An Apostolic and Prophetic River

An Apostolic and Prophetic River

Elvis Iverson
February 27, 2010

I see a great door standing before the some of us, I see this great door cannot be shut, it is an open door. This great door is standing upon many waters and many nations, and many cities, and many people groups. I see an angel, and another angel; these two angels are standing guard over this great door.

Now I see a mountain with a huge platform at the top of the mountain. I see angels standing guard over this mountain. I see a roundtable at the top of this mountain, and see a great valley based upon the top of this mountain.

Now I am taking by the Spirit to the top of the mountain, I see a gathering of an order of apostles. I see a group of apostles birth forth from America. Then I see other apostles from other nations come to seat together in a holy bond of anointing, grace, revelation, and vision.

I see a vision of pillars of fire coming from the north, south, the east and the west, and they’re come, and then return back where they came from. I see these pillars of fire gathering around the mountain. Walking next to each pillar of fire was a prophet with a trumpet, then one of the prophets were standing on a huge rock platform blowing a trumpet, and the other prophets listen and follow along this first prophet, and wherever the first prophet moved the other prophets follow in unity.

Now I see an outpouring of angelic host, and outpouring of signs and wonders, and an outpouring of prophecy, visions, dreams, deep prophetic, and prophetic ecstasy. I see an outpouring of revivals and reformation.

I see ecstasy prophets, ecstatic prophets, seer prophets; signs prophets, teaching prophets come together to form order and continuity.

I see a lake called revival prophecy, and this is a center for these coming prophets to minister day and night in order and continuity.

Now I see a vision of pillars of cloud coming from seven directions gathering around this mountain. They come and go back and forth. I see by each of the pillars of cloud I see an apostle standing next to each of these pillars of cloud. I see again at huge rock platform an apostle standing and he had the anointing of the voice of many waters, when he spoke you could hear him in many nations. And from his mouth came rivers of anointing, signs, wonders, mighty deeds, angelic hosts, and breakthrough, revival, reformation and harvest. What every he did the rest of the apostles would follow him, and the rest of apostles kept their eyes steadfast upon this apostle.

Now I see gatherings of other apostles, and prophets and spiritual leaders that were not apart of these first gatherings, and I see apostolic tent meetings of revelation and power happening at certain times and seasons. These leaders will come and gather and seat before certain servant leaders to minister the will of God.

Now I see a aged wise teachers coming together from miles away and from across the oceans to hear this apostle who is seating upon on this golden purple seat on this huge rock platform. The teachers would all seat at the foot of the huge rock platform to hear the river of Word revelation and anointing of signs and wonders come upon them. I would see above the teachers a rain of the Spirit that comes upon them day and night. The teachers would be an order and unity with the seated apostle.

Now I see this seated apostle, and he was flying upon a great eagle. And I see droves fly around him and the great eagle. I see a pillar of fire and pillar of cloud below him, and where ever he fly to the pillar of fire and the pillar of cloud was below him always. And from around the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire was a rain of the Spirit that rain day and night. I now see from above him in the high sky I see and hear thunders come forth and I can feel the sound upon the ground.

I hear these words, grace, grace, grace, grace, grace, grace, grace sounded in many nation and many cities.

Now I see grace, favor, wealth, anointing, come as a flood of the Spirit flow continuing into a great lake. Around this great lake were camps. I see a camp of America, camp of Britain, camp of Ireland, camp of Netherlands, camp of Germany, camp of France, camp of Ukraine, camp of Africa, camp of Turkey, camp of Israel, camp of India, camp of Japan, camp of Korea, camp of Singapore, camp of Philippines, camp of Australia, camp of Fiji, camp of Brazil, camp of Canada, camp of Mexico, camp of Costa Rica, and camp of Jamaica.

I see a vision of apostles:

I see an apostle who comes with Word Revelation, and signs and wonders, mighty deeds and wisdom.

I see an apostle come with great faith and anointing. He has anointing of fishnets gathering souls and birthing home churches.

I see an apostle come with grace and wisdom, plant congregations, and home churches.

I see an apostle come with full of faith, power, and did great wonders, and signs.

I see an apostle come with special anointing and unusual miracles.

I see an apostle come with revelation, prophetic, and much prayer, with signs following.

I see an apostle come with deliverance and healing.

I see an apostle come with gifts of healing, working of miracles, and the gift of faith.

I hear again these words, grace, grace, grace, grace, grace, grace, and grace sounded in many nations and in many cities.

Copyright © 2010 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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