Five Groups of People

Five Groups of People

Elvis Iverson

There are Five People in the Church or you can say there are five kinds of relations toward the church. Which group do you fit in and are you ready to change your ways and get into a better group of people, it is time to have a change of mind, to repent means change your mind, repent is not of word you speak from your mouth instead it is a change of mind and change of action, then repent with words from heart not for your sins to be forgiving, for your sins are already forgiving, and your nature has already been change you have a new nature in Christ, but you must renounce what is not of you no more, and in realty when you become a new creation you were never a old creation. –(Rom. 12:1-2)

The First Group of People: Those who hear but don’t follow Christ, this is many people who hear the Word, hear the Gospel, and even say the sinner prayer but never follow Christ, they may go to church, but don’t follow Christ.

The Second Group of People: Are those who are Luke warm and Cold heated and this is many people that go to Church that are Luke warm meaning they believe in the Fire of God, they believe in the passion of Christ, they believe in the devotion life but they are in comfort in Sunday faith, Sunday church, Sunday Christianity. The cold heated also go to church but are cold to the things of the Spirit.

The Third Group of People: These are people Trap into legalism, there do not understand grace, they do not have a foundation of grace, they mix grace with law.

The Fourth Group of People: These ones are Hot for Jesus, Passionate for Jesus, on fire for Jesus, but some are hot for a time and some are hot for long time. Some based there hot fire on works and human strength and Human Effort.

The Fifth Group of People: These are the group that understand grace and has a foundation in grace and there fire of God is based on the finish works and not there works. They are hot and on fire always since they based on Christ Alone.

Which group do you want to be a part of? Which group are you a part of now? How do you change groups? How do you join the Fifth Group of People?

•Establish in Radical Grace.

•Establish in Rest of Christ.

•Establish in the Soaking Presence of God.

•Establish in the supernatural lifestyle in Christ.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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