Holy Spirit and Revival Fire

Holy Spirit and Revival Fire

Elvis Iverson

Yes you are filled with the Holy Spirit, and we are to drink of the Holy Spirit everyday, but the Lord wants us to have the Holy Spirit and Revival Fire, it is the will of Christ for every believer to have the Holy Spirit and Revival Fire, it is time for a baptism of revival fire. –(Matt. 3:11-12)

The day is coming when the Church will be filled with revival fire, in the beginning of 1900’s we received the Holy Spirit, now what is about to come is Revival Fire, and Revival Fire is going to bring many changes to our lives and church and the world. –(Mal. 3:2-3)

The Lord is coming to set a holy fire in the Forest of the Church, and the Church is going to burn with Holy Spirit and Fire from the North, to the South, from East to the West, and not only holy fire is coming to burn the forest of the church, is going to put us into the furnace of revival, revival is coming outward and revival is coming inward and revival is coming to all the battlegrounds. –(Ex. 20:45-49, 22:17-22)

The Lord speaks through revival, and when revival comes there will be a holy divine shaking throughout the Church and then the world around the Church, and the revival that is coming is a consuming fire, that will bring much increase to the Church and the Kingdom of God. –(Heb. 12:25-29)

Revival will come, we need to have unity in revival, and unity for revival, and unity in the church, revival will bring a holy unity, and those who are true in their heart about revival will walk in unity, revival will come suddenly, and upon us, and revival will be our friend, for the Lord of Revival is coming in revival, and revival is coming here to stay, and to prepare for an outpouring of many revivals, that is right there is coming a outpouring of many revivals, and it is already beginning. –(Acts 2:1-4)

It is the will of the Lord for the Church to never be without revival, we have already enter into the restoration of revival, and the restoration of revival is preparing the way for the revivals to come, and the day will come that church will never be without revival never again. –(Acts 2:17-18)

We must understand the will of the Lord, and the will of the Lord is for us to be filled always with the Holy Spirit and revival fire. –(Eph. 5:17-18)

Our Lord Jesus Christ has the Key of David and He has opened the door to revival, and revival is an open door, and this door can never again be shut. As the Lord has open the door to revival, you must now open your heart to revival and the Lord of Revival, and that door of Revival is Revelation 4:1. –(Rev. 3:7,8, 20, and 18, 4:1)

We are to ask, seek, and knock for revival, we are to be persistence for revival, revival is a gift from the Father, and Father will give you the gift of revival to those who will just ask. Revival is a free gift. Ask the Father today for the gift of revival. –(LK. 11:5-13)

Copyright © 2008 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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