Understanding Kingdoms

Understanding Kingdoms

Elvis Iverson


It time to understand the Kingdom of God, the Church will soon be free from religion and come into alignment with the Kingdom of God. Then you will see outpourings and many outpourings of the Spirit, and great increase will come to the Church, and great increase will come to the Kingdom of God. –(Isa. 9:6-7)

The Church is the priesthood of the Kingdom of God. The Church is the city of God, which is the center of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is like a Great Mountain with a city build upon its top, called the city of God, the church. The Church is the emissary of the Kingdom of God. All believers in Christ are first priests of the Kingdom of God, and then they are kings of the Kingdom of God. –(Matt. 16:18-19)

The Five-fold ministry is to equip the believers for the work of the ministry, meaning we are to rise up the believers to be the priests of the Kingdom. Then the apostles are to rise up the kings of the Kingdom to reign, to possess the kingdoms of the earth, and to give glory and Honor to the High King our Lord Jesus Christ.

1.The Kingdom of Heaven: The Kingdom of Heaven is the H.Q., and where the Throne Room is, and where God rules over all things from.

2.The Kingdom of God: The Kingdom of God begun on earth when Christ was raised and Seated at the Right Hand of the Father. The Kingdom of God shall always increase, in the end times shall begin the beginning of the fullness of the Kingdom, and the fullness of the Kingdom will come at the return of Christ, but there is no end to the increase of the Kingdom. The Kingdom increasing throughout time through the outpourings of the Holy Spirit.

3.The Nation of Israel: It is the will of God for the Jewish people to have there own homeland, and that was fulfilled, but soon spiritual Israel will arise, meaning all Jews will know Christ, The Church and Israel will come into unity and oneness in Christ, and the will be great revival, and then peace will come first to Israel, and then the Middle East.

4.The Seven Kingdoms of society: This is a prophecy giving to two men about the seven kingdoms of society and that the believers are to possess them, and then change society.

5.The Kingdoms of this World: We as kings in Christ are to possess all the nations of the world under Christ.

6.The World System: We are to pray and to put salt and to be the light of the world, and change systems of the world.

7.The Kingdom of Darkness: We are to war, battle, pray down the kingdom of darkness.

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