be gone I call forth my elders to kick you out of our city. For moves of God come and go. These moves will bring green pastures to the city, but some of these green pastures will endure but most of them will not.

Then I saw Prophets standing at gates of city, speaking prophetic words. Most people did not like this at all and they called forth the Elders. But some of them join in with the Prophets at the gate and Elders could not stop them.
The Prophets said it is time to build the House of the Lord; it is time rebuild the walls and gates. It is time build the bridges. It is time to Apostles who will be establishing throughout all generations of the Church. It is time to have Apostles who will carry us for the test of time, and the crossing over to Kingdom of God. These Prophets spoke over years and get stronger and no one able to withstand them, or to stop them. For the Holy Spirit was great upon them. And those came to hear and obey become great in the city. After a time of prophetic they prophesy more strong, even to point that demons and those stand in the way run from city, or repent for their sin to Body of Christ.

Then I saw around the city was great bubble and it got stronger, and pillar of fire came to all who were in darkness and pillar of cloud came to those who were in the light. Then I saw great clouds of glory fill over and above the city and it begun to rain and it rain for a time, and a time again. For there was no longer a long time between the rains of glory.

Then I saw the administrators either run for their lives or repent for could not stand sound that was coming from prophets and all those who were praying. At the gates of city. Then the Lord said I would make room for My Apostles for they are coming. For the time of preparation and waiting is over.

Then I saw Apostles who look like generals and each had an army. For along time these armies were at war for this city, but no one could see it. I looked upon one armies of an Apostle. He had other co-apostles, prophets, teachers and pastor, etc. It was like had new order that he was bring with him to city.

Then I saw other Apostles that came from sky, for they were before the throne of God day and night and they has armies too. But their armies were greater.

Then saw again another groups Apostles coming for seas, they had everything as the other apostle did, but could see for long ways.

Then the Lord said I have called then to be Apostles, and I have trained them for years. Those have sat at my table and dunk My wine. They are one in Me and one in My love for My Church.

I saw then oneness among the Apostles, even if they did not know each other, even if they were not same fellowship, but they will one.

Then the Lord said this is one way you will now they from Me, that if they are one. This is My doing. For all those dunk My wine will be one. And those who did not dunk of My wine will not be one.

The Lord says now is the time, this is your time, I am opening the doors and My will and prophetic words will be fulfilled on Earth as it is in Heaven.

I see Apostles by the sky, and I see Apostles come by land, and by sea. The Apostles and their armies that come from the sky has been bless to be before the Lord night and day. Although they do not have best training as the two other groups of Apostles they will overcome by their relationship with the Lord. The Apostles and their armies that will come by land are most and best trained for this kind of ministry. They are most established and skillful in the Church and the World. Then Apostles and their armies that will come by the sea. Are bless to see a long always off. There vision is strong, their hope is the best, and they are men and women of patience. Then the Lord said there should be three waves of Apostles that shall come as one in very near future.

I saw battle after battle. Some we win, and some we lose but we shall have the victory. I saw great battle before my eyes. The Apostles on land with their armies’ ward and ward demon after demon was bound, stronghold after stronghold was destroy before me eyes. They yoke destroying anointing.
But at the same time I saw apostles fall, but not their armies. I saw Apostles fall before their armies. Reasons from, not getting the rest they need, a spy was sent to take them out, someone among their ranks want it their ministry. Also another reason was pride. But as I saw Apostles lay before their armies, God raise up a new ministry called the Weeping Intercessors.
And when they prayed and cry out to the Lord. I saw most of fallen Apostles restored to their office. They I saw some that God replace with more Apostles and more Amery’s. Then Lord said when every Apostles falls, cry and pray for them, for every apostle that falls many will take their place.

Then I saw the Apostles that came from sky, and their armies. They ward and ward. But their lost was only a few. For they were not best in skilled, but they know the Lord on deeper level then others.

Then I saw the Apostles that came from the sea, with their armies. They out of other two groups of apostles lost the most. They were men and women of vision, but could not deal with the now. Some of their ships were too big to handle, and some made moves that ended in the lost of lives. Some of ship also hit each other, for reason they only saw their own vision and not another Apostles vision. But I saw among them that their lost was more from their armies, then from the Apostles who lead the armies. For the reason of the Apostles were men of vision and not all could stand with them for through the time of testing. But also I again shall ministry of Weeping Intercessors come forth in their misted and as they prayed and cry out to the Lord. God brought healing and restoration. The Apostles lost their ships for one reason or another was given new ships. I saw these ships and they were waiting for the take command. These Ships were builder better and people in them were more like the Apostles who called to command them. They also saw Apostles that were place under another Apostle for a time, and some place for life, for they were called to be under another Apostle.

Then the Lord took me to great city the Church. As the battle was going on above and around, new anointing and new grace came upon those in the city. The Pastors begun too more forth and their churches grow. Also the Pastors place a new sign on their churches that read welcome prophets and also said come home prophets. Then I saw the Prophets came back to local churches. And then God begun to heal the Local Church. Then I saw Evangelists say win souls, and they return to vision for souls, and won more to Christ then ever before. I saw the Teachers come in unity and love with all ministers. Then the Lord took me to place where the House of Lord shall be build. I saw new ministry join the Prophets and Intercessors. It was ministry of Worship. Among this ministry were two gifts they are the Minstrel and the Psalmist. And when they all toghter worship the Lord and minister to the Lord the power of God come upon all those in battle.

The Apostles are now fathers of the faith, as they enter into the great city, the Church. I see their sons take their place as Generals over their armies. As the Apostles come into the city, the Prophets at the gates come to greet them in love and joy. There comes by the Holy Spirit a strong unity between the Apostles and Prophets. Then after a while the Apostle go from house to house and imparting gifts to each member in the Body. They pray over Pastors and other ministries from the ascended Christ. After a while the Apostles took their rightful place as overseers over the city.

Then a new day came, unity among all who dwell in the city. And the Prophets, Teachers, and Pastors and Evangelist function properly in their offices. The Holy Spirit brought more moves of God to the city. Changes after changes, soundness came upon every level and walk of life in the city. I saw signs and wonders and mighty deeds among the Apostles. I saw all gifts of God being used among the people of the city.

Then the Lord spoke there shall come Timothy generation of Apostles. For in this hour in my Church there shall be Apostolic Fathers, not only Fathers. For time you’re living now is Generation of Fathers. For I restoring Fathers to my Church. There will be great maturity in all of Five-Fold Ministries. I will give great discernment and great discretion to my Prophets. I shall give great wisdom and great patience to My Apostles. I will give great love and understanding to my Pastors. I shall give great balance and great love to my Teachers. I shall give great mercy and great boldness to my Evangelists. A greater revelation will come about Five-Fold Ministry.

Then saw among the people of city that there was grace raining upon them. This grace was super grace, great grace. Then I saw great power come upon each, and fear of the Lord grow and become great among them. This brought great increase among them. Every one grows in their gifts and calling. I saw prophetic words fulfilled every day among them.

The walls were building it up again. For they are called the walls of Salvation. And the gates were building again, for they are called Praise. Then I saw the House of the Lord being build by the Lord Himself. He took stones from among all other churches and moves of God to build. For only the best and those test it through the fire was used. After the House of Lord was build. Great light shine from the House of the Lord to the Nations of the World.

Copyright S.I.M. 2017


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