The Many Clouds of the Spirit part two

The Many Clouds of the Spirit part two

Elvis Iverson
April 22, 2007

In a vision the Holy Spirit brings me to the upper room in the prophetic tower. In this room there is a company of prophets. There are no seats in this room; there is no table in this room, there is a room with only a company of prophets seated upon the floor in center of the upper room on the 72nd floor of the prophetic tower.

I see they are seated and in between them Jesus visits and appears. It is so real; it is a revelation of Jesus Christ. He says to me in this generation and in this time I will visit my people and there will be a continue flow and witness of a manifestation of the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Now I see a vision of great eagles flying around the world, with such a great impact and spiritual forces, and see great hawks fly around the world, and other such kinds of wild birds. The Holy Spirit says these are prophets that will come forth; they are not the ones who you see and hear now, these are greater and more powerful, not like any other prophet you know of, but at the same time they are humble, meek, and submissive to the ministry of apostles.

They wild bird are about to come forth, for they have been before the Lord day and night, they are already mature prophets, they are already prophetic elders, they are already prophetic leaders, they are going to come from no where, and people will say where did they come from and where are they going.

At certain places around the world the wild birds gathered and rest upon nest of revelation and apostolic grace. These nests were build by the Lord himself, these nests are the ministries of the new apostles of grace and power that has been prophecy and will come to pass, from one apostolic generation to the next these prophetic wild birds will be great in the earth. They will be called the friends of the apostles, and guarding of their children, and works.

The Acts of the Apostles are about to come forth, the Acts of the Prophets are about to come forth, the Acts of the Apostolic Church is about to come forth, the Acts of the City Church is about to come forth and the Acts of the Marketplace Church is about to come forth, the Acts of the Believers are about to come forth, and most of all the Acts of the Holy Spirit are about to come forth.

From these prophetic wild birds came many birds from under their wings, and there came a prophetic anointing and grace upon the church from their wings. I see not far from now in a destine place there is coming a prophetic anointing that will cover this generation, and the church, there will be an outpouring of prophecy, visions, dreams, and revelation.

Not only the signs of the apostles are coming as a river of life upon this generation, about out time, in addition the signs of prophets is coming, and the signs the workplace believers is coming too. There is so much good that is coming upon our generation; that will take generations to understand the goodness of the Lord upon our lives in our time.

These great prophetic wild birds begun to carry the church upon their wings from one generation to the next the church will be carry on the wings of the prophetic, and of the supernatural and of grace.

Now the Holy Spirit says the five mercies that was revealed in the last prophecy, there are in addition to the five mercies, there are two that have been hidden, so there are seven mercies.

The Sixth mercy of the Lord shall be the beginning of revivals in the land of Israel, and in the Middle East. Revivals will begin to fall upon many nations in the Middle East, these nations will try to fight and persecuted the revivals of the Spirit, however theses revivals will overcome them, and God will judge the evildoers. In Israel Jewish Apostles and Prophets will be born and raise up, and the New Apostolic Messianic Church shall arise beginning in the city of Tel Aviv, this city will become a city of the apostles, a city of revivals. Around the same time the Holy Spirit will come upon the Jewish people of Brooklyn, revivals will come and revivals will come to New York City. The New Apostolic Messianic Church shall arise in Brooklyn as it arises in Tel Aviv.

The Seventh Mercy is massive harvests of souls all over the world. In America there will be a harvest of 100 Million people birthing into Apostolic Churches, and the New Evangelical Apostolic Church shall arise in revelation, power, signs, wonders, missions, wealth, blessings, grace, wisdom, fathering, and freedom. In China newfound freedom will be birth and transformation of government shall come, many new churches will be birth throughout this nation, and the apostolic church will arise in every city, and a massive revival will hit this nation. In India the Apostolic Church shall arise in the many cities, massive souls won on a daily bases, signs, rising the dead will happen and be common in the church in India. Billion of souls will be won around the world in our lifetime.

Now I looked out the second widow in the upper room. I see a vision (The Vision of Many Revelations) there is come a huge great massive flood of revelation; the minds of many believers will change, the heart of the church will change, the holiness lifestyle will be common and radical in the love of Jesus. Walls and gates of revelation will be built, cities of revelation will be built, congregations of revelation will be built, and there will be revivals of revelation. Revelation will no longer be rare, there will no longer be a famine of revelation, we will never live life without revelation again, and the revelational life is being restored to the church in our time. Both Word Revelation and prophetic revelation will fill, the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will fill the Church, and then the glory of the Lord will fill the Church, the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will fill the earth, and then the glory of the Lord will fill the earth.

The Holy Spirit is speaking to those hearing and reading this prophecy, revelation will come to you as a river, a river of peace, a river of joy, a river of righteousness, and river of life will come to you, and a river of revival will come to you, if you believe.

Copyright © 2007 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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