New Door New Mercies New Day

New Door New Mercies New Day

Elvis Iverson
January 10, 2010

In a vision I see a huge angel come down from the Third Heaven. I hear The Voice Say The Third Heaven is always open, the Door to the Throne Room is always open, and the Heart of the Father is always open, through the Blood of Christ.

This Huge Angel says I am the angel of the great open door. Then I can hear singing and praises to our Most High God in the background. This huge angel then blows a trumpet that was very long, you can see it any where in the earth. As this trumpet blows I see a great door open upon many cities, many nations, many people groups, many waters, and I hear The Voice Say the great door is now open. This door cannot be shut! Now I hear much more praises to our Most High God, then I see our Lord Jesus Christ says I have the keys of David, what I shut will remain shut, what I open will remain open.

Then I see a cloud come across the whole Church, and I see the Spirit of Revelation and the Spirit of Wisdom pour out, this was not a one time pour, for this cloud will rain certain times in a year. Then The Voice Says I will rain revelation upon the Church for Seven Years, then I will flood the Church with Revelation, then I will rain my Glory upon the Church, this is the time for revelation and Revival.

Then I see five angels release, I Hear the words go forth and establish my apostles throughout the Church. I will give them signs and wonders, I will give them revelation, and I will give them great support. This is the time of grace, grace.

Then I see a vision of an apostle, I could see angels coming down from Heaven. I see season after season of this wonder, The Voice Says these are the blessings of the Lord. I could see this happening around the earth to other apostles.

Now I see this great open door, this is a new door that Christ has open, this is the beginning of new things, for He will do a new thing, He will do many new things.

I see an outpouring of spiritual things this outpouring is great, now I see an outpouring of new things, this outpouring was even greater then the first outpouring of spiritual things.

Now I hear these words New Door, New Mercies, and I could see many outpourings of mercy, then I see many run to be under these outpourings, then I see many floods of mercy coming for those who could not reach these outpourings, could now be touch by these floods.

Now I hear these words New Door, New Mercies, New Day, this is a new day; I see a new horizon upon the church and the earth, many have prayed for this day to come; now it is beginning. I see the Sun of Righteousness arising over the Church and the earth. Now I see healing wings and healing beams come forth and touch everything, and I mean everything. Now I see as the Sun of Righteousness touch the rain of revelation and the rain of glory, and the rains of the Spirit, I see the most beautiful rainbow ever.

Now I see a vision of open doors and favor all over the church and all over the earth. The Holy Spirit says see Christ has done it again, He is faithful, glorify the Son of God who is seated at the Right Hand of God the Father, say amen, amen, amen to will and ways of God.

Copyright © 2010 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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