Fire to Houses of the Apostles

Fire to Houses of the Apostles

Elvis Iverson
February 26, 2010

I see a vision of apostles around the earth, and then I see a vision of prophets around the world. I hear these words are these not the foundations of the Church? I see oil pour upon them; it is like a flood of oil!

I see reformation come to the prophets; I see four prophetic rivers flow throughout the church and the earth.

The first river was the fire of God upon the prophets.

The second river was the signs of the prophets.

The third river was mercy of the prophets.

The Fourth was the coming to pass of prophetic words.

I see a vision of reformation come to the apostles; I see seven apostolic rivers flow throughout the church and the earth.

The First River is revelation.
The second river is grace.
The third river is signs and wonders.
The fourth river is a new wineskins.
The fifth river is favor.
The sixth river is harvest.
The seventh is mighty deeds.

Now I see an apostle arise in signs and wonders, and rivers flow out of him, no one could walk in such signs and wonders; he was sign and wonder of things to come.

I see new wineskins arise throughout America. Then I see new wines pour upon them and filling and overflowing and flooding the church of America and America.

I see huge congregations arise in grace and anointing, they are networks of home churches, I see nets of salvation come forth and many come to the Lord.

I see deep pools of the Spirit form across America.

I see in years the changes of the Church of America as a whole.

I see reformation flow in many rivers of holy fire to the church around the world, and from these rivers of reformation came floods of revivals.

I see huge meeting of mass numbers coming to the Lord, I see endless meetings of mass numbers coming to the Lord beginning in America.

I see cities across America become fat with revivals.

I see prophets minister day and night with no end to their meetings.

I see healing of generations come to America.

Then I see a great huge mighty door open, it is the door of all nations.

I hear these words can a nation be saved in a day?

I see America awakening in Christ!

I see the Church of America awakening in Christ!

Copyright © 2010 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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