Reformation of the Fivefold

Reformation of the Fivefold

Elvis Iverson

In the Third Reformation of the Church there is reformations, with each of the articles of reformation there is a reformation with each article, the Thesis of reformation, like the reformation of the home church, like the reformation of the prophetic, like the reformation of financial systems, and with each reformation there is restoration that comes, and from reformation will come a revolution, I call it love revolution, and with each degree of reformation comes a degree of revival, and with each degree of reformation comes even greater harvest, reformation is a first thing.

Apostles and prophets lay foundation for reformation and from reformation comes revival which is the manifestation of the Glory of God, restoration is restoration first to the church then to the earth, this also means healing of nations, and from reformation comes love revolution which is radical change, and from church reformation comes social reformation, and from reformation comes social transformation, and from reformation comes harvest. Reformation is a principle thing.

There is coming a reformation of the fivefold ministry, the church must be reformed before that can happened the fivefold need to be reformed first.

History of the Five-Fold Ministry: In our time we see the restoration of the five-fold ministry, from Pastor to the evangelist, to the teacher, and then the prophet and the apostle, along with each restoration there are restorations or progress or progression of restoration and fullness. – (Eph. 4:11)

The Church must have freedom from the Clergy and Laity Church, the believers must be free from the laity spirit and the fivefold must free from clergy spirit, the Clergy is not the same as a fivefold minister. There is only one priesthood that is both the fivefold and the believers and the priesthood begins in the home church.

What is the fivefold ministry? It is the government of the church!! Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church and from that Head unfolds the government of the Church. But the Kingdom of God rest upon His shoulders.

We will have the fivefold ministry and there functions till we all come into the unity of the faith, first of all we come into unity of faith, some come before others and lead the way for the rest, but then all will come, what is the unity of the faith: The mature church and the mature city church. Certain functions of the fivefold will be fulfilled and some others will be fulfilled as the church matures.

The reformation of the fivefold is coming to bring them first into the new wineskins and reformation is coming as a whole to bring us into the new wineskins. So much reformed of the fivefold is to change of wineskins in our thinking and mind and heart. I call the new wineskins the new apostolic wineskins.

One main wineskins is the home church and God will bring the fivefold back into the home church. The early church was a community network of home churches with apostolic oversight. Pastors were home church pastors they ministered pastoral care in two or three teams in the home. The evangelists minister among the homes churches in witnessing the lost to Christ and gathering them into homes.

God is restoring the fivefold in the house of God, one of the wineskins is the network of homes churches in the area with a center, the center is the ministry of apostles, prophets and teachers.

The financial support of the fivefold will change, most will be part time in ministry, most will have jobs, or careers, only apostolic workers will be full time for the reason ministering among many congregations, which is a new apostolic congregation a network of home churches with a center. The financial support will also comes from alternative financial support and revenue based support and these will become main support network for fivefold ministry.

All the giving support will be used for the work of ministry and missions and compassion outreaches, and outreach ministries.

The Elders are the mature fivefold: elders are apostles, prophets, teachers, with a set visionary as the lead elder, but the group is lead in agreement on most things.

The pastors work in teams, the evangelists work in teams, the teachers works teams, prophets work in teams, and apostles work teams, even believers ministry is in teams, every ministry is does in teams.

The center is a place of fathering and mentoring, prophets mentor prophets, pastors mentor pastors, evangelists mentor evangelists, teachers mentoring teachers, apostles mentor apostles and can mentor pastors, evangelists, teachers, and prophets, and likewise mentoring is done with others gifs in the body among believers.

Christ is calling for reformation, reformation is flowing from the heart of Jesus to the apostles and prophets and reformation is flowing from their hearts and reformation is flowing from all hearts in Christ, we just need to flow upon the river of reformation, for it is grace first then reformation but reformation is of love.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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