Your High Priest

Your High Priest

Elvis Iverson

Jesus Christ is your High Priest today and forever. This is not for some future kingdom, the Kingdom of God already begun when Christ was seated upon His Throne, thus begun His reign on earth, and HE is the King of Kings and Lord of lords right now and forever. His ministry as High Priest begun when His Kingdom begun. His Kingdom is forever, the increase of His Kingdom and the peace of His Kingdom has no end, but we will see the beginning of the fullness of His Kingdom in the end times, and at His return we will have the fullness of the Kingdom, but the Kingdom will continue to increase forever. You can enjoy and partake in the blessings of the Kingdom now and forever. –(Isa. 9:6-7)

Today and Forever Jesus is your Intercessor, Advocate, and Mediator, Lord our Shepherd, and High Priest, you can partake and receive ministry from your Lord today, and every day. –(Heb. 3:1)

You must begin to partake and enjoy the blessings of your High Priest. He is your representative before God the Father, you must believe this truth. In Jesus you have all blessings already!

When the Father sees you He sees our Lord Jesus Christ, for He is your High Priest. What does that tell you? Do you believe this truth? Do you have faith? It is now time to enter into rest and begin to enjoy the peace of God and the blessings of God for you.

When the Father looks at your thoughts, He only hears and sees Jesus thoughts, therefore your thoughts are holy thoughts. It is time for you to renew your mind, and trust God more, and more with your life.

You have a pure heart, for Jesus has a pure heart! You have prefect peace for Jesus mind is always set on the Father.

Our Lord Jesus has pleased the Father, therefore you have peace from warfare! –(Prov. 16:7)

The Father is always open to your prayers, and the Father always begins your prayers to pass, and answers them. For when the Father sees and hears your prayers, He sees Jesus praying, and He already said yes and amen, now you must believe that what you have prayed God is saying yes and amen to you.

Let me speak the truth again for you to hear and believe! The Father is open to the prayers of Jesus; therefore He is always open to your prayers. –(1 Pet. 3:12)

The Father give the Holy Spirit to Jesus, therefore you have the Holy Spirit in your life.

Copyright © 2010 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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