The New American Renascence Prophecy 5777

The New American Renascence Prophecy 5777

Elvis Iverson

January 20, 2017



In a vision I see a cloud come from the Third Heaven upon Washington D.C. and I ask the Lord was is this? He said this is the prayers of the saints, then the cloud begun to rain, and I ask Him what is this? And He said this is the rain of the Holy Spirit.


Then I see an angel of awakening with a trumpet in His month and he blow the trumpet and at the same time the prophets with third heaven revelation had trumpets in this hands and they blow their trumpets, and clouds from the Third Heaven came down upon the church in other nations around the world, and upon cities, and the clouds rain upon the cities around the world.


Then the angel said what are the two giants that shall awake? The first is the sleeping giant of America and the second is the sleeping giant of the church!!! Not just church in America but the whole church. Things that have been prophesy for years that have been hold back shall be release and begin to come to pass!!!


I see reproaches of many upon this nation shall be removed and be no more!!! The roots of wickedness and iniquity that has been since the beginning of this nation shall be uprooted.


I see a revival among the colleges of America. I see a revival among the youth of America. I see a revival among the children of America. I see the gymnasiums across this nation filled with people praying to God. I see the stadiums filled with people hearing the preaching and teaching of the apostles and prophets!!! These apostles and prophets I do not know who they are but they are not the spiritual leaders of today.


Then I see signs and wonders break out across America, and I see the Holy Spirit move different in the north from the south, and from west to the east, in each place was not same manifestations or movements of the Spirt each was different.


I see we are in the seasons of beginning of the coming of many revivals, I see many revivals all over the earth and they are oversee by Apostles and Prophets. I see the lions roar of the third reformation, and fires of the third reformation of the Church. The third reformation is led by Apostles and prophets. I see many harvests of souls. I see the raise of the New Apostolic Wineskins and the outpourings of the New Apostolic Wines. I see missionary movements flow like a river around the earth many times.


Now I see an angel of wealth creation coming to the church. I hear these words it’s time to build, it’s time to build Israel and the its time build the church and I see the coming of apostolic builders. This I hear a voice now time for wealth of the wicked and the wealth of the Gentiles will come as many waves and many rivers that has no end. I see the arise of many Christian millionaires and the rise of many Christian billionaires and they shall sow into the harvest and the church around the earth.


I see a new media army arise that go and we will have many Christian TV networks and Medias and only a few will be based upon the support of others but most will be based on commercial based.


I see Mexico across her an evangelistic revival, and I see Canada a deep soaking revival upon her, and I see America an unquenchable revival fire across her land.


This is a prophecy for the next four to eight years, not that these things will happen at this time but they will happen and they will begin to happen.


Copyright © 2017 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved




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