Problems of today

Problems of today

Elvis Iverson

April 6, 2014

In a vision I see a place called rest, and I see this place filled with the cloud of the rest of His presence, I could not see anything, and I was cover with the cloud of His presence. Then I see a vision I see the cloud of the presence of the Lord cover the earth, I see every city covered in the cloud, I see every village covered in the cloud, and I see every nation covered in the cloud. I feel the rest of the Lord fill the church, I feel the peace of the Lord fill the church, and I feel the relaxing fill the church, and I feel the love medicine fill the church, and feel the healing joy fill the church, and I feel intoxication of the Spirit fill the church. Then an angel came up to me and says let me show you the problems of today and how God will heal these problems.

In a vision I see a house at the end of a block and the house door is open it looks like no one lives here and there no one home and no one owns these house and I walk into this house and go to the basement and fine a box and a light is coming from this box and I open this box and what I see is the church.

The angel comes up to me and says it’s time to bring down the walls in the church, the first are walls of church division, the second are walls between the ministers and members, the third are walls between wineskins, the fourth are between the church and the workplace, fifth are between people groups in the church, the sixth is between the Word and the Spirit, and the seventh is between the church and the harvest.

Then the angel said it is now time for the new apostolic wineskins to come forth and increases throughout the church and the earth, and it’s time for apostles and the prophets to take their place and be manifested. This is time for the outpouring of the Home Church. This is the time of the lion of reformation. But I will tell you this the lamb was longer, but the lion will eat the lamb, the lion will only be a short time, then the horse will come and run throughout the church around the earth and then the eagle will come. The lamb of reformation was longer, the lion is shorter, the horse is a little longer, but the eagle is longer. Then I see man arise this is the man of reformation this is the maturity of reformation.

I see the walls between the church and revival will come down, the angel says these walls are much pain to the Fathers heart, and I see some ministers stand on these walls and some are watchmen, the angel says these ministers are displeasing to the Father for they are much against the will of the Father, but there time has come to an end and they shall fall and be no more. Then I see angels will bow and arrows shot at these ministers of walls of division and hit each of these and then they begin to fall one by one and all fall to the group and die and our no more.

Then I look I see a wall between the prophetic and the church, the angel said this wall angry God more, and this wall has brought much harm to the Body of Christ, and against I see those kind of ministers standing on these walls, and I look into holes in the walls, I could see the dead prophets and I cry unto God how long will this happen. I hear a voice from the Third Heaven. This wall will fall and great shall be its fall and this wall will shake everything that has stand against my will for My Body for years.

Then I see the walls between the church and the apostles, this wall was very big and very huge in size, but I see only a little break in this wall, will make the rest of the wall bring to break and fall. The angel says there is no foundation for this wall. These I could see the angels of wall breaking coming to break this wall and the other walls in the church.

Then I see walls between the Five-Fold Ministry this wall was a wall of pride and control, and fear. But I see this wall will come down soon, I see many parts of these wall already broken.

Then I see one more wall that must come down now this is wall between Heaven and Earth, between the third heaven and earth, between spiritual and the nature, between supernatural and the nature. This is a wall of man’s teaching, man’s thinking, this wall is only in minds of man. We must repent of this mindset and be free and be renew in our mind.

Copyright © 2014 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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