Accepted in The Beloved

Accepted in The Beloved

Elvis Iverson

Every child wants to hear from their Father you are accepted, in Ephesians Chapter one is God’s love and purpose for you, this is a chapter in the Bible that stands out and you can compare this chapter with Genesis one, John one for these chapter talks about beginnings, and Ephesians chapter one is about beginnings, purpose, destiny and God’s love for you.

AD 33 Jesus finish works are God’s plan A, is Alpha and Omega plan; that is God’s will was to send Jesus the begotten Son to die and redeem you and bring you into union with Him through Christ.

He chose you and made plans for you, and did all these things in love, yes that is the key in love, God is love and you are the focus of His love.

When the Father sees you He sees Christ, God the Father said Jesus is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, therefore you are in Christ, you are His beloved son and He is well pleased with you.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the election of God, He is the elected and the election of God, and you are in Christ then you are the elect in Christ and partaker in His purpose and His destiny. Jesus purpose and destiny is one of glory and in Christ you partake in it.

You are holy, you are without blame, you are predestined, you have adoption, you are of His good pleasure of His will, you are of His will, you are of His purpose, you partake in His inheritance, and that is right you have inheritance based on the finish works of Christ.

You have been redeem; you have redemption in Christ, and you have the forgiveness of sins. There is nothing you undo or break the finish works of Christ, when He said it was finish, it was finished.

You are accepted based upon the Blood of Jesus Christ, and the finish works of Christ. You are accepted to Christ for He forgive you once and for all, you are accepted to God the Father since Christ paid in full the price of redemption, you are forever accepted to God the Father, you are accepted to the Holy Spirit since you are wash, clean, and covered in the blood of Jesus. You are accepted to the Trinity for Christ brought you into holy union through His blood and therefore you are now a part of the family of the Trinity. You are accepted to the beloved, the Church, the Body of Christ, for Head of the Church, the Head of the Last Supper accepted you as His family in the Trinity and His Church.

To be accepted means to be blessed, favored, and giving a seated of favor and honor among the church and all must see and know that you have been giving a position of honor.

When Christ ascended you ascended, when Christ was seated on His Throne you were seated on His Throne, you are seated with Christ.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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