Behind the Veil

Behind the Veil

Elvis Iverson

When our Lord Jesus Christ die on the Cross the Veil in the Temple was torn in two from top to bottom, and now there is no longer any veil between you and God. When Jesus said it was finish, it was finish! –(Matt. 27:50-53)

Our Lord Jesus Christ is your Mediator between God and man, no longer you have go to a human priest or a pastor, and you can always go right to God the Father.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is our High Priest, and He is the eternal High Priest, and in Christ we can have presence of God and enjoy all the blessings of God, and when the Father sees us He sees Jesus.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is our Intercessor and He is faithful praying for you, He is your prayer partner, He is your prayer warrior and He is praying for you all the time, you are so much and overflow with prayers of Jesus, you are so much covered in prayer.

You can come to the very Throne of room of God, by the Blood of Jesus, you can feel God and touch God and God touch you by the blood of Jesus. See Jesus is the new veil, I mean His blood is the new Veil and can come by His blood to the Throne of God.

You are already seated in the Throne Room of God in Christ; you are already in the presence of God all time.

You have union with Christ through the finish works of the Cross of Christ, and you can feel His presence all the time, and you there with Him all the time.

The Holy Spirit is in you, and He is your comforter and He is with you, you are the Temple of God and the presence of God is with you.

Come up here is an open door, Jesus is the Door, He is the Open Door, and you can come here anytime.

You are in Christ and you can have all the blessings, you can have all blessings, there is no longer anything or veil standing in your way, you have breakthrough; you have all breakthroughs in Christ.

Copyright © 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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