S.I.M. Conference Call 2017

S.I.M. Conference Call 2017www.elvisiverson.com

S.I.M. Conference Call beginning April 8th come and hear Apostolic Revelation, Word Revelation and receive impartation and grace and anointing, come into the realm of activate and revival, and there will be angelic visitation. Elvis Iverson/Rodney Folkers will be back again minister in Word and Spirit, Radical Grace and signs and wonders. 

April 8th 10am Center Time Zone Saturday:

April 22nd 10am Center Time Zone Saturday:

May 13th 10am Center Time Zone Saturday:

May 27th 10am Center Time Zone Saturday:

June 10th 10am Center Time Zone Saturday:


Conference Dial-in Number

Conference Dial-in Number: (513) 386-0000

Participant Access Code: 419318#

Please contact us to let us know your coming: http://www.elvisiverson.com/Contact_us.html

All Conference Calls will be Recorded and posted:

Listen to Recorded Conference Calls:

Recorded Conference Calls: 513-386-0009

Access code 419318#

Enter Reference Number:

In addition, we upload Recorded Conference Calls to our S.I.M.


Stay up-to-date about our Conference Calls join our online Newsletter and become a partner today by going to http://www.elvisiverson.com and also find Apostle Elvis Iverson on Facebook and Supplication International Ministries, Pray about supporting S.I.M. 

Pray about supporting S.I.M. for more information visit http://www.elvisiverson.com/egiving.html

If you not a partner visit: http://www.elvisiverson.com/Becomeapartner.html

Visit S.I.M. http://www.elvisiverson.com


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