Praying Apostolic Prayer

Praying Apostolic Prayer

Elvis Iverson

What is apostolic prayer: apostolic prayer is corporative prayer, authority prayer, declarative prayer, prophetic prayer, constitution prayer, message prayer, visionary prayer and revelational prayer.

There is corporate prayer and corporative prayer, corporative prayer is pray for whole groups like the church, etc. corporate prayer is groups of people coming together to pray together in unity.

Corporative prayer: are when pray prayers over whole things covering them in prayer.

Authority prayer: is praying in an authority and waling in authority in prayer.

Declarative prayer: is declaring the will of God over things, calling things into order, calling those things as they should be.

Prophetic prayer: is flowing in prophetic anointing in prayer.

Constitution prayer: The Word of God is the Will of God, The Holy Spirit gives us revelation of His Will in the Word and we pray His will over whole groups.

Message prayer: is praying a message in prayer.

Visionary prayer: is praying prayers of strong positive, and full of hope, and visionary ideals.

Revelational prayer: is like prophetic prayer, but more insight.

Here is example of apostolic prayers, and the kinds of apostolic prayers.

Prayer for Bride of Christ.
Prayer of the Kingdom of God.
Prayer for Israel.
Prayer for unity of the Church.
Prayer for all believers in Christ.
Prayer for the City Church.
Prayer for cities and nations, etc.

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