AD 33

AD 33

Elvis Iverson

In 2023 B.C. Melchizedek met Abraham in the valley of Shaveh celebrating their meeting with wine and bread as it is written in Genesis 14:17-24; Melchizedek was a type of Christ and this meeting was a type of the last supper.

In A.D. 33 Jesus Christ establish the New Covenant with the Apostles of the Lamb of Christ and the Church. The one symbol that Christ chosen to use as the symbol of this new faith was a cup of wine, God want us to be happy, to have a marry heart, to enjoy God, to enjoy life in Him.

A.D. 33 Christ lay His life down for us, He is the Lamb of God that takes away our sins, where are your sins now, your sins are no more, Christ took them to the Cross. When He die on the Cross you die, when He was buried you were buried with Him, when He rose you rose with Him, when He ascended you ascended, when He was seated down on His Throne you seated down in Christ. This all happen in AD 33. This was the main event of history, this is plan A, this was the Alpha and the Omega plan. The garden of Eden was not plan A, and Mosaic covenant was not plan B, and the New Covenant was not plan C and the end times was not plan D and the New Millennium was not plan E. Jesus Christ Finish works is the main event, is the Alpha and the Omega plan, is Plan A!!!!!

In AD 33 was Pentecost and the sending of the Holy Spirit, the beginning and full outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus the Living Word the Son of God the Second person of the Godhead had no beginning and has no end, but nine months before AD 01 Christ took on mankind as the Son of man. HE is both 100% present God and Man the Word became Flesh and dwell among us. He is the Last Adam!!! But before that John the Baptist was in the womb of his mother. He is the forerunner of Christ and Jesus is the Christ Son of God, the womb of John Mother and Mary womb are the beginning of the transition from the Mosaic covenant to the New Covenant, and in AD 01 was the birth of the new beginnings the birth of Christ and in AD 33 was finish works of Christ and establish of the new covenant and the Kingdom of God. The complete transition was fulfilled in AD 70.

Now what is the Truth of AD 33? You been born again since AD 33. You been wash in the Blood of Jesus since AD 33. You been saved since AD 33. You been redeem since AD 33. You been forgiven since AD 33. All your sins past, present, future and always are forgiven since AD 33. You have been the righteousness of God in Christ since AD 33. You been seated with Christ since AD 33. You been in the soaking presence of God since AD 33. You been in a open heaven since AD 33. You been in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit since AD 33. You been in revival since AD 33.

Today it is your response, it is the divine response of the Holy Spirit, He gives you the inspiration of faith to believe in Christ, faith is a gift of God.

Copyright Ā© 2015 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved


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