Councils of God

Councils of God

Elvis Iverson
May 10, 2009

I see a vision of the Throne Room, I hear Christ says call forth and establish the councils of God in the earth.

First: Councils of Apostles

Second: Councils of Prophets

Third: Councils of Apostles and Prophets

Fifth: councils of Marketplace Apostles

Sixth: Councils of Church Apostles and Marketplace Apostles

Seventh: Councils of Church Apostles

Eight: Councils of reformation Leaders

Ninth: Councils of Revival Leaders

Tenth: Councils of Harvest

11: Councils of Social Transformation

12. Councils of Marketplace Apostles, Church Apostles and kings, and believers.

13. Councils of Kings and believers.

14. Councils of marketplace apostles and kings and believers.

15. Councils of prayer.

Now I see a vision of seven mountains of society.

I see a river of wine poured upon them.

I see a river of wisdom poured upon them.

I see a river of favor poured upon them.

I see a river of grace poured upon them.

I see a river of unity poured upon them.

These rivers flow throughout these mountains, for the believers, workplace ministers, kings, leaders, workplace apostles to drink of them.

Now I see from the Church flows blessings, peace, protection, and mercy to the seven mountains.

From these seven mountains and the earth flows rivers of wealth into the church.

These rivers of wealth will flow to these storehouses:

Church Apostles storehouses

City Church storehouses

Compassion and mercy storehouses

Restoration of cities and nations storehouses

Mass Ministry storehouses

Missions storehouses

Believers storehouses

I see these seven storehouses being built throughout the church around the world, to receive the continues rivers of wealth.

Copyright © 2009 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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