The Many Clouds of the Spirit part one

The Many Clouds of the Spirit part one

Elvis Iverson
April 15, 2007

In see a tower that goes in to the heaves above a city and in many cities and the city church. I see these towers connected by a supernatural beam of revelation communication light and I see angels fly around the beam of revelation light. Now I come down upon the ground level of this tower of revelation and prophetic anointing. I see one doorway into this building of the prophetic. It’s guarded by a brand of angels; I come into this building of glorious light into the lobby I first see mail boxes with prophets names written upon each of them, then I see a mail man who not a mail man, instead it was an angel, and there more then one mail angel going and coming. Then I see other angels coming and going they are coming from a supernatural heavenly restaurant, they were bring angel food, spiritual fruits, spiritual food and drinks. Around the building from the ground to the top was a host of angels flying around this holy building.

Now I see seven elevators with seven angels guarding them, I got into one of the elevators I went up to 72 floor, and got out and I see 12 doors, there are 12 doors on each floor, I enter one of them, and into the huge room I see 12 windows that look into the whole earth. I then see a company of prophets seated in this upper room.

Now I see a vision of outside of this prophetic tower in the sky, I see from the 12 windows came 12 light beams that seen throughout the world, these were like beams from a lighthouse.

Now back into the upper room with the company of prophets. I begin to hear the Holy Spirit say about our day and time!

I see apostolic movements comes forth in the earth, the first was an apostolic movement of apostolic church planting, and planting apostolic networks around the world, in many nations. The second apostolic movement was a move of the apostolic signs of the apostle; the third apostolic movement is move of apostolic missions around the world. The fourth apostolic movement is apostolic reformation to the whole church around the world; the fifth apostolic movement was apostolic unity and apostolic city church movement around the world in many cities.

I see huge networking among all believers in the workplace, I see wealth flow like many rivers into the church, city church, apostolic church around the world, and I see many Christian businesspersons, I see many Christian statesmen, I see a multitude of Christian millionaires arise around the world, I see a great number of Christian multimillionaires arise around the world, I see many Christian billionaires birth in this time, and I then see some Christian trillionaires, and some Christian zillionaries, and then few beyond that, the day of the Christian tycoon is at hand. I see social transformation come to many cities, and many nations around the world.

Now I see revival hovering over many cities and many nations around the world, and I see revivals hovering over many city churches around the world. There will be revival everywhere, and the life of a Christian will be a life of revival, and the life of the church will be a life of revival.

Now I see multi-ministries of the anointing and grace of Joseph arise in the earth around the world in many nations and many cities; arise in mercy, compassion and social justice over the whole earth.

Now I see the believers begin to move forth in signs, gifts of the Spirit, and the power of God in the work of the ministry. I see the Holy Spirit comes across the earth released a great outpouring of the gifts of the Spirit in the hearts of many believers around the world.

The Holy Spirit says these five mercies of the Father will come upon your lifetime, you will live this life in the Spirit, and you will know, see and enjoy this life of the Spirit.

Now in the upper room with the company of prophets I look out the first window of light, revelation, and prophetic!

I see a vision of many clouds (The Vision of Many Clouds) these are supernatural, Holy Spirit, power, anointings, mercies, graces, and they are full of Holy Spirit rain, they will rain and never stop raining, the earth will be covered again with a huge great mighty flood however, this flood will never go down instead keep filling with Holy Spirit rain. These clouds will cover the sky of the whole earth, every city, every nation, every believer, every people group, and every city church. These clouds will hover over your hearts and minds of every believer, and Holy Spirit rain will always rain and never come to an end. The many clouds of the Spirit will always increase and there will never come to an end, and the Holy Spirit rain will always increase, and never come to an end.

Copyright © 2007 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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